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The Task

There are plenty of people on the fence. People who would be open to a much better economic approach but who are currently churning out statistics to support the idea that the current approach is just fine and we have indeed a robust economy, for example, Frank Levy, author of New Dollars and Dreams (1998) who was on WBUR's Connection 1/29/99.  He's still churning out data for the futile attempt to make our current economic epicycles work because we have not yet sufficiently developed the alternative.

How do we persuade them? We have to develop this alternative approach more, much more. We have to develop the theory from many different angles, for many different markets. They are persuadable. But it will take a lot of calm development of the alternative. A lot of imagination. A lot of "canoeing down the river of like-minded people." There are many more working models of pieces of the solution than we now have listed on our case studies page. We need to find them. The worktime solution is reinvented by scores of workforces and companies every recession, and thought of probably in every large downsizing by isolated employees. We need to gather the examples of the former that are implemented so we can encourage and unite the examples of the latter.

In general, we need to be a lot readier for the next big downturn than Dahlberg and the technocrats were in 1929, or even in 1932-33 when they got their chance, along with Hugo Black, and all blew it because they had not designed enough flexibility into their version of the worktime solution and had only the Kellogg's working model to point to - and it was a rigid 30 hrs/wk.

For more details, see our laypersons' guide Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from * and at bookstores in Harvard and Porter Squares, Cambridge, Mass.

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