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timesizing blog, 2015-2016...
Here we work out language and metaphors for the SWT (shorter worktime) movement and the new worktime economics
(as also on our homepage, timesizing newspage and everywhere else on this website),
& we (new verb alert!) thought-experiment with the design of very long-term survivable economic systems. (This is all stuff I wish I'd thought of or been informed of at an early age, much of which is in areas other than economics. If you're prone to calling people "show-offs" or "radicals" or "conspiracy-theorists" or any of the other labels used to dismiss some from the discussion table, fergawdsake quit reading and Move On! This stuff is for me, not you = my attempts to find out about the world as it really is and not as so many have so rosied it up. Sure, "I never promised you a rose garden" whoever "I" is, but family precedents left me thinking I'd better find out what's really going on in this world at a much deeper level than my forebears or...autosnuff. I've been growing longer and longer 'antennae' ever since. Who, me, hypersensitive? No-o-o. Nevertheless, you wanna eavesdrop? Fine! But only if this is something you can handle without gettin' bent outa shape.)

Diary of DownUndah...annex (New Zealand): 3/30 Wed. 3:45pm board United to San Fran, arrive 7:30?
8:45pm board NZ7 to Auckland, arrive ca. 1pm next day Thurs. 3/31
but it's ca.6:30pm in Auckland on the Next next day Fri. 4/01; where did Thurs. go? = dateline issue
rush around to local terminal, board NZ to Wellington, arrive Hotel Aroma Orama Amora! before bfast buffet ends at 10, I have buffet $32? K has alacarte, room not ready till 2 so stash luggage behind hotel desk and head for iSite = free travel agenting - get info on Doubtful Sound fjord etc. from Michelle = tiny Chinese girl with excellent NZ accent cuz born there - I see Jeckyll and Hyde performance that nite? yep, & Michelle can get me $10 off = $25, so get voucher and head for Circa Theater on other side of hotel not far to get ticket, then room ready ca. 1:30 so sleep and I to J&H at 7 - fabulous improv! worth the whole trip despite lead-in angst!
next morning: 4/02, Sat.: better book Doubtful Sound, fix cellphones, find stampshop..., so back to Michelle & DS all booked, found Vodaphone and lucked out wih Harry = mgr? chunky redhead calm...nao wurries... done! miracle! found stampshop Eccles w/ Jared, found cheap underground foodcourt eats, me steak&cheese pie + dense carrotcake, back to conference @ hotel for practice 3 songs for Maori ceremony, ceremony @ 4 over @ Te Papa Museum, horns, orange temple facade, w men hauling sun @ top, women being protected @ bottom, and ancestors in niches at back, recep met Maori, recep back at hotel, nap
4/03 Sun. worked on website - the huge Dominion-Post of Wellington is more aukward than the smaller papers of Awckland. K went to see what the orange things were = beanbag chairs, went walkabout thru musee? farmer's mkt, came & got me, chkd out giant squid, no giant caterpillars (velvet worms=peripatus); thru farmers mkt tried chch cookies= extr crisp, watched seagulls, tried throw last bit to assertive one but maybe fell thru planks...
eve? walked up Cuba St dined @ Bistro, great riesling Coney Ritz, lamb, K fab smoked salmon
4/4 Mon: K off to conf, me updating in room, don't need buy Auck. paper, hotel gets but later, recep, lunch walk other way, tried pecan tart= one off texture to ssschunky, custard tart= oneoff no taste, K rushed back for conf, I explored cinema arcade/mall - tried self hearing test at pharm, watched great aquaria, thot about London Is Falling but maybe in plane on way back, up Cuba St to Bristol Hotel resto, moi roast veggies, K big omelette, tripped on invis curb on walk back but OK...
4/5 Tues. conf day off, 3 trip ops, we Wilton's Bush, Zealandia & zoo.
Wed, I walked to war memorial
Thurs, we took cablecar up and walked back down thru arboretum, BP for supper
Fri, I mailed back a bunch of printed matter & chkd out #3 (or 22!) bus stops for Zealandia while K chkd out Other Wellington Museum, then went to take harbour cruise along shore but only ferry across bay to K revisited musem and I looked in, then came back & napped, 4:30 #3 bus to Zealandia, busstop some distance, saw small spotted kiwis in the bush, glow worms, stick insects small and large (F), but no peripatus, then Italian resto on docs f D me seasonal roasted vegs

Here's my latest "elevator speech," finally expressing smoothly and compellingly OT-to-jobs conversion and workweek reduction as as-much-of-an-intensifier as required to restore stable and solid investments, and therefore as a System Requirement in terms of the self-interest of the super-rich -
(but I still have to tie-in the detoxification or disarming or sanitization of the black hole in the money supply, on one hand by market centrifugation in response to labor "shortage," and on the other hand by nudging people's "exponential competitiveness" over from income and wealth to the next still-safe dimensions of disparity, such as (credit and) creditability and celebrity and legacy...)

You want stable and solid investments? They require marketable productivity, not just productivity.
You want marketable productivity? That requires maximum markets.
Maximum markets? They require maximum spending power.
Max spending power? Requires maximum wages.
Max wages? Require FULL employment.
Full employment? Requires repeat workweek reductions and rigorous overtime-to-training&jobs conversion until you damn well GET full employment, however you may have defined it (but preferably by annual referendum of the participating and affected constituency).
Scared that full employment will trigger runaway inflation? Not a problem when the cap on your workweek only allows the deflationary-incentivized to work overtime. And this is an inflation control unlike our current one that clobbers growth.
3/12/2016/ph3 A parallel "elevator speech" to the above would be the one that addresses the justifiable insecurity of the super-rich, who have a submerged (but very understandable and justifiable) inchoate longing for ordinariness that manifests indirectly in such variations from mold as distressed furniture and jeans, fashionable warehouse studios, the traditional volunteering to work in the "tenements," etc.

The black hole in the money supply, symbolized by the 62 billionaires who own as much as half the world, when 5 years ago it took 388 to reach that point, is dangerous to everyone including the 62.
(Reference: "Oxfam report cites sharp rise in wealth inequality - Top 62 are as rich as bottom 3.5B," by Patricia Cohen, New York Times via 1/19/2016 Boston Globe, B8.)
Two questions: what's the danger to the super-rich, and what's the danger to everyone else? To the super-rich, today's degree of monetary coagulation drastically impairs the circulatory system of the body economic, or, in older-fashioned terminology currently in violation of political correctness, of "economic man."
How does this happen? Because this high percentage of the money supply indeed circulates with high velocity in the financial sector, but involves relatively very very few people, and therefore has very low stabilizing momentum, where momentum= velocity times mass, and mass= population involved.
As higher and higher percentages of the money supply funnel to fewer and fewer people, circulatory "mass" decreases and so stabilizing circulatory momentum decreases and destabilizing circulatory velocity undisciplined by, and unanchored and ungrounded in, exchanges between high numbers of people, increases.
How to restore a better balance between the financial sector and the other sectors which have more, and more stabilizing, circulatory momentum, and how to do it with minimum controversy and maximum flexibility; that is, as much as possible via market forces?
One answer (if you think there are more, let us know and we'll either tell you why it or they don't qualify, or we'll agree and credit you): raise wage "costs" for employers by getting a lot closer to full employment and cutting our concept of "frictional unemployment" lower - by "Timesizing" phases 2,3,4.

Pound the swords into ploughshares, get overpopulation, and pound the plowshares back into swords, etc. (unless...timesizing).

Necessity is the mother of invention...and greed is the father.

Current default economics (mixed-market capitalism) lacks a way to pass along the benefits of technology to the general public in the form of more money and job-secure free time, and instead is passing it along as overwork for the decreasing numbers who can still find a "full time" job or collection of "part time" jobs, plus less work and money to those who can't, plus unspendably and undonatably and unsustainably investably huge income and wealth to a diminishing number of superwealthy individuals.

Thoughts on seeing that Yahoo, now in such financial trouble that it's trying to sell itself and get taken over by some deep pocket player, has doubled from one to two the number of screens it takes to get into its email section, presumably to force free-riding users to notice twice as much of its advertising and hopefully click on it either in interest, anger or by mistake, AND increased the width of its advertising column on the right side of its email section, presumably to force free-riding users to notice more of the advertising and hopefully click on it either in interest, anger or by mistake, in both cases imposing more on users' limited lifeTIME. But the mass of free-riding users feel both time scarcity and money scarcity, and will not click on the newly imposing, irritating, and time-wasting ads, and have simply reached another point of looking for and possibly changing to some other free email host.

