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Downsizings, October, 2003
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10/31/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 2,072 lost jobs + unspecified, cited in WSJ & NYT -

  1. Duke Energy says it plans to cut 2,000 jobs, AP via NYT, C4.
    ...or 8% of it workforce...after reporting a 79% decline in Q3 earnings....

  2. Biopure to lay off 30% of its work force, Bloomberg via NYT, C4.
    ...Develop[er of] a human blood substitute [is] laying off 72 workers....

  3. Waste Management Inc., WSJ, C7.
    ...is eliminating 750 routes this year....
    [Unspecified jobcuts.]

10/30/2003   2 downsizings, totaling 2,730 lost jobs, cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting statewide "Analysis paints harsher picture of Mass. joblessness," Boston Globe, front page) -
  1. Electronic Data Systems to cut 2,500 more jobs, Bloomberg via NYT, C3.
    ...the world's 2nd-largest seller of computer services...after the company had a Q3 loss as sales declined 1.8%...in addition to 2,700 announced in June....

  2. PolyOne Corp., NYT, C4.
    ...Cleveland, a chemical maker, [will] close a plant in Wisconsin and one in Arkansas and cut 230 jobs.
10/29/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 24,550 lost jobs, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Sony reworks electronics unit - Plan cuts jobs, shrinks plants, promotes PlayStation's creator, by Phred Dvorak, WSJ, B7 (//NYT, W1).
    TOKYO - ...Sony...intends to reduce its fixed costs by 330B yen ($3.04B)...by the [fiscal] year ending in March 2007.... The company plans to cut about 20,000, or 13%, of its workers, as well as 30% of its factory space by March 2006..., also...16 unprofitable product categories, out of 137 total....

  2. U.S. Steel swings to loss on charges linked to job cuts, by Robert Matthews, WSJ, B3.
    ...The latest loss...included pretax charges of $618m related mainly to eliminating 4,200 domestic union and nonunion jobs, following its acquisition of National Steel Corp. in May.
    [These cuts were unspecified on 5/20/2003 #4. Again, the lethal takeover-downsizing connection.]
    The company's current combined staff is 23,900....

  3. Mirant Corp. - Loss of $2.2B is posted, 5% of workers to be eliminated, WSJ, C15.
    ...Mirant, which filed for bankruptcy-court protection in July...is eliminating 350 jobs from its 7,000-person workforce, with most of the cuts to be completed by Friday....

10/28/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 7,400 lost jobs + (3) uncounted downsizing stories, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Cadbury Schweppes PLC - Plan calls for new products to cut costs, increase sales, WSJ, B14 (//NYT, W1).
    ...The world's 2nd-largest candy maker [just behind US' Mars Inc.] plans to eliminate about 10% of 55,000 jobs worldwide and 20% of its 133 factories..\..after years of aggressive acquisitions....
    [Again the lethal takeover-downsizing connection. 10% of 55000= 5,500 jobcuts.]

  2. J.P. Morgan to cut 1,000 positions, WSJ, C3.
    ...from its credit-card operations in Hicksville NY on Long Is. Most of those are call-center jobs and will be replaced in part with jobs at a new...call center...in Vancouver BC next year. Other jobs will be relocated to...Fla., Az., and Tex.... The bank...employs about 5,400 workers on Long Is....

  3. Coca-Cola Co. - About 900 jobs will be cut at company bottlers in Asia, WSJ, A11.
    ...in addition to the 1,900 already announced earlier this year at the Atlanta-based company's businesses in North America and Germany....

