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The answer to the question, "What is the critical, all-time goal of existence for human and other beings?" is ... continuity - which, of course, is a functional synonym of existence itself. Sorry if you were expecting something ooey-gooey-er, like love (a tool for reproductive continuity in all its forms) or praising God (a way to maintain your will to continue and willingness to yield place to others when your individual share of continuation, and contribution thereto, is over).

The basic mechanism of continuity is evolution, whether natural (physical or biological) or social (human). The basic variable that evolution maximizes is ... variability itself. Once you move from biological to social evolution, variability clothes itself in acceleratingly advancing technologies of communication, cooperation, construction - in a word, of sharing, because, as Castaneda's don Juan says, "Agreement is power."

Volume II (we now think we got the order of the first two volumes wrong) of the Millennium Orienteering Trilogy discusses these advancing technologies of human sharing, using pretty obvious categories of human history and prehistory, namely the six major social sciences themselves, as keys to the power dialects throughout human evolution.

There is a high degree of coincidence between the six main variables or senses of measurement and the the six main advances in sharing throughout the six social-science ages of human evolution. Volume I identifies all six of these "dimensions" on the basis of largely linguistic factors, such as the very first two definitions in Newton's Principia, and Einstein's famous mc2=e.

So, in Vol. II we make the point that the power dialect of the leading human population changes through human evolution and right now economese prevails, having upstaged politicese and already starting to get nudged upstage by ecologese. And Vol. I teaches that the variable corresponding to the Economic Age is time, so our focus is going to improve human sharing in the time dimension, specifically worktime. So, in terms of economic design enhancements in sharing natural (ie: market-demanded) worktime, the website launches into -

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