Note the assumption on the part of the topmost brackets dba the financial sector, that the economy grows by simple population increase, by the equation: time x #people x more = solid financial-sector growth, OR total workweek X population X increase = economic growth, meaning continued giantization of their stored holdings and basis for their chest-thumping and rationalization of their having sooooooooo much more than 99.99% or more of the population (seeing that the richest 62 individuals now have more than the poorer half of the entire world population). So there's no such thing as overpopulation. This in addition to, or rather as hidden foundation for, the construction industry and "development economics," whose self-interest tends to stick to growth regardless of problems for other industries or sectors.

There are three problems here. As Arthur Dahlberg pointed out in a brilliant insight in 1932, capitalism, the default type of economics, only works well under conditions of labor shortage severe enough from employers' viewpoint to maintain or raise general wage levels (and associated consumer spending = the foundation and base of the whole economy including the financial sector despite its persistent assumption that itself is the basis of the economy). And labor shortage somehow sounds more like underpopulation than overpopulation.

Then there is the problem that our uncontrolled population increase is the basis of hundreds of measures by which we are ramming up against the limits of our habitat, the biosphere.

And then there is the assumptions 1. that financial-sector money circulates fast or faster than money in sectors outside the financial sector, 2. that the mass of humanity can easily convert their lifetime into substantial money to be funneled in part or whole into the financial sector at a rate of up to 168 hours a week (24x7) and/or 52.17857142857° weeks a year. And 3. that the fostering of simple population increase will not trigger market supply&demand decrease of that substantial money, whereby generally a plentiful commodity has a lower price and a scarce commodity has a higher price - in population terms, the commodity being that portion of lifetimes that is accountable in the sense that it is offered on the market as potential "work," its price being based on its supply relative to the demand for it, and being generally called "wages."
The wealthy don't notice that the poor aren't buying because they don't have the money, the wealthy have it all and more. And the wealthy have far too much to circulate momentously which stabilizes, only velocitously which destabilizes. So all the poor 99.99% have is time, which the 0.01% impose on mercilessly, not only like Yahoo, trying to get clicks let along purchases from a penniless and time-starved mass of people, but now they have to agent their own travel, pump their own gas, checkout their own groceries, reception their own phonecalls, submit to spam on phone+ email and social network, pay for water (air next?), pay for everything on planes...

The attempt to run the world on overpopulation, charity, loans, free stuff, and desperate imposition on everyone's time is doomed.

Nevermind drug interaction - what about food interaction?! Grapefruit magnifies drug effects. Beans magnify methane... What else?

Just saw The Lady in the Van last eve with Dianne - what we need is higher quality life, and that has the prereq of higher quality death. Freedom is always and only at least two-way: freedom from and freedom for.
We need little Kevorkian kits in a respectful little niche in each cell of lifers' row - only then can we afford to abolish capital punishment.
And since in a sense, we're all on lifers' row, we all need this kit. Especially if we're Americans and we think all Americans should arm themselves.
We need to be able to say goodby with more freedom and dignity. We take ourselves too seriously and that bars us from taking ourselves and our situation with anywhere near enough awe and wonder. We are indeed incredibly special, but that must not on the one hand make us compulsive about living forever or on the other hand make us disdain to want to live as long as possible if we're happy.
We have difficulty saying goodby. We need to rehab the idea of self-euthanasia. I think this was what Jack Kevorkian was aiming for, and what Albert Schweitzer and many others were and are blocking with their obsessive-absolutist Sanctity of Life, however miserable.
SOMEbody has to think these thoughts. And an odd corner of the world like Quebec, where life can be so vibrant and culture so rich, is the ideal place.
It's time we stopped dishonestly and denyingly killing ourselves and taking others with us. It's time we started doing it honestly, comfortably and safely-for-others. The respectful suicide "parlors" of Soylent Green the movie were a good idea, the cannibalism was not.
Market forces reward a shortage, not a surplus. While we keep compulsive about human life - withholding and demonizing of the ultimate freedom, the freedom to die with dignity - and while we thus guarantee a surplus of...us, we guarantee low-quality lives and we sacrifice many people who are happy and don't want to die because of the frustration and anger of those of us who aren't happy and do want to die and don't care how or how many of how happy we take with us.
Schweitzerism, the Sanctity of Life, the attempt to protect 101% of it, needs counterbalancing with Sanity for Life. The Reductio ad absurdum is Monty Python's Every sperm is precious, every sperm is good, Every sperm is needed in your neighborhood...
So we need to offer death with dignity. What are the current jurisdictions in the world where this is not a problem? We need to start there on a quiet and limited scale and expand. We need to offer a variety of options and services. Different religious rites, different ways of laying people to rest, whether scattering of ashes or interment in a desired place or way, subject to a reasonable cost cap, however the definition of "reasonable" evolves over time.
And what better person to initiate such a thing but someone sobered and mind-opened by proximate suicides.
We need to subsidize death with dignity not only because human overpopulation is harming our biosphere and ruling quality of life out of the question for too many, but because our policy of accommodation of limitless acquisition has made the demand for Death with Dignity more common in the lower income brackets than the upper, though certainly not unknown even in the topmost brackets, whose desperate acquisitiveness and security spending is the main creator of the main problem of humanity, the G.K.Chesterton Pan-Utopian Flaw.
Rob begged me not to take on overpopulation by unregulated migration. He would even more beg me not to take on lessening overpopulation by lionizing Kevorkianism. But overpopulation can overwhelm any economic core design (such as Timesizing), however advanced. And has done so many times in the human past, Easter Island = Exhibit I.
Central bank loose-cannonsim and population irresponsibility, the internal and external leaks of a well-designed economy, are part and parcel, integral parts, of a long-term-sustainable economic core design.

The Web is the end of copyright. If you post it, you gift it. If you want an Honor System, you've got to obsolete job desperation. You've got to have Full Employment. And in the robotics age, that means Timesizing.

(Thoughts after reading headline "Reducing inequality is a moral imperative" in 1/31/2016 BG, K1, and thinking, moral shmoral, it's an urgent System Requirement! - necessitating a switch of system entropy dump from money into 0.001% of the population to job-secure Free Time into 100% of the population -)
The babies on Wall Street & their private islands & archipelagoes and in their gated estates and communities need to be weaned off the seas of milk they've been vacuuming in around themselves, because this "milk" is the blood of the real economy outside the financial sector, money, and using this diminishingly small population on Wall St. etc. as the system's entropy dump, and its blood supply as the dumping variable, is, to put it mildly, unsustainable, and increasingly dangerous and unwieldy for all concerned.

In terms of developing 'big public service ideas,' there are 3 stages:
1) most utopians spend over 90% of their book on diagnosis and less than 10% on cure - need reverse that and rely on details of others' diagnostic overkill
2) Their 'cure' is marred by the Chesterton pan-utopian flaw - gotta avoid that assumption and deal with the desire for 'more than my share' and the tendency to get it.
3) Even when they're focused on reversing the current massive redistribution to the tiny population in the topmost brackets, they have not considered all the relevant variables to be balanced, or their mandatory strategic order of balancing, or the imperative of balancing by equalizing on a range not just a point, or the corresponding variable B that can safely volatilize as A stabilizes, or how to avoid runaway leaks one way and another in the current variable... [chk 2gkctrap.htm for others]

The most myopic and wealthy and insecure 0.001% of world population vacuum-in and store more and more of the global money supply, supremely guilty of the Chesterton Pan-Utopian Flaw. However, they repeatedly print more money (QE1, QE2, QE3...) to offset the resulting stifling effect on markets and economic slowdown. But by immediately sleight-of-handing the newly fiated funds into their own e'er tightlier packed accounts to avoid runaway inflation, they offset their own offset and economic slowdown proceeds.

Increasingly the solidest thing they have to invest in is companies with numerous subscribers, but since fewer and fewer people have money for paid subscriptions, more and more companies give away free stuff, like browsers and news & opinion ("free advice" indeed!) and music and porn and 'likes' and 'follows' (and spam and viri). (Before we move on, note the constant appeal of "defense" and "drugs" for forced paid subscriptions.) Companies that aren't getting revenue from subscribers switch over and rely for revenue on advertisers. But what do the advertisers get besides the increasingly remote hope of actual sales? They get claims on human life TIME. Thus confirming our shift of currency bases from periodically limited reserves of precious metals, to periodically limited 'reserves' of human accountable time = worktime. And the world is becoming increasingly polarized into the talking heads who advocate MORE worktime in play, via demonizing workweek reduction & relengthening workweeks (France, currently) and demonizing population regulation (contraception, abortion; immigration quotas and laws) - though our most ironic warning against overpopulation whether organic or compassion-driven is provided by increasing compassion-driven numbers of hijabs and burkhas ("walking cloisters") on our streets, because they testify to the historic trauma of a desert people and their attempt to cloak off overpopulation.