plus (3) uncounted general downsizing stories - 10/25-27/2003   1 downsizing, totaling 475 lost jobs + (2) uncounted downsizing stories, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. 10/25 AK Steel reports loss and says it will cut 475 jobs, NYT, B5.
plus (2) uncounted general downsizing stories - 10/24/2003   1 downsizing, totaling 380 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Survival of the fittest [or dumb-luckiest] - To save their jobs, people would roll on the floor and bark like seals if asked to - So would the author," book review of Stanley Bing's "The Big Bing," WSJ, W8) -
  1. Level 3 Communications, WSJ, B8.
    ...posted a narrower Q3 net loss because of cost cuts, but revenue fell 17%.... The Internet-backbone [huh?] Broomfield, Colo., company cut 380 positions, or 21% of the workforce at its IT unit during the quarter....
10/23/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 4,775 lost jobs + unspecified, cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Switzerland: Revenue at jobs concern falls," Bloomberg via NYT, W1, which states, "A leading provider of temporary jobs, Adecco, said yesterday...that a recovery in the U.S. was not creating more jobs [and Q3] sales at its main unit in the U.S. fell 9%." And also, "After the last whistle - Some workers, towns have rebounded amid the loss of factory jobs - Others won't make it," by Charles Stein, Boston Globe, which states, "At the GE plant [in Pittsfield MA] in the 1980s more than 10,000 people worked.... Today the workforce is down to about 1,000.") -
  1. Drug companies report pain [ha!] - Results for 3rd quarter diagnose industry's flagging health, by Hensley & Landers, WSJ, B6 (//NYT, C1).
    [Talk about "crying wolf" - almost no other industry has the huge profit margins of pharmaceuticals!]
    Merck & Co...announced plans to lay off 4,400 workers in the face of lower-than-expected sales of some big drugs....

  2. Crompton Corp., NYT, C4.
    ...Middlebury, Conn., a provider of chemicals to make rubber and plastics, [will] eliminate about 375 jobs.

  3. Flextronics International Ltd., WSJ, D6.
    ...posted a loss for the fiscal Q2 because of expenses tied to closing plants....
    [Unspecified jobcuts.]

10/22/2003   1 downsizing, totaling 2,700 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Can government save manufacturing jobs? [doesn't he mean ANY jobs?] - There is a real difference between the two parties, and pResident Bush ought to be vulnerable on the issue," op ed by Robert Kuttner, Boston Globe, A19) -
  1. Electrolux may move plant to Mexico from Michigan, Bloomberg via NYT, C3.
    ...Sales fell 4.3% \and\ the Swedish appliance maker...reported a decline [38%] in...profit for the 5th consecutive quarter yesterday and said it might close a plant...in Greenville MI...which employs 2,700 people....
    [We're counting this one on the assumption they wouldn't mention something this serious & take the stock hit unless it was 99% sure.]
10/21/2003   1 downsizing, totaling unspecified lost jobs + (3) uncounted downsizing stories, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Canadian National Railway to pay $380m for 2 railroads, Reuters via NYT, C4.
    The CNR Co. [will] buy Great Lakes Transportation [and] acquire 2 small railroads from Great Lakes, which is controlled by the Blackstone Group, a private investment firm..\..
    [The 2 small railroads are otherwise unidentified.]
    A spokesman for CN declined to comment on possible jobcuts....

plus (3) uncounted general downsizing stories - 10/20/2003   2 downsizings, totaling 4,570 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting regionwide "'The lights are going off' - Lost jobs in Rockford IL underscore free trade issue," 10/20 Boston Globe, front page, which states, "Many Rockford business owners and workers say they hear the "giant sucking sound," in H. Ross Perot's words, of high-wage manufacturing disappearing to low-cost countries like China and Mexico. Across the hard-hit Rust Belt, protectionist fever is rising....") -
  1. 10/20 UK banking jobs to be cut; Operations will move to Asia, WSJ, A12.
    HSBC Holdings PLC plans to cut 4,000 jobs from its UK banking subsidiary over the next 3 years [by 2006] and move more of its data-processing and telephone call-center operations to China, India and Malaysia. HSBC hopes to cut many of the positions through "natural attrition" such as retirements.... HSBC Holdings has 220,000 employees worldwide, 55,000 of them based in the UK [making these cuts a 4000/55000= 7% downsizing].... The latest cuts follow an announcement in June that HSBC would eliminate 1,400 jobs in the UK owing to a weak economy [which they're hereby weakening further] and high costs....
    [Compare 1400 HQ and regional cuts on 7/03/2003.]

