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Work-Related Suicides from October to December, 2002

12/31/2002  partially economy-related suicides in the news -

12/28/2002  1 economy-related suicide story in the news - 12/25/2002  1 work-related suicide-assistance in the news - 12/11/2002  1 work-related murder in the news - 12/03/2002  1 work-related suicide in the news - 11/29/2002  work (or lack of work) related suicide in the news - 11/26/2002  unintentional? work-related suicide-murder in the news - 11/22/2002  work-related murder in the news - 11/20/2002  work-related murder & suicide in the news -
  1. Man guilty in massacre at Wendy's [Restaurant] - Death penalty possible in murder convictions, by Sarah Kershaw, NYT, A23.
    2½ years after a massacre...in Queens, the man accused of staging the execution-style killings in a walk-in refrigerator was found guilty on all counts.... Starting today, the jurors will begin to decide whether to sentence the 38-year-old man, John B. Taylor, to death. After deliberating for 11 hours over 2 days, the jury convicted him of killing 2 bound and gagged workers, then commanding his mentally retarded accomplice [Craig Godineaux] to kill five others in the restaurant's basement. Five of the workers died; two survived.... Mr. Taylor's defense lawyers, of the Capital Defender Office, said he admitted killing one victim, a Wendy's assistant manager, Jean Dumel Auguste...who was his former boss....
    That murder is punishable by death under state law because it occurred during the commission of a felony - a robbery - Mr. Taylor and his accomplice fled with more than $2,400 from Wendy's....
    Jury sentences killer to death for massacre of 5 at Wendy's - Victims' relatives seem relieved as decision is read, by Sarah Kershaw & Marc Santora, 11/27/2002 NYT, A20.

  2. Fall from plane kills NASA theft suspect, AP via NYT, A14.
    Waller, Tex...- A man who was suspected of stealing NASA technology apparently jumped to his death from a small plane at 9,000 feet on Sunday.... His body was found in a field outside Waller, northwest of Houston.... The search for the man, Russell Filler, a 47-year-old engineer for a NASA space station contractor, began on Sunday when he was reported to have left the plane in midair.... The authorities said Mr. Filler apparently opened the cockpit door and unfastened his seat belt on Sunday afternoon when the instructor with him looked away. Mr. Filler's last request was to have the plane bank sharply to the left, possibly to make it easier to jump..\.. Mr. Filler was contacted by federal investigators on Thursday after they traced to his home a NASA-owned laptop computer that disappeared on Oct. 25. The laptop did not contain any sensitive information, officials said.
    [But then, they'd probably say that anyway.]
    On Sunday, Mr. Filler went to Hooks Airport in Spring, a Houston suburb, saying he needed more hours to renew his pilot's license....
11/12/2002  work-related suicide in the news - 11/02/2002  work-related mass suicide in the news - 10/29/2002  work-related murder-suicide in the news - 10/21/2002  work-related suicide in the news - 10/17/2002  work-related suicide in the news - 10/09/2002  work-related suicide in the news - 10/07/2002  work-related murder in the news - 10/03/2002  work-related war, murder & suicide in the news - 10/01/2002  work-related suicide in the news -

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