But a currency based on human worktime is ultimately limited by, say, 70 years times world population with computers or iPhones, and ultimately by world population, period. So we have a whole new industry, besides construction and development, with a vested interest in more population.

So we're winding up with ever more numerous, ever cheaper, people = a very familiar self-besieging "hell" that isolated or hemmed-in populations have got themselves into for centuries in island (eg: Easter Is.) or mountain-locked situations, for example. And that just throws the function of active constraint back into Nature's court. And then the limits of the biosphere impose the harsh cutoffs and the 'dismal science.' But for the present, as we live the last 'normal' lives available for the next few centuries, we can listen with calming effect to Dvorak's *In Nature's Realm.

Oy, oy'm afraid I have outflanked micromanaging socialism and no-regs(unless in my favor) capitalism despite even Walter Lippmann's socialism - now pursuing Edward Griffin - Carroll Quigley - round table - Lippmann... haven't quite got a "name for this part" à la Quigley's former history professor (name??) but they haven't had the "penetrational persistence" of this suicide survivor to break through prevailing time superstition and blindness, settle it all down to common sense, and just DO IT.

Jocelyne Tait sent around a picture of a hand poised over a big button with the question, "If you could push a button and get a definitive answer as to whether God existed, would you?" "But why would you believe in the button?" answered Kate, and everyone broke up.

Belief in God just pushes all the big questions back one huge step and says, "Don't ask." I'd rather ask, here and now. Some people don't want to know if they've got cancer; I do. I'm ready for the meat of the Word, even when it turns out that The Word is another of those illusions of loooong-term evolution and selective forgetting and selective embellishing oops remembering. Now I think that Jesus would be mystified and appalled at what we have turned him into and maybe somewhat flattered until we told him about the crusades, the inquisitions, the witch hunts and beyond. He'd doubtless come up with a new sheaf of parables and denunciations, more energetic than the first.

Supposed you pushed the big button and the answer was No. Then you'd still have a problem, because whence the absolute knowledge of this button? As Kate says in reference to the old lady asked what supported the giant turtle of the world, "It's turtles all the way down!" (uh, down to what?)

New category: migration promotion or migration hustle, migration promoters or migration hustlers.
We do impact studies is every other field prior to big policy initiatives...except migration = cruisin' for a mere bruisin', or worse?
We listen to a presentation on one woman, Esperanza, and her heart-rending situation, which DEMANDS that we set aside our migration laws and quotas for...her. But, she's just one of what this migration promoter admits, more honestly and high-quantity than I've heard before, is 5,000,000 cases, each one with just as heart-rending a story. And why 5 million? It sounds even and arbitrary, and it sounds low, in a global population of 7,300,000,000-odd at the moment. Any guess at hoe many of those people would move to America or Europe if they had a realistic chance would be in the billions. Any guess as to how many of them would have a situation worse than Esperanza's would also be in the billions. The Esperanza's case is a highly selectively arbitrary, especially when a tweet from Gene Corbin in response to the previous presenter went: "if we leave decisions for others, they may not have our best interests in mind. Get involved." The National Partnership for New Americans is advocating leaving decisions to others, desperate others, and they are not in a position to even ask what our best interests are, let alone what we want, just to assume convergence of interest, which would place us in the totally unsustainable position of...no borders. May sound nice to some people but then there's Robert Frost's "good fences make good neighbors," nevermind longterm sustainability and the unavoided bullet of the Club of Rome's global population overshoot and collapse.

I've just attended Harvard's Public "Interested" day (no it's not a typo, just another bad title) and only really connected with one person at the very last event, Madison (male!) Klein. It seems to me that we will all have to be suffering a lot more for people to realize the importance of jobs, the right to a job as possibly The Most Basic Human Right, and full employment as the supreme demotivator of war. And for all the talk of The Sharing Economy = a rehab of the word 'sharing' after decades of being tabooed as Socialist! =Utter This & You're OUT of the Discussion (nevermind Communist! = too horrible to be uttered altogether!), people are too deeply programmed by job-insecure, jobseeker-surplus capitalism to be willing to share their skills and overtime = the myth of indispensibility is too tightly grasped. Also, it's the CACOR syndrome...people are too wedded to THEIR idea of helping humanity, however detailed-level, and to their clichéd nostrums for one another about (tragic pose, hand to head) their forswearing of money and devotion to Service and Carry On Regardless.

We have a clash of values in running the economy. We need to decide. We can have more quantity, but not prosperity. We can have more diversity, which translates back into more quantity because there are thousands of languages in the world each of which can make a claim on our desire for 'racial' diversity, but again, the quantity debars prosperity. We can have dreams of limitless wealth bolstered by actual billionaires, but not prosperity. We have dreams of guaranteed personal income without work or taxes, but not sustainable prosperity. We can have plentiful pensions for an unlimited old age, but not prosperity...

Prosperity, once achieved, allows limited amounts of our other values, like quantity, diversity, wealth, dependent old age... but if not achieved, all our other values take a hit and diminish.
But to be achieved, prosperity requires the sacrifice of these other values, and some of them are more deeply entwined around our imagination or morale or incentivization than we're aware.

Proposition for debate:
In a labor-surplus, job-insecure, non-fullemployment world, technology is rendered useless by job desperation.
Example: telephones unanswerable due to rising frequency of telemarketing and 'surveys.'

Just saw 3 PBS progs: big birds, WW1 tunnels, particle fever

Re particle fever... i've long had this peripheral idea that every integrating plateau in social evolution (anthrop language, soc calendar, religion writing, poltix loyalopposition, econ probquantification, ecol holisticlongtermsustainability+upgradeability) has a distinct but invisible creativity cap associated with whorf-sapir 'your language caps the class of ideas that you can even get' -

and the CERN hadron accelerator project shown in this film demos... job insecurity in the melodramatizing of eveything by the 4000 people involved, the premature calling of the media, the horning in on Higgs' moment 'not just YOUR lifetime' - how graceless!, the lack of plan B, the neglect of human error, the rosy hyper-expectations... the linguistics: standard model = too rosy-limiting, big bang = just puts off the big questions one big step like belief in God; one man's fear of retirement = self-inflicted agism = necessary only in economies without full employment guaranteed by Timesizing & centralbank+population control; desperation to bring-in your unpredictable baby regardless of everyone else's difficulty hearing... diagram of Higgs particle in middle and multiply hyperbolized...'god particle' 'black hole' mentions, destroy earth, exaggerated importance - these 4,000 people seemed intent on salving their insecurity at the price of scaring away the creative muse: first waaay too much overhead (champagne, bands), then waaay too many word games and funny, mutually comforting cartoons... +much linguistic hyperbole & mutual ego-grooming, so like, when can we JUST GET ON WITH IT!
they have only two alternatives: symmetric universe or multiuniverse and do not allow for Heisenberg 'Uncertainty' ie: these things are sooooooooo small, what you WANT can easily influence them, because they are sooooooooo close to absolute nothing (although there's no such thing as 'absolute,' only specifiably extended 'relative') and it is sooooooooo easy to influence ......... nothing, cuz there's sooooooooo little of it to resist. They have the answer biassed right into their nomenclature cuz symmetry is more appealing, esthetic, they never seem to get to the word elegant in this one for some reason ... last century's fashion? nicer than multi-... if it's 115ish it's symmetry, yay, and if it's much? higher it's multi, boo & boohoo cuz supposedly we can't go deeper and keep our jobs by generating this pantheon down to another hopefully much more complicated scale... it's all meaningless randomness... nevermind mind the self-countering principle of continuity... and the gluey Higgs could come apart at any time and destroy this sample, our own dear version, of the multiverse (why would they think that after their own 15 billion years of continuity since their own big bang?) - anyway, the first result comes in much? higher at 140, everything breaks down again for a few years and the next results come in at 125 and 126, sorta in the slightly lower, middle - cuz by now all these near nothing bosons have been thoroughly influenced by the preferences, fears and insecurities of these 4000 think-they're-something bozos and figure, hey, why don't we leave them hanging - that will secure their jobs even more than givin' em a black&white answer - somebody or something else will give them another 75 million zillion euros to do even more of this theologizing because there's 4000 of the new mystic-mathematical priesthood, supposedly purer than economists, to overawe a world of mathophobes (nevermind that math is a subset not superset of linguistics) and they're almost as good as Disney with special-effect demos and videos, and their word games, oy vay, and media management, however premature... you've heard of folie a deux? here we have folie en masse.