  2. 10/20 Loss widened in third period on decreased sales to Ford, WSJ, A12.
    Visteon Corp....in the last quarter recorded a $7m restructuring charge, primarily for 570 jobcuts in Germany....

10/17/2003   4 downsizings, totaling 9,810 lost jobs + unspecified, cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Online today - Macro investor," opinion summary by cheerleader Steve Liesman {WSJ, front page}, who asks, "Why are CEOs so hesitant to hire or expand after such a positive quarter?" ignoring the manifest negatives in the 'positive' quarter plus the obvious impact of constantly 'efficientizing' technology and downsizing-sapped markets and instead straining for voodoo like 'sugar-shock theory'; and also economywide "UnitedHealth Group Inc.," WSJ, B8, which states, "Enrollment industrywide has been sluggish, as many employers [economywide] have cut jobs, stopped hiring and scaled back health benefits.") -
  1. Delphi Corp. - Former GM unit posts loss in 3rd quarter after charges, WSJ, B8.
    ...charges related to job cuts that could total 8,500 positions, or 4.5% of its workforce [based in] Troy MI [due to] a net loss of $353m.... Negotiations with the UAW [let pass] a restructuring that...will reduce its US hourly staff by as many as 5,000 employees [instead of a 4.5% timesizing to maintain jobs, union membership and sine-qua-nihil consumer markets], its US salaried staff by 500...and its international workforce by about 3,000 [out of] about 187,000 people worldwide.

  2. Bombardier Inc. - Consolidation of jet production will result in 1,150 job cuts, WSJ, B8.
    ...800 jobcuts at its Tucson AZ operation and 350...in Wichita....

  3. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, NYT, C4.
    ...Akron OH [will] end production of industrial conveyor belts at its plant in Bowmanville ONT and eliminate 160 jobs.

  4. Boeing says it will shut its 757 jet line next year, Reuters via NYT, C4 (//WSJ, B8).
    ...declined to say how many jobs would be affected....

10/16/2003   2 downsizings, totaling 1,300 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting "Bank of Canada decides to leave rates unchanged - Calls by labor and exporters for a cut are rejected," by Bernard Simon, NYT, W1, which states, "77,000 [Canadian] manufacturing jobs have been lost this year.") -
  1. Universal Music Group to revamp and cut 11% of work force, pointer digest (to C5), NYT, C1 (//WSJ, A1>A3).
    ...The largest music company in the world is expected to announced a restructuring today that will eliminate...over the next several months, 800 jobs...across all...divisions. Earlier this year, 550 jobs were cut. Executives said the cuts would eventually save the company $200m a year.
    [By which time the ripple effect from these and other downsizings will have reduced their sales revenues by $210m a year.]

  2. Sony unit to cut 500 or more jobs, WSJ, B8.
    LOS ANGELES - ...Sony Pictures Entertainment...over the next year and a half....

10/15/2003   1 downsizing, totaling 24,900 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT - 10/14/2003   1 downsizing, totaling unspecified lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT -
10/11/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 8,235 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "What works - Clues to the cure for unemployment begin to emerge - One-stop career centers and cash incentives yield successful job searches," last article in series, "Left behind - Casualties of a changing job market," WSJ, front page, which focuses on jobhunt tools and disregards shrinkage of job market, and also "Outsourcing jobs - and workers - to India," WSJ, B1, which is not really about outsourcing jobs {= not moving employees} but about moving jobs {including moving employees}, and also "Job woes pursue Bush as he leaves for Asia," 10/12 Boston Globe, A19) -
  1. US Steel to post pretax charges totaling as much as $700m - The Pittsburgh company said it is making progress on reducing jobs by 20%, by Carlos Tejada, WSJ, A15.
    ...related mainly to...its acquisition of National Steel Corp. ...26,000 jobs [are] in the combined steel companies....
    [Again the toxic takeover-downsizing connection. 20% of 26000 is 5,200 jobcuts.]

