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Collapse trends - June 16-30, 2000
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6/30/2000  omens - 6/29/2000  omens - two of the 'four horsemen of the apocalypse' mentioned in Rev. 6 -
With a little help from our good old Abingdon Bible Commentary, we can identify the four horsemen as:
  1. invasion/conquest (e.g., Chechnya, Eritrea...)
  2. civil war/genocide (e.g., Yugoslavia, Lebanon...)
  3. famine
  4. (black) death/plague
Today's Times has the last two in 1 issue, 5 pages apart -
  1. [drought/famine]
    Mongolian animals perish, AP via NYT, A12.
    A severe drought followed by Mongolia's worst winter in 30 years has killed millions of animals, creating an economic crisis for 500,000 Mongolians, United Nations and Mongolian officials said [yester]day. More than 2.2m cows, horses, camels, goats and sheep have either starved or been frozen to death, said Douglas Gardner, the UN Development Program's regional disaster coordinator. With one-third of Mongolia's 2.4m people dependent on raising livestock, "this is not just a crisis of animals," he said at a news conference.... Fewer than 10 people were believed dead, but thousands are reported suffering.

  2. [plagues]
    Red Cross says three diseases kill many more than disasters, by Elizabeth Olson, NYT, A17.
    ...although earthquakes and floods usually receive the most prominent news coverage.... The death toll last year from infectious diseases like
    1. AIDS,
    2. tuberculosis and
    3. malaria
    is 160 times greater than the number of people killed in last year's earthquakes in Turkey, cyclones in India and floods in Venezuela....

6/28/2000  omens - 6/27/2000  omens - 6/25-26/2000 weekend omens - 6/24/2000  omens - 6/23/2000  omens -
  1. 15 countries [incl. Israel, Philippines, Russia] named as potential money laundering havens - Illegal transactions are mushrooming and disrupting financial markets, by Joseph Kahn, NYT, A4.
    [Maybe that's because financial markets have such UNlevel playing fields that there isn't much to choose between market irrationality and criminal irrationality. proposes levelling the playing field by centrifuging wealth from Wall Street into wages and making it possible for our consumer base to support our concentration of investment capital. As it is today, with virtually no limit on capital concentration, our Black Hole top income brackets are suctioning the markets away from their own mega-investments. "The more concentration, the less circulation."]
    ...The [rest of the] listed countries are the Bahamas, the Cayman Is., the Cook Is., Dominica,...Lebanon, Liechtenstein, the Marshall Is., Nauru, Niue, Panama,...St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines....

  2. Meat inspectors are shot down at a factory, AP via NYT, A14.
    SAN LEANDRO, Calif...- Three meat inspectors were shot to death on Wednesday at a sausage factory here, and the plant's owner has been charged with the killings. The owner, Stuart Alexander...had complained that he was being harassed by the government over health violations.... Mr. Alexander had recently reopened the plant, Santos Linguisa, after it had been closed for health violations. He has a history of legal and financial problems....
    [So disastrous workplace stress happens, and not just on the employee side. Incidents like this keep popping up and fueling the cause of gun control in America. Just today, an eloquent gun-control brief appeared in the Boston Globe -]
    Second Amendment is irrelevant today, letter to editor by Ellsworth Barnard of Amherst MA, Boston Globe, A24.
    For the benefit of Ken Santello ("Cartoon wasn't funny," letter, June 5) and other opponents of gun control who base their opposition on the Constitution, let me refresh their memory as to the exact text of the Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
    Not knowing the historical context of the amendment, they fail to realize that the premise is obsolete and that the conclusion is now inapplicable. In 1787, memories of Lexington and Concord were still fresh; a potentially hostile British colony lay to the North; unfriendly Indian tribes threatened settlers [and vice versa - ed.] on the western frontier; there were no permanent, professional, effective security forces at any level of government. Hence, the amendment made sense.
    But an honest reading makes undeniably clear that the framers' only concern was collective security. There is not even a hint that they intended to affirm an abstract, general right of an individual to own or carry a firearm.
    And of course, in an age of muzzle-loading muskets and pistols, they could not have imagined a small, semi-automatic handgun with a clip of 10 or more cartridges.
    In the year 2000, the Second Amendment is irrelevant. Let us therefore argue the issue of gun control [on] its merits.
    [Well said. The one caveat we have is that our gun laws of the 1960s were based on Hitler's gun laws in the 1930s, and those gun laws disarmed the population prior to the disenfranchisement and extermination of German minorities such as the Jews. This has to be the ultimate specter in the back of the mind of gun control protesters. "Paranoia"? "Couldn't happen to us civilized folk today?" That's what many very civilized Germans thought in the '30s. Our government has been taken over by the very wealthy. The amount of effort it takes on the part of the rest of us to really make our will known let alone enacted is humungous. Our "representative" democracy is drowned in money. In Massachusetts, it's taken for granted that you must be a millionaire to run for U.S. Senate, for example. A millionaire candidate, no matter how irrelevant to Massachusetts and the nation, gets massive free media. Candidates of average means, no matter how relevant, get ignored. Whenever the government and the media are co-opted by an minority, any minority, trouble is on the way. And when that ruling minority is as insulated, naive, short-sighted and unresponsive as our wealthy class, what's to prevent us from getting back into a situation such as Germany's in the '30s? We like to forget that Hitler got his ideas from our own American wealthy - from Henry Ford's ideas as expressed in his newsletter, the Dearborn Independent, in the late nineteen-teens, which Hitler quoted in Mein Kampf. Even Ford's pal, our otherwise heroic Thomas Alva Edison expressed a number of anti-Semitic sentiments from time to time. One book on all this is Albert Lee's "Henry Ford and the Jews" (Stein & Day: New York, 1980). We've had the definitive statement from a gun owner on the hysterics of the NRA (see 3/21/00). Above we have the definitive statement on the constitutional context. Now we need an Ellsworth Barnard to discuss the holocaust fear with the kind of eloquence displayed above.]
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  1. Drought bakes much of South, periling crops, by Jo Thomas, NYT, front page.
    [Shades of the Dust Bowl in the '30s.]

  2. Mr. Putin and the plutocrats, editorial, NYT, A30.
    The shape of Vladimir Putin's presidency could well be determined by the unfolding clash between the Russian leader and the small group of business titans who control much of their nation's wealth....
    [Why does this sound so familiar to Americans at the dawn of the Third Millennium? Need a hint? Check out the gutsy article by Paul Krugman, our "glimmer" on 6/14/00 titled "Death and taxes," and giving an easy-to-remember rundown on America's own concentration of wealth. Past a certain point, "the more concentration, the less circulation."
    [And the next day 6/17/00, the Times had an editorial "The Russians are coming," A26, praising a program that brings Russians here to see the American political and economic system at work. Are they sure that's such a good idea? Are the Russians going to see also our working poor, welfare cases, disabled, homeless and 2,000,000 incarcerated? Or are we now going to do what we used to criticize them for doing - just show them the good side?]
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