The main too-close-to-notice thing that the evolution of life and then language did was develop a mesocosm extension in between the macro and micro cosms and greatly decelerate the pace of the microcosm and repeatedly accelerate the pace of the macrocosm.

Colleague Kate has just hit the Translate button on a Facebook message from former New England Odaiko player Hiroshi Hasegawa and come up with a literal English translation of Happy New Year in Japanese: "This year say hello please."
Reminds me of when I got one of my University of Toronto professors (I think it was broad-British accented due to Bristol-born Ron Sweet) of ancient Semitic languages (Hebrew, Akkadian...) to translate Merry Christmas into Hebrew for me and he came up with what in literal English translation was: "Your happinesses to the dayof the bringing-forthof the messiah" (ashereka leyom muledeth hamashiach" - no I don't know how to do the Hebrew letters on this laptop - actually they'd be Aramaic Square script which is what Israelites in general and Judeans in particular have used - when did they change from those Hebrew-script stick figures? = a function of the invention of brush?-like pen technology?).

We must resign ourselves to the fact that full employment is perceived by low-ceiling'd employers (there actually are some that are "high-ceiling'd"= far-sighted) as labor shortage, and a great cause for self-pity and whining...and manipulation. Ergo a constant tendency to go back to downsizing = downsizing their customers' customers = "Suicide, everyone else first."

Kate: Religion is used as a geopolitical excuse for just about any bad behavior.
[Thinking about Mohammed's dream about night flight to Jerusalem, supposed "farthest mosque," and its usefulness in grabbing the holy city of Jews and Christians, nevermind the priority of Mecca and Medina. Shades of the G.K.Chesterton Pan-Utopian Flaw.]
(Compare old W.E. "Bill" Staples' statement at Victoria College, Toronto in 1960-61 (in Hebrew 101 or Ancient Near Eastern History 101):
Laddies, there have been more horrible deeds committed in the name of religion than anything else.

Ideas are much much more important that "hard work" because they, which we can bundle altogether as "creativity," can save or sidestep-as-unnecessary sooo much time = long workhours = hard work. (So "work smart not hard" ain't foolin', where smart=creative!)
So maybe the short-term memory loss as you age is adaptive, because you keep coming back to the present with a fresh open mind ready to associate with items from your vast store of long-term memories, stashed in the DNA or whatever of the cells in your toes and fingers and large leg muscles ou vos fesses.
And association is the essence of creativity. The further apart the items you associate (or juxtapose, or place side by side), the more creative, this from Bill Gordon's Cambridge MA creativity seminar in the 70s, called Synectics.
And as colleague Kate comments, the long-term stuff is what's important about you for your community anyway, because when you're older than most of your neighbors, the L-T is what you have that they don't and the L-T is what it's adaptive for them to learn-from so as not to repeat costly mistakes again and again.

So here's a new approach to life: Life is stamp collecting. "Philately" is a sort of hands-on God game anyway, especially if you "collect the world" instead of specializing.
So instead of basing life on my mission or website and getting all intense and bent outa shape, how about basing it on stamp collecting in non-marathon blocks of time, punctuated by 'safaris' out into the real world to update Ye ol' website or write a cheque for my gas bill or try to corral my two backgrounders back into MY account on Amazon, or find out if my trademark needs renewing again yet and ifso how, or do I need to reserve a new webname of some kind, or if I need to do the dishes or take a walk or get today's headlines or have a shower or take a pill or lodge a comment on an article or write a lett-to-ed or op-ed or bk chap or or or... cuz the basic stamp collecting theoretically avoids getting totally bejeezelly overwhelmed and just keeping a good attitude or spirit namely NBD nobigdeal... (or in Québec, c'est po grâve, po de problème...) ... (time for another dose of stamps, or if that's too superficial sounding, something more homebase sounding like, another nestle into the Phil à Tell-ique nest - suggesting a shift from Robin Hood to Philliam Tell)

Chomsky's generative rules are like, {self-sufficient farming & minimal trade} blending into the ideal of {everyone with a good self-supporting job}.
All the weird stuff that government is dragged in to do to make this come out right is like the black box of Chomsky's transformational component, which grabs the occasionally (frequently?) wrong results produced by the nice rational logical step-by-step generative rules and rearranges them into actual language. (Of course, there's also the possibility that the actual language is pretty irrational too.)

For those concerned about power and control, there are two ways to control people without threatening their lives: moral debt and financial debt. Moral debt is the evocation of guilt or gratitude (and guilt shades into gratitude and v.v). The RC Church is the "go-to guy" at this, getting them while they're young with a doctrine of Original Sin. What a great control mechanism! You're condemned at birth - even without doing anything! Nevermind the requirements of evolutionary adaptibility via death and replacement. Financial debt has recently been honed to a fine art for international control by the IMF and the World Bank, according to John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," but it's pretty good for individual control too, as per song, "Sixteen tons and what do you get, Another day older and deeper in debt..."

(The hardest things to realize are the most obvious things - that are part of your retinas;... - latest mind-blower...)

The choices to get enough currency-circulation momentum to stabilize the economy are down to two:
Either (1) give money away, or (2) make it a lot easier to earn a lot of spending money (and more convenient to spend it).

Those who advocate for giving money away under such names as GMI= guaranteed minimum income are generally people who strongly disapprove of class warfare and classism in general, but think about it for just one blinding nanosecond... this splits society into two classes: dependents and workers - this is a class society, which GMI advocates & like-minded people object to!
Ergo we must vote against GMI and other forms of giving away free money and vote for making it a lot easier to earn a lot of spending money.
(Need one also point out that this would solve the problem of who buys the 24/7 robots' massive output, and when done by overtime-to-jobs conversion and workweek reduction, the problem of who has enough time to shop.)

Silliness is creativity on vacation.

Recall also Dave Demson's Delightful Def'n:   Grace is the stoopingness of God's love.
(This last from Emmanuel Theological College, Toronto, ca. 1960-61, Theology 101,
recalled 12/24/2015/rph)

Been remembering the revision I did at St.George's United Church in Toronto back in the 1960s when I was teaching Sunday School and discovered that the children's Christmas pageant had portrayed the innkeeper as some kind of villain ifnot monster, so I rewrote at least that part, and possibly the whole thing?? and somehow discovered years later that they were using my version unattributed/ascribed to anonymous out west somewhere...

Peace to you, good innkeeper.
We'd like a room tonight.
I'm sorry, sir, there is no room -
The crowd has not been slight
[always a battle here as to whether it should rather be "light," not "slight"]
For Caesar wants to tax us -
He sent his men to warn
That every man in all the world
[some discomfort here with "men" and "man" in neighbouring lines]
Must pay where he was born.
Now Bethlehem's a little town
For many have moved away...
But they came back to pay their tax
And filled my inn today.
(recalled on 12/19/2015/rph)

[Then it went something like -]
Would you want to use the stable
You can stay back there for free
There's at least one empty stall in there
Just ox, ass, doves to see
The animals warm it up a bit
And they won't bother you
There's lots of hay and water...
Stay there, no storm's in view...

Well, thank you, good innkeeper -
We'll take it, if we may
We'd better go right back there now
My wife's "in a family way"
The animals will keep us warm
The ox and gentle dove
Perhaps God wants a lowly place
Wherein to show His love

Separated at birth? Hector Berlioz and Jefferson Davis!
Never connected them (consciously) before! Really look alike!
It's the cragginess. Lincoln had it too but his face was too long and different beard.
It's the sortof vanilla cragginess.

Words that mean the opposite to the way they sound:
sleek (cf. slick) should mean skinny or smooth but means fat, maybe because fat pushes out your wrinkles and makes you smooth?
fulsome (cf. winsome) should be positive and mean pleasingly full but instead means disgusting...

Then there's the problem of capital cities.
Shouldn't Victoria BC be Vancouver BC, especially if we could get them to just swap names so Vancouver would actually be on Vancouver Island.
More seriously, where a simple name swap wouldn't suffice, shouldn't the capital move from Quebec, Quebec to Montreal, Quebec?
Shouldn't the capital of Washington State be Seattle instead of ?Olympia?
Shouldn't the capital of Oregon be Portland instead of ?Salem?

Just read about the Battle of Agincourt (actually Azincourt per Gordon Corrigan's 'Great & Glorious Adventure' = ha, pp.246-49). Guess the most heroic things we've been involved in have been riding the mules down the Grand Canyon in Sept., Ranger Kate in 2002, singing in Tokyo and Kyoto in 2001, England and Wales in 1991, our second wedding in 1988, buying the house and visiting Haiti in 1985... Solo: working for Lotus in 1983, Yellowknife with Big Frank in 1989, running for Senate in 2000, down the Intracoastal and across the Okeechobee with El in 2004(?), moving to Québec in 2005, singing in All-Saints Ottawa 2006-11(?), perfecting the great spring-summer diet 2013(200)-14(195)-15(190)...

An extraterrestrial, ignorant of the obligatory response to tales of Agincourt, would be forgivem for concluding from Corrigan's account that the famed Battle of Agincourt was a pyrrhic victory, because virtually nothing came of it but boasting.
But then same's true of the US Civil War = much carnage, to force a continued political union down a bunch of people's throats and supposedly free the slaves, though there was what, 2-3 years of Reconstruction, and then back to lynchings and segregation till the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s? when RSA (Republic of South Africa) managed to lose apartheid without the kind of massive carnage of the US Civil War, and come to think of it, the British Empire abolished slavery in 1833.

"The universe may not call upon you, Just be ready if it does." - Bucky Fuller
Offset that against:
"Push lightly against the various panels of reality. And go with the one that gives way the easiest and the furthest." - Phil Hyde
And meanwhile:
"Make it as easy as possible for reality to give you what you want." - Naida Denise Dyer Hyde?!

"I know everything, but lack inexperience." Berlioz, quoted on 99.5FM Boston @ 8.01pm 10/09/2015 - OK this bails out Berlioz for all the other krap he kompozed besides the valued Marche Funebre & Triomphale: his bombastiq&labeured symph.fantastiq troyens aroldiniddaly damnationo'faust & all that other Sturm und Drang he koffed up an'worst of all his stewpud hairstyle!!!...
[Kate: (inexperience=) important for tech writers who try to make instrux understandable to novice endusers - cuz once you know something, oy, it's hard to understand the probs of folks who don't.]

Generally speaking, all jobseekers in today's downsizing capitalism are in the position of beggars and ... "beggars can't be choosers."

Anything they don't like, the wealthy ("capitalists") cry Communism! or now they've got it lightened up to Socialism! But let's do a quick review of what capitalism and socialism are, and what -ism we actually need, which is neither.


Yes there are problems/difficulties in implementing Timesizing - there are problems implementing ANY proposed improvement. The question is, which are the RIGHT problems? which are the problems worth solving because we're going in the right = sustainable direction? We go on and on and on and on and on today about interest rates and what the Fed will do when, and ... who cares? it's irrelevant. You can't stimulate any more loans and spending by lowering rates because they're already near zero giving lenders no incentive to lend. And you can't stimulate any more loans and spending by raising rates and giving lenders more incentive to lend because that would disincentivate borrowers. So they're afraid to do anything and it's irrelevant anyway because it's merely continuing the recessionary coagulation of the money supply in the topmost brackets and imposing further on the future where we're supposed to believe that these loans will be paid off at some point...

As for Timesizing having been tried before without success, where, specifically? It was tried worldwide 1840-1940 when the workweek was cut from over 80 hours to 40 and it worked beautifully. It was tried systematically in USA 1938-40 and France 1997-2001 and it cut 1% unemployment for each of the four hours cut from the workweek in each case, even though the design for converting chronic overtime into OT-targeted training and hiring was sloppy or non-existent in each case. Economists are just lazy and unimaginative do-nothings dedicated to perpetuating problems by calling any commonsense practical tried&true ideas impractical so their sinecures can go on and on. They rail against government regulation (but, sssh, don't deregulate the workweek except back upward!).

The universe is an almost unimaginably gigantic machine that runs on continuity, sustainability...
It doesn't need intelligent design because it doesn't need intelligence, which is already incredibly complex and just pushes all the big questions back one huge step and says Don't Ask.
It just needs continuity, which is the one non-principle principle - because once again, "principle" is too complex.
It just needs to continue - and whatever continues better, CON...TIN...UES......BETTER.
It does not start from scratch at every point; it starts from the continuability that it has already reached.
And it gradually, and/or jumpily-jerkily, gets more complicated, but only in the sense of: more complicatedly continuable.
People who can't get away from intelligent design can't get away from projecting...their own complicatedness.
They can't get away from their own importance, self-importance.
They cannot imagine that they came from things much less complicated and impressive.
They feel insulted by the thought that they came from things much more like apes, let alone that apes and they came from things much more like monkeys, and so on through the tangled evolutionary bush, without even the dignity of a simple and elegant tree, back to the tremendous relative simplicity of something much more like an amoeba, let alone a bacterium.
And it certainly is humbling, in a way...
It recalls Churchill's words: "Success is not final; failure is not final: it is the courage to continue that counts."
[Quoted by the second elected (and current) Mayor of London, *Boris Johnson, - and a 'Nice Catch' credit to Colin, Lord Alexander of Ottawa, il Marquese de la Cerda.]
Compare also Churchill's enjoinder that: "If you're going through hell, keep going!"
in other words, continue, do not stop!

Timesizing is going to be a slow starter, like the Pennsy T1, but beautiful once running at open throttle.
I just saw the PBS Nova program, Mystery of Easter Island, again - the moai was hard to get started, took a lot of different ideas and tries and rope ties and leverage points and number of ropes, two? no three! and finally got started and once started took almost no effort, just timing, and could be applied to any scale of moai, from the 10-12 foot model to the 30 foot babies on Easter Island - but without care could fall, either backward, or forward on its face - could this all be a metaphor for Timesizing?

(Is moai the plural of moa? Does moa just mean 'giant' and so it got applied to the giant birds of New Zealand as well as to the giant statues of Easter Island?)

Raw realization just now (6:30am): In the Timesizing.com website, I have made an interface between the actual and the ideal.
Polished realization: In the Timesizing.com website, I have invented a new? kind of interface between the actual (doom du jour) and the ideal ("Phase 6"), with a way to get from here to there (worksharing and the Timesizing Program's Phases One, Two, Three, Four, Five), and with the small beginnings (worksharing, current partial cases, and hope du jour).

Classical station commercial idea: Think shorter working hours are better? Think shorter hours should be our basic measure of progress? Think workaholics are pathetic? You're not alone! - TIMESIZING.COM provides free daily news of shorter hours around the world. Too short to remember? How about TimesizingNotDownsizing.com ? or just, missingplan.com !

Jared Diamond's 2005 Collapse picks up where 1971 Limits to Growth leaves off. It updates Limits to Growth with specific examples of microcosms that have already gone through Limits' signature overshoot&collapse scenario. And it updates the recommendations with 40 more years of policy experience. But Diamond still doesn't focus on livelihood in terms of jobs, or solution in terms of giving everyone more job-secure free time and more labor-shortage-based money to look ahead and take the steps needed to prevent socio-econo-ecolo collapse.

And what neglected and supposedly mystifying 'coincidence' in astrophysics gives the best clue about existence?
The Titius-Bode "Law" - actually the simple combination of the concentric areas of minimal mutual interference in counterpoised double vortices - the rings where the junk collects and gradually gets coalesced (Venus and Mercury) ... or not (Ceres, and Pluto and are the ringed planets actually just as good examples as Pluto?) ...
so planets, including ours, are giant garbage collectors, formed of all the shrapnel, the drek, the discard, the debris, of everything that went before - but at least one of those garbage dumps, those refuse heaps, these middens, these junk trails (what do they call them in undersea salvage, DEBRIS fields or comet-like trails/tails?!), turned out to be Earth, and two of those amazing, supposedly intelligent animals on that planet turned out to be me, and you, dear reader ...

So what musical best sums up the Sixties... = all that idealism and hope, culminating in the Moon landing and Rachel Carson and Earth Day? ... Is it Hair (1967) or JC Superstar (1971), is it Godspell (1970) or The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1964) or Hello Dolly (1964) or The Music Man (1957) or The Sound of Music (1959)? (all these messianic musicals!) No, it's Man of La Mancha of 1965, with Peter O'Toole the chivalrous drunkard and Sophia Loren the beautiful spontaneous abortion sufferer which says it most directly and extremely and reversal-immunizingly, both in "I am I don Quixote" (and "I'm Sancho") which does not wait for Yahweh ("Ehyeh asher ehyeh") or the Messiah (armchairmessiah.com) but takes responsibility now despite mountains of discouragement:
and in "To Dream the Impossible Dream"

Here's a good phrase with which to set straight the intelligent designists who hassle young female interps at the Grand Canyon South Rim and assume that evolutionists postulate that everything starts from scratch at each step =
cumulative continuity !