  2. Germany: Lufthansa airline to cut 2,000 jobs, NYT, B3 (//WSJ, JA9).

  3. Penn Traffic to close 16 stores and cut 1,035 jobs, NYT, B4.

10/10/2003   1 downsizing, totaling 6300 lost jobs cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Telecom job cuts planned, Bloomberg via NYT, W1.
    The Spanish telephone company, Telefonica, plans to cut 6,300 jobs in Latin America, 25% of its workforce there, through 2006, its chairman, Cesar Alierta, said in a presentation to investors in Madrid. Almost half of the jobcuts will take place this year. Mr. Alierta, who is also cutting 15,000 jobs in Spain [see 6/25/2003 #1], is trying to counter slowing growth in traditional phone services in Latin America, where Telefonica expanded to tap higher growth prospects than at home.
    [And how, pray tell, does he think he's going to counter slowing growth by laying off phone customers and plunging their dependents into insecurity and anxiety? How do CEOs anywhere go on thinking they can encourage growth alias UPsizing by downsizing?!]
10/09/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 100 lost jobs + unspecified, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Plastic bag fight pits US makers vs US importers, by Thaddeus Herrick, WSJ, B1.
    ...Fierce overseas competition forced a Sonoco Products Co. plastic bag-making business to close its Santa Maria CA plant last year, ending 100 jobs....
    [Compare 8/21/2003 #1 & 8/19/2003 #2.]

  2. Verizon workers approve 5-year contract, Bloomberg via NYT, C4.
    ...The company...also agreed to limits on relocating or laying off existing employees. In return, Verizon got limits on healthcare cost increses and won powers to lay off new workers.
    [Unspecified new cuts.]

  3. Flux at Medicare blamed for loss at Option Care, Bloomberg via NYT, C4.
    ...A distributor of drugs and services to managed care providers [will] cut jobs because of slow sales.... Concern about the changes is making customers cautious, reducing demand for Option Care's services and prompting the company to take steps to reduce expenses, mainly through job cuts.... Option Care is based in Buffalo Grove IL.
    [Unspecified new cuts.]

10/08/2003   4 downsizings, totaling 5,087 lost jobs, + (3) uncounted downsizing stories, cited in WSJ & NYT -
  1. Volkswagen plans 3rd-quarter charge to cover job cuts, WSJ, A8.
    ...4,000 jobcuts [20%]...2 Brazilian plants...production capacity far above what the market now supports....

  2. Weirton Steel Corp...seeks to cut 950 staff, end pension plan for retirees, WSJ, A18.

  3. Borland Software cuts 125 jobs , NYT, C10 //WSJ, A18.

  4. H.J. Heinz Co., WSJ, A18.
    ...to outsource...facility in Grand Prairie TX will close affecting all 12 people who work there....

(3) uncounted general downsizing stories - 10/07/2003   2 downsizings, totaling 2,300 lost jobs, cited in WSJ & NYT
(not counting "Verizon workerless?" by Andy Kessler, WSJ, B2, which states, "Ever since Alexander Graham Bell yelled 'Mr. Watson - come here!' and not so accidentally killed off telegraph keyers, phone companies have been about taking people out of the business, not guaranteeing cushy employment to its workers." - OK, no cushy employment, no sustainable markets and no cushioned CEOs - and so much for "technology creates more jobs than it destroys" - and also a 2nd article, "What kind of managers target their own jobs in a restructuring?" WSJ, B1 - duh, suicidal ones?) -
  1. 1,200 layoffs strike at an industrial city's heart, by Luo & Polgreen, NYT, front page.
    SYRACUSE, N.Y - ...The Carrier Corp...would close 2 mfg plants...moving those operations to Asia and the South...keep 1,600 jobs here mainly in R&D...decision 'forced' [our quotes] by 'simple business realities'...[e.g.] more than 80% of the mfrs who buy Carrier's refrigeration units are in Asia....
    [1200/(1200+1600)= a 43% downsizing.]

