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The 30/40 Plan®

            Ron Healey and his son Nicholas are management consultants in Indiana who sell their 30/40 Plan to regional business and industry, especially the plastics industry.   "30/40" indicates 30 hours work for 40 hours pay, attractive to companies and industries that have been having difficulty finding quality employees on the usual 40/40 basis, and naturally attractive to potential employees who can't handle an eight-hour day, but could handle a six-hour day, especially if it offers full pay and benefits.
            The main population of quality employees that the Healeys' 30/40 plan accesses is single parents. What the Healeys call "the 10-hour incentive" makes rejoining the workforce possible and attractive for single parents, and for other categories of high-quality potential employees, such as caretakers of elderly parents or handicapped relatives, people who tire easily, and people long on creativity but short on attention span.
            The Healeys' market turns upside down the usual economywide function of the shorter-hours strategy for governments. Governments usually use it to solve labor surplus - as France is doing today with its 35-hour workweek - but the Healeys have found that shorter hours can also solve region- or skill-specific labor shortages.
            In November 1997, Ron Healey was featured on Good Morning America and in feature articles in the Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report. Ron and Nicholas Healey may be reached directly at:
            28 Oakmont Drive
            Brownsburg, Indiana 46112
            phone 317-852-6800 (or 317-331-1220?)

For more details on the shorter hours solution in general, see our 1998 campaign piece, Timesizing, Not Downsizing, is available on the third floor at the Harvard Coop in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. or from *Amazon.com online.

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