One of the best things about old age is, you FINALLY know what you want - in most situations. This seems to come about by venturing, daring, to GIVE yourself what you actually realize YOU want (and not somebody else wants you to want) in more and more situations, so that all the tiny indicators of your preferences, that had previously been suppressed as you reverse the movie back into your more controlled and accommodating youth, have a chance to emerge and mutually prioritize. It's like that movie, La Belleza(?) - where at some point Zep(?) says something like, "When I turned 65, I decided I was no longer going to do things I didn't want to do."

The religio trio - Belief in God just pushes back all the big questions one big step and by attitude and telepathy tries to force you into buying into the game of, Don't ask!

The Universe has one unimaginably simple basis=   continue...
Whatever continues, continues...
And whatever continues better,   con tin ues   better....
And over unimaginably many revolutions of the Sun around the local megacluster's center of mass between the mutually orbiting Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, all that we see within us and around us cumulates existence, at first more slowly and then, less and less slowly.

This is not only The Meaning of Life = biological reality, focus of the biological or life sciences,
but also the meaning of the unliving micro- and macro-cosmic background = physical reality, focus of the physical sciences, together with biology constituting natural reality, the focus of the natural sciences,
and also the meaning of the human species = social reality, focus of the social sciences.

And as for individual humans... I, for example, am a biodegradable organic robot with attitude and illusion, and too much of both!

In other words, reality is a lot stranger than religionists suppose, a lot more unlikely and miraculous, and so is our own existence. The background chances of our existence are zero to infinity. Now that we exist, they are one to one. So in view of the cumulative nature of evolution (it is not a matter of starting from scratch at every point, as intelligent design advocates impute), the chances of our existing again have improved over our background chances - they are now one to infinity. But infinity is "just"? an extreeeeeeeemely large number and the universe is unimaginably huge and actually accommodates extreeeeeeeemely large numbers. So looking around, do we want to take the chance and exist again? This current life is pretty nice. Wouldn't it be safer instead to work on prolonging IT?

Nevermind China or the EU - it's American CEOs who are eating America for lunch.

Go ahead, soak the rich, because in case you haven't noticed, the rich have so,ooo,ooo much, they never get wet.
And meanwhile, they're tying up unlimited percentages of the money supply that could be in circulation and thereby diminishing the markets for the productivity they need to invest in sustainably.

Time is the ideal dimension on which to integrate your diverse population, because it's a constantly moving dimension of balanced or uniform velocity and we are all being issued time at the same rate, different though it may sometimes seem subjectively.

Recession is a crisis of oversaving and underspending. And thence of overproduction and underconsumption.
It starts with an overconcentration of the money supply, too much money in the hands of too few people.

Re: Craig Lambert's Exposing the creep of 'shadow work', 5/22/2015 BG, G6.
I admit...I am overwhelmed - I haven't even included 'printing your own bus and train tickets' in my lists of shadow work which go waaay back. Everything just gets shoved onto you supposedly to 'make things more convenient for you.' Ha! Everything's got waaay too complicated. Too much going on. Too many little subplots to keep up with. I'm dropping the ball right and left. My grandparents had a live-in maid, TIllie. My father had a stayathome wife. Now everyone needs a wife, even wives! If only you could trust people to just do their job, but I can't even do mine because so much has been thrust onto me. With massive pervasive job desperation at the bottom and investment desperation at the top, we are cruisin' fer a major bruisin'. You can't assume trustworthiness on the part of other people any more. It's the Hyksos Period of ancient Egypt when families cracked up cuzzov the invasion of the Sea Peoples. It's the reign of Stephen and Matilda when "all the devils in hell are loose in the land." You can't answer your phone anymore cuz there'll just be clicks, or some GD robot, or just dozens of desperate dinnertime telemarketers who have ignored the Do Not Call list. Your email is flooded with desperate spam - you're scared to open anything, even stuff from people you know cuz some desperate hominid has hijacked or copied your email address.... This is all happening gradually, unnoticeably. We are all 'frogs in the water' comfortable and lukewarm when we got it but slowly coming to a lethal boil. We need a new integrating mechanism, a new anchor, and the only candidate I know of is Timesizing and its successors.

Remember the whole scary warning, repeated again and again and again, about ohdear WHO would support the population bulge of the babyboomers when they retired? It totally ignored the huge and exponentiating numbers of immigrants! (- IF they can find jobs!)

We need an Old-Fashioned Product Supply: bandaids that are 1/4" longer and where the pad comes all the way out to the edge, inexpensive flipups (not just clipons!) like the ballplayers used to wear, easyaccess HappyFoot HealthSocks, buttertarts everywhere, ....

There's something! An alternative to the circulation of the blood as a model for the healthy behavior of the money supply! = the convection cycle of H2O within the biosphere! Eg: rain. "God makes His rain to fall on the just and the unjust." Matt.5:45.
(OK, Credit Where Credit's Due dept. - Metaphor Source Credit to *Jedai of Academe* Steve Bailey of Tufts Anthrop Dept. as of the 5/27/15 class in his Extreme Environments course.)

Eeeverybuddy wants to use somebody's else's consumer base while it lasts.

What the Chesterton Trap teaches -

  1. the real problem is at the top, not the bottom (you'll always have scarcity if you have a mounting black hole instead of a convection current)
  2. there are defacto per-job (privsec) and per-person (pubsec) limits at the bottom - there are no defacto per-job or per-person limits at the top - so there's nothing to keep the system from splitting apart and invoking the dismal dramatic wasteful 'active constraints' to keep it together smoothly (same nationality, different classes, vulnerable to slow genocide) or roughly (different nations, ruling and subject, vulnerable to fast genocide)
  3. you've got to define "share," else you're committed to running on charity instead of market forces (10:09am)
  4. equalizing on a point is not as adaptive as equalizing on a range, i.e., a share (10:25a)!

K: there's birds in the bird bath - gotta put in more water...
R's brainstem, to tune of "Sparrow in the treetop":
'Birdies in the birdbath, birdies in the birdbath,
Tho' they love their mate /~/ building up their hate...'
(sheesh, 'hate'! where'd THAT come from?)
South Pacific words to tune of "It ain't necessarily so":
'You've got to be carefully taught,
You've got to be carefully taught,
Dee tings dat yo lible
To read in dee Bible,
You got to be carefully taught.
[Straaange combination.]

Bad stuff about, alias insightful angles on, our economy -

If it really is appropriate to call what American CEOs get "compensation," they must REALLY HATE their job considering how grossly much compensation they need to do it.

Another component of the GDP (God Damn non-Productive) that's unpublicized but subsumed as a positive is all the pets that pet stores sell and then are unwanted after 1-2 years and so, returned to 'humane' societies for 'putting down.'

Jonathon Rosenthal of the Harry Potter Festival alias MISTI-con - idea: contact him and request to be (model: Robertson's is the Purveyor of Marmalades to HM The Queen) the official purveyor of long-range plans to MISTI-con.
(Kate just came back from leading the Taiko gig at MISTI-con in Laconia NH 5/21-22 and, grump, I had to listen to the post-mortem but, grmpf, I HAVE to admit the postmortem WAS livelier than usual, hmpf...)

  • Capital investment: lifeblood of any future we want, 5/18/2015 WSJ, A12 letters header.
    [No, consumer spending is the lifeblood of any future we want. Piling up more excess investing power when zero interest is already signaling that there's already way too much is merely recession-deepening oops recovery-slowing. Capital investment or investment of any kind is a double derivative from the consumer base - that's why there's no such thing as the investment base and why they call it the consumer base the consumer base - which itself is based on the employment basement. Investment simply does not have the momentum of circulation on the scale of c2c; b2c, b2b (1st deriv.); b2i, i2c, i2b (2nd deriv.)... mxv=M where m is population.]

    Weak data doesn't deter builders, 5/18/2015 Wall Street Journal, C1.
    [Without a policy of full employment, there are always desperate minorities with self-interest in overpopulation (as here), war (weapons manufacturers...), and species extinctions (as with the slaughter of the American bison and passenger pigeon, Atlantic cod, Brazilian rain forest, Icelandic auk, Mauritian dodo...) and inadvertent species extinctions (honeybees, frogs, bats, sage grouse, California condors, elephants, apes, ... homo sapiens?)...]

    We're on the wrong track trying to get growth by more population or more borrowing, without fixing The Great Leak Upward = unlimited coagulation of the money supply.
    (This is basically just a restatement of the Chesterton Pan-Utopian Flaw.)

    Any webname that is undirecting to a functionally related website for over two years is forfeited, because it's just speculation and extortion, in a word, free-lance monopoly, and stifling.