    [Followup -]
    United Technologies Corp., 10/29/2003 WSJ, C15.
    Carrier Corp. rejected a $210m incentive and concession package offered by state and union officials to save 1,200 jobs at its suburban Syracuse NY complex. Carrier, a unit of Hartford CT-based United Technologies Corp., said this month that it was closing its 2 mfg plants in Syracuse, eliminating 43% of its workforce at the site.
    In an attempt to change the company's mind, Local 527 of the Sheet Metal Workers International Union and NY Gov. George Pataki offered Carrier a $210m incentive package.

    [i.e., major attempted makework]
    A spokeswoman for Carrier said the short-term assistance offered in the proposals "cannot reverse the economic realities" that the company faces. Carrier is the world's largest maker of heating, A/C and refrigeration systems and equipment.
    [And if it's this hard for the largest, imagine - for the others.]

  2. Goodyear Tire & Rubber to eliminate 1,100 jobs at Alabama plant, Bloomberg via NYT, C4.
    ...by Dec.5...Huntsville, Ala....
10/04/2003   4 downsizings, totaling 1,070 lost jobs + unspecified, reported in WSJ & NYT
(not counting "Employment rises for the first time in seven months - Hint of economic hope - 57,000 new jobs in September not enough to match the growth in population," NYT, front page, and also, in the Journal, "With software jobs migrating to India, think long term," WSJ, A2, despite "Economy gained jobs last month as nonfarm payrolls expanded," WSJ, A3 - and if we depend on our best economists, what does "thinking long term" lead to? Keynes, "In the long run, we are all dead.") -
  1. Eastman Chemical Co. - Work force to be cut by 4% [600 jobs] through attrition, layoffs, WSJ, A10 //NYT, B4.

  2. Tellabs says it plans to cut an additional 370 jobs, NYT, B4 //WSJ, A10.

  3. Steinway Musical Instruments Inc., WSJ, A10 //NYT, B4.
    ...Conn-Selmer unit...100 layoffs....

  4. Farm equipment maker cuts profit outlook, Bloomberg via NYT, B2.
    The Agco Corp...based in Duluth GA [is] still having delays associated with closing a plant in England and moving tractor production to France and Brazil....
    [Unspecified jobcuts.]

10/03/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 76,700 lost jobs, reported in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Unemployment claims rose last week," NYT, C6, or cheerleader version, "Jobless claims rise but remain below key [400,000] level," WSJ, A2) -
  1. Germany: Military cutbacks, AP via NYT, A8.
    Germany will reduce its military by more than 10% by 2010...by 30,000, leaving 250,000 troops...because of strained finances and...new security needs. Under the plan, the military's civilian workforce would be reduced by 45,000, to 75,000, and a number of installations closed.
    [So, 30000+45000 out of 30000+250000+45000+75000= 75,000 jobcuts out of 400000 total = 18.75%, call it a 19% downsizing. That'll be just GREAT for the German economy - not.]

  2. Pillowtex Corp. - Consortium of four companies wins bidding in assets auction, WSJ, B6.
    ...In July, Pillowtex, based in Kannapolis, NC, filed for Chapter 11 [or was it prior to 1/03/2002 - or both?!] and announced it was closing its 16 North American plants and eliminating 7,650 jobs....
    [Guess that means we should now count the 1,200 temporary survivors that we didn't on 7/31/2003 #1 when we conservatively went with 6450.]

  3. Delphi, auto parts supplier, to cut work force by 500, NYT, C4 (//WSJ, B6).
    [Presumably additional to 6/13/2003 #1.]

10/02/2003   4 downsizings, totaling 1212 lost jobs + unspecified, reported in WSJ & NYT
(not counting economywide "Manufacturing activity slowed slightly in September and plants cut jobs," pointer summary (to A2), WSJ, front page, and also "China takes heat from [US] lawmakers on loss of [US] jobs," WSJ, B6 = downside of the dogma of 'free' trade) -
  1. Ashland Inc. says it will cut 500 more jobs, NYT, C4.
    ...to increase profits [ie: unnecessarily]...following the elimination of about 200 jobs earlier in the year [which we didn't catch]; the combined 700 cuts...represent about 7% of Ashland's salaried employees....

