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The Critical Variable of All Time
(and btw, the most scientific and convincing definition of freedom you'll ever find!)

Given that the basic game plan of the universe
is continue,
we ask,
What is the critical, all-time variable
for human beings
and the very long term continuity of large living systems?

Answer: ...variability itself.

Top evolutionary biologist, Ernst Mayr, puts it this way:   "Variability is inherent in any natural population and is favored by natural selection on account of the frequent superiority of heterozygotes and the diversity of the environment."
Page 398 in Populations, Species, and Evolution  (Harvard U: Cambridge, MA, 1963,70,74).

"And it is this always-available variability that makes the process of natural selection possible."
Page 88 in What Evolution Is  (Basic Books: New York, 2001) [our italics].

That means that the priority variable that economic designers must strive to maximize is variability itself. Variability needs a maximum of harmonious variety as a prerequisite, and variability is in turn the raw material of adaptibility and long-term survivability. For economic designers, maximizing variability maximizes the long-term survivability of the core economy that they design, or rather, to inject some variability right here, maximizes the long-term survivability of the evolving series of core economies that they design. This aligns with a view of evolution as a very long-term trend away from greater violence and drama and toward greater gentleness ("harmonious") and variety.

The raw material of variability is diversity or variety - compare "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" or I.D.I.C., the phrase adopted by Star Trek fans to represent the Vulcan motto (see "Fans hope suns can rise again on Star Trek," 8/31/2004 NYT, B1, B5.) The Timesizing program fosters employee versatility by automatically converting corporate overtime (Phase 2) and individual overwork (Phase 3) into on-the-job training (including cross-training and retraining) +/- hiring.

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