    Until we engineer full employment with something like the Timesizing Program, all talk of "justice" is a joke.

    (and all talk of "efficiency.")

    (idea lead-in: article in 5/502015 Bos Globe B1 about inmate bonding with dog 'A friend indeed' - contradicts princ. of no dependents of dependents - but can't apply this princ while system so flawed - must wait for full employment)

    Codicil to the "forgiveness is a medieval, or earlier, virtue" (when you're stuck in a village & can't Move On) rap - so much trouble arises from the friction between people who "should" get along but really just need to move on - incompat spouses, siblings, parents-childer, neighbors, etc.:
    Time heals all wounds.
    How does time do it?
    Separation (or, wandering?) lack of reinforcement of the wounding = space (space to allow wondering?), different neighborhood of mass/matter. Note we have gone down the dimensions from time/momentum on the fifth level to matter/mass on the 4th to space/volume on the third. So evidently 'wounding' is on the 6th level of energy: paradigm review: dot*length=line, line*width=area, a*ht=volume/space, vol*density=mass/matter, m*uniformvelocity=Momentum/time, M*nonuniformvelocity=energy; degeneralizing the velocities with lightspeed c: m*c=M, M*c=e; shorten: m*c*c=e; shorten & change sides: e=mc(2)
    (Wounding, wandering, wondering - was all this thought of before in the wordroot-building era? Then there's wanding (waving a wand over), which may have been the original word for forgiveness, and often found to be be inadequate/superficial, hence moving on to wandering to enable free wondering)
    But some, many? wounds take a very long time to heal, and death intervenes.
    In terms of the basic human goal of longer individual life/continuity/'immortality', obsoleting death gives time more of a chance to heal wounds, lets time heal more wounds.
    Can we say, Death heals all wounds?
    No, death only heals the wounds that insufficient time leaves unhealed.
    Does death really heal them?
    No, death merely eliminates the protagonists and dissolves the energy of the wounder and woundee.
    But what about transgenerational continuity (of wounds) as in "visiting the iniquity of the parents upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me" (Exodus 20)?
    "You've got to be carefully tot," or "You've gaught to be carefully taught" - South Pacific.
    = Transdeath for when insufficient time or separation.
    Is it evolutionarily adaptive?
    Apparently, because it's happened so many times.
    But it's on the side of the wounder!
    But the wounder/woundee can flip, as in 'The Tenth Victim' (movie).
    So what must be carefully taught, from one generation to another?
    Why? Apparently it was a livelihood issue. But in the case of Africans, it was powerful Africans enslaving others in Africa, and then powerful whites bringing some of those slaves to America and pressuring the livelihoods of poor whites.
    And in many other cases, it was simpler, just territorial, not wage-based= looking for more hunting ground, or grazing land, or growing ground.
    {So this livelihood issue is what the Timesizing Program finally solves, not only by sharing the natural, "market-demanded" employment but by ensuring that the sharing is not overwhelmed by external demand (imports,immigrants,births) or internal demand (rich raising interestrates/moneyrent).}
    This is what drives population spread through area/field or volume/mountain(s) or mass/mine/tower.
    The Athabaskan Navajo spread south and wounded the Hopi. The Hopi withdrew to the three mesas, meaning while unspreading in area, they spread upward onto mountains.
    So the basic wounding (and -ísm as in racism, agism, creedism) is livelihood based.
    And the Timesizing Program resolves that.
    And the basic cause of war is "economic" - livelihood based.
    And the Timesizing Program resolves that.
    So Timesizing eliminates racism and war at the root, in livelihood pressure/overcrowding/overpopulation.

    Adjusting the arbitrary gatings of supply&demand on each side of the most basic issue= livelihood/employment, is the most basic function of government.
    And if not adjusted in such a way as to make employers perceive a slight shortage of employees, wages and spending and circulation and ... the well-being even of employers! will go down.
    And employers/managment will lose discipline and skills. And drift, consciously or unconsciously, into sadism, which is unnecessary and against their own well-being/happiness (or prosperity! since it incentivates (initially-) petty acts of pilferage and sabotage = inefficiency/unproductivity - see Dilbert cartoons).
    That's why the "efficiency" of downsizing/"rightsizing" is false efficiency/productivity.
    This downturn of wages and spending and circulation and employers' well-being is shown by the current and many previous periods of running the economy on a surplus of employees and a shortage of jobs. The result is that by natural market forces, wages go down, and so naturally does spending and $stabilizing $circulation and demand and markets and marketable productivity which alone constitutes stable/solid investment destination/conservation.
    So though often confused-with, this one most-central area of regulation is not socialism (any/many controls) but the avoidance of self-deterioration (no controls) on one hand and socialism on the other.
    Back to the great neglected Republican secret.

    (it's flowing together again, as in Feb.1966= "my drugless psychedelic experience")

    "The sting of sin is death" but more relevantly, the sting of overpopulation is wounding and the solution is emigration (2D land) or time (5D), often pre-empted by death.

    Time to put together a few things:
    Like, the problem is not at the bottom but at the top,
    and, if the maximum workweek is low enough, you don't need a (two-edged!) minimum wage.
    Which just splits the population further into workers and drones.
    Plus, increasingly important to distinguish between job-secured leisure or self-supporting Free Time (good), and unemployed idleness or dependent inactivity. The former is sustainable and good, the latter unsustainable and bad.

    As to the problem at the top:
    intro also "power corrupts, and (changing from 'absolute') extreme power corrupts extremely."
    It corrupts = becomes unsustainable, self-destructive (making this a different form of Marx's "capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction") because the powerful don't know their functional limits, their proper share, and as their power increases, their feedback system decreases. Plutocracy lacks the train of feedback-changeability-variability-adaptation-survivability-sustainability/continuity.
    Plutocrats have focused on the dangers of revolution, but they create those dangers and intensify them to the point of revolution by violating their own principles of incentive - they diminish happiness = the incentive to not-change and increase desperation = the incentive to change however riskily while themselves getting lazy on the assumption that "if the system works, don't fix it" and it's working for them so they resist all change except for more general-desperation-incentivating "little" "reforms" that have increased their money and power.

    As to the problem at the top II:
    Harvard Mag, May-June 2015: Scarcity's Toll (cover article)
    There's no such thing as scarcity. There's only a few people getting waaaaaaaaay more of the plenty than they deserve or can possibly use, merely for pecking-order purposes.

    Austerity to get prosperity and downsizing to get upsizing=growth?
    Who miswired our brains?

    more title possibilities:
    Principles of Worktime Economics
    No Excuses: for not speeding up substantial human progress now that someone has designed a 500-year plan
    Sacrificing for Sustainability: What It's Gonna Need, and What It Needs to Toss

    Began this train of thought from a consideration of how much, as covert labor surplus mounts and wages sink, employers impose not just on their employees but on their consumers, such as, pump your own gas, agent your own travel, cashier your own groceries, edit and print your own writing...

    If there's no Creator and all "men" aren't born equal because they're born into different social-evolutionary TIME zones, is there any kind of basis for equality and what is it?
    It is the common flow of time: so, from "all men are created equal" to "all persons are subject to a common rate of timeflow."
    Or more basically, we're all on the same planet's surface, subject to the same repeating sequence of light and darkness, daily at the equator, yearly at the poles.

    Sacrifices for sustainability:
    much of the development and construction industries and therefore, many of their jobs

    For the first time, an upgradeable utopia with how to get from here to there

    Alt. title: Things I wish I'd told myself 50 years ago (5/02)

    Time is based on a uniform motion such as a particular rotation or revolution used as a standard unit with which, other motions, uniform or not, active or inactive, may be compared in order to compare them with one another. As such, time is a special case of fifth-dimensional momentum used as a standard and system of units.

    And my previous definitions of time are:

    Time is the great quantifier, which quantifies any activity or inactivity on the surface of this planet, or by extension, below or above that surface,which can quantify by comparison any activity or inactivity on the surface of this planet, or by extension, below or above that surface,

    And in its logical context in the complete-to-sixth-level dimensional paradigm:

    (upward) .., point (dot, speck) x length = line, line x width = area (field, plane), area x height = volume (room, space), vol x density = mass (solid, matter), mass x uniform/balanced velocity/levity = momentum, of which a special standard case is time, momentum x nonuniform/unbalanced vel = energy, ...

    (downward) .., energy x nonuniform tardicity = momentum (etc. re time), momentum x uniform tardicity/gravity = mass, mass x sparsity = volume, volume x lowth = area, area x narrowth = line, line x shorth = point, ...
    [note that this focuses not on the isolated terms, a focus that has resulted in a confusion of the two distinct levels that they're on and a more general confusion that has laid a constraining metaphorical foundation for mechanics and physics, but on the connections, the relationships, the processes(?), the process of multiplication (and division) itself...]