  2. I.B.M. cuts 700 from services unit, NYT, C5.
    ...its largest and fastest-growing unit....
    [Freee falll. Compare 9/26/2003 #3.]

  3. Another firm under inquiry fires [12] workers - Prudential Securities acts on [mkt 'timed' or churned] fund trading, NYT, C1.

  4. Citigroup Inc's C2it money-transfer service is to be ended in November, WSJ, B2.
    [Unspecified jobs lost.]

10/01/2003   3 downsizings, totaling 13,610 lost jobs, in the Wall St Journal & the NY Times
(not counting economywide "A slowing stream of new jobs gives a full picture of a slump = U.S. survey shows hiring is lowest since 1995," by David Leonhardt, NYT, front page, which states, "A lack of hiring, rather than a wave of layoffs, appears to be the main problem afflicting the American economy." - but if B-schools hadn't been teaching layoffs instead of hours-trims as a panacea for decades, and if CEOs hadn't been implementing kneejerk layoffs instead of hours-trims for decades, there'd be no lack of hiring today - and compare also today, "Consumer outlook hit by job worries," WSJ, A2.) -
  1. Ford plans to cut, pointer summary (to A3), WSJ, front page.
    ...about 12,000 jobs worldwide, while Chrysler is readying plans to eliminate several thousand positions.
    [Let's be conservative and deduct the 1700 cuts we counted on 9/30/2003 #1, leaving us with 12000-1700= 10,300 Ford cuts to count now. From inside we learn that 12000 is 3% [actually 3.4%] of Ford's global 350,000, so also 10300/(350000-1700)= 2.957= 3% of the total.]
    Fierce competition from foreign rivals and the costs of the US auto market's price war are likely to force all of Detroit's Big Three to shed thousands of jobs in coming years.
    [This is pretty weak for a "forecast" because it's simply a description of the situation for at least the last 15 years. The "race to the bottom" continues. Isn't it interesting how downsizing-oriented capitalism has fallen victim to its own criticism of communism = that it would reduce everyone to the "lowest common denominator."]

  2. Ford and Chrysler plan big job cuts - Moves are latest fallout of competitive pressures on Detroit's auto makers - The cuts promise to fuel the debate over the loss of manufacturing jobs, by White & Shirousu, WSJ, A3.
    ...DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler unit is reading its own plans to cut several thousand jobs in the latest fallout from the intense competitive pressure on Detroit's auto makers....
    [Well "several" thousand is somewhere between "a couple of" thousand and a rounded ten thousand, i.e., 3000-9000, so let's conservatively estimate it at 3,000 cuts here.]
    The cutbacks at the No. 2 [Ford] and 4 [Chrsyler, after Toyota] automakers come as the ink is barely dry on new master labor agreements with the UAW and at a time when unemployment is damping consumer confidence and becoming a presidential-campaign issue. The UAW agreements will allow Detroit's Big Three to eliminate as many as 50,000 jobs through a conbination of buyouts and normal attrition over the next four years, analysts have estimated....
    [Unions are useless unless they focus on timesizing, not downsizing. The UAW is particularly venal, because they've ignored the wisdom of their own great leader, Walter Reuther, who always advocated worksharing and at the UAW Convention in Atlantic City in 1964, actually advocated "fluctuating adjustment of the workweek against unemployment," that is, timesizing proper.]

  3. Wolverine Tube Inc., Dow Jones via WSJ, C19.
    ...will cut 6% of its workforce and close its Booneville, Miss., industrial tube mfg plant. The cuts will affect about 300-310 workers, out of a total of about 3,200.... The Huntsville, Ala., copper and copper alloy tube mfr...plans to move production from the Booneville plant, which employs 140, to plants in Tennessee, Oklahoma and Alabama....

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