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Errata in First ‘Campaign Piece’ Edition of
Timesizing, Not Downsizing

(A numbered limited edition of 500 copies rushed into print
without editing for the 1998 congressional race for Joe Kennedy's open seat in Massachusetts)

P.ii (copyright page), 3rd para from bottom, zipcode 02138 should be Somerville zip 02143
P.32, 2nd para, alos: change to "also"
P.35, 3rd para, Vying: change to "Vydec"
P.66, 3rd para, Automatic reinvestment is: change to "Automatic reinvestment thresholds (ARTs) are"
P.73, 3rd para, Option 0: change to "Option 3"

The first "campaign piece" edition of our plain-talking social-software manual Timesizing, Not Downsizing is available from *Amazon.com online or at The Coop in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. (third floor, sections Management, and Economics). Warning: its poorly edited, occasionally even 'notes to myself' style makes its Preface and Contents its best features, but there are only 500 numbered copies in existence and "life's too short for perfection."

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