    (notice the humble? modest? relativizing! [three] leads /leeds/ on either end - we've got to stop absolutizing our expectations - eg: negative interest violates semantics, which reflects our expectations - absolutization is just another form of self-flattering/inflating anthropomorphization and anthropocentrism - or maybe anthropocentrism is OK because it's just an admission of our actual situation, an acknowledgement of our viewpoint with its "scandal of particularity")

    And current thoughts on the first previous definition:
    Time is a great quantifier, based on the apparent regular passage of the Sun across the sky in the non-polar regions, which can quantify by comparison any activity or inactivity on the surface of a planet populated by an intelligent species, or by extension, below or above that surface, [new:] but not too far above (or below?). Once the activity or inactivity chosen for quantification exceeds the scale of distances on Earth surface, a larger 'clock' must be used (eg: Sun's apparent regular gradual oscillation between rising or setting north and south on the horizon, Sun's assumedly regular long-term revolution around Sirius, Sirius' assumedly regular very long-term revolution around assumed black hole at Galaxy center, etc.) - or else finely tuned measurements are thrown off (incompletely supported) and absurd conclusions result.

    I wish all this had been in my elementary-school &/or highschool physics and mathematics textbooks. These deconfused metaphors would so greatly have helped my thinking and imagining about reality.

    Is there any translation of the Principia into modern English?

    In previous times, we could offset the petrifying, katatonifying, overwhelming effect of big thinking by offloading credit/responsibility to God, "not my will but Thine..," "not my praise but Thine..." But what can we do now when we realize that merely pushing all the big questions off one huge level and saying "Don't ask" is an unnecessary and artificially constraining complication in the context of the increasingly evident mind-boggling power of evolution to produce diversity over long periods of time simply by the "principle" (though use of this word here is distortingly complicating of such an ultra-general and ultra-simple process) of continuity? We can do as Newton did and just write "for myself" in secrecy/privacy and publication reluctance with occasional availabilizing of results if any others would care to eavesdrop (without getting too excited or curious or angry or critical or argumentative or discouraging or insulting...) (which may be a hidden purpose of the previous frequent attribution to "God").

    marginalism: our experts today apply marginalism everywhere but the two most important places, the unlimited addition of money to the tiny population in the richest bracket and the unlimited surplusing of human working hours relative to market demand

    employers: your employers are the teachers of your populace - if they're just interested in money, you're teaching a population of fraudsters and parasites

    Compare 3/28/2015 Economist p.71 article "Fanuc stoops to conquer - A reticent robot-maker resolves to speak to its shareholders":
    Yoshiharu Inaba, the president of Fanuc...has something of importance to say to the outside world. Having invited your correspondent [not important to name Economist "correspondents"??] to visit its complex, deep in a forest in the foothills of Mount Fuji, he explains that the reason why he and the company's workers (human and metallic) all dress in yellow is not that Fanuc is some sort of occult group [/sect], but because [not important to parallel "the reason..is..that Fanuc is" with "(the reason..is)..that the colour is"??] because that colour is conspicuous and is a useful public-relations tool... Investors in Fanuc can in future look forward to somewhat more profound revelations...
    [The takeaway for The Economist should be that for many people, there are many things that are more important than money, and, maybe The Economist should start crediting correspondents with bylines and requiring clearer writing via observance of grammatical rules like "that" not "because" after "the reason is" and parallel structures on either side of conjunctions "and" or "but."]

    What a reason to be 'heartened':  "Armenians heartened as Pope calls massacre a genocide," 4/13/2015 BG, B3 inside header.

    The root of corruption is doing or asking favors: the woman the supermarket who wants to leave her cart in the checkout line and go get one? more thing, the student nextdoor who wants you to write a paper for him...

    There are 3 types of do-gooder mega-organizations:

    1. money-oriented,
    2. fame-oriented alias namedropping (includes academe), and
    3. effectiveness-oriented like the US Army Corps of Engineers in WW2.
    Many combine first 2, none all 3 or we wouldn't be where we are.
    If an org is complaining about lack of effectiveness, f.ex., the Club of Rome at its Sept/2013 international conference in Ottawa in complaining that its 1972 goal of complete avoidance of its overshoot&collapse scenario has deteriorated to mere mitigation and is still deteriorating, and if the very? active Canadian branch is typical, it may be that the org is working on the kind of lengthening list of Urgent Priorities in which name-oriented orgs mire themselves instead of a shortening list of strategic priorities, ideally just one that most facilitates the most others along the lines of a GANT? or PERT? chart.
    Another way to slice the types is: there are abnormality-oriented and normality-oriented orgs.
    If the normal is in trouble, as implied by Limits to Growth with it overshoot&collapse scenario, then the abnormality-oriented orgs aren't going to help us, f.ex., being focused on the indisputably Urgent Priority of helping children who have vision and hearing impairments (3/27 BG B1). There are thousands of similarly indisputable Top Priorities that make whole-system priorities seem cold-hearted or vague&abstract and in general, almost undiscussable. And anyone who tries to focus on the most strategic whole-system priority is often seen as hypercritical or arrogant or uncooperative or unsympathetic, or coldly and irrelevantly intellectual, etc., but in any case, such a person finds it almost impossible not to tread on toes of those who have their own Urgent Priority/ies of which they are totally convinced and to which they are almost exclusively dedicated. So inevitably, such a whole-system strategic priority has to "pick a number" and join the lengthening list of Urgent Priorities, nevermind its inherent claim to a position on par with the ink&paper of the list itself. This leads to hundreds of thousands of people working on thousands of Urgent Priorities, and almost no one working on whole-system strategic priorities/ty.
    KAJ: relative to effectiveness: CanActgConsul hd imprssv pt in measurability of one Canad.wouldbe 'worldsave' goal w/ Gates Found. of reducing infant mortality. Aside fm objectn re Urgent nt strat Priort, measurability is no defense cuz whole of contemp econx h mzrblty but mzrg irrel or destv vars, eg, lowr avg wkwk BAD! (somuch f promise of tech to e.o mo v most basic freedm, Free Tim.
    KAJ: saw artcl last wk? in BG? or Ecmst? re 1920 UN/Leag hd 7 goals, ok, doable. Mo recently, 23 = forget it, it's just a list.

    Response to "Kraft will merge with the Heinz unit of 3G Capital in a roughly $49 billion deal that extends the Brazilian private-equity firm's buying spree in the food industry," 3/26/15 WSJ, A1:1 pointer to A1:2, B1,B6 -
    In a world run by private equity firms, nothing matters but numbers - no one is safe because we're all just numbers - there are no qualities, just quantities.
    With this extreme and multivariable a value disparity, no one is safe. We all live at the whim of 3000 supermegawealthy who can take out anyone else they care to with no trace.
    We need to move from quantity to quality, from "I just want MY share, i.e., ALL of it!" (tantamount to "Suicide, everyone else first") to "I want to maximize system sustainability of my extended habitat," defined as maximum whole-biosphere variability-adaptibility and constrained by that, individual freedom (variability/versatility/survivability).

    The once-great USA and many other economies have shrivelled from circulation capitalism to CONSTIPATION CAPITALISM.

    Idea from the beginning of the Nova on "The Bible's Buried Secrets" (cf. Werner Keller's "The Bible as History" 1955) -
    When the one physical center of their cult was destroyed in 586BC, a single duplicatable Book replaced it, and the established belief in One God eased the replacement.

    Also, there were TWO entries into Canaan, Gen.12:1-2, by Abraham, in addition to the more famous post-Exodus entry.
    And then a third, sh'ar yawshoov, ca. 539 BCE, when the Persians knocked over the Babylonians, and the Judeans were free to return from the Babylonian Captivity to Judea.

    Summary of below: The Fed is charged with controlling inflation and unemployment. But in masterful modern economics' Mighty Tool Box for fighting inflation, there is only one tool, interest-rate manipulation. And when that tool is used to decrease inflation, it increases unemployment (and decreases growth), and when it's used to decrease unemployment (and increase growth), it increases inflation.
    Is this stupid or what?

    The full employment conversation:
    A: "We've got to have full employment, for a lot of reasons, maximum consumer spending and marketable productivity and solid investments...and if we keep making it hard to make an honest living, people will find the alternative, and if we keep making it hard to support yourself, taxpayers will have to, one way or another...and if we keep letting the private sector off the hook for recycling its own human disposables, we'll never be able to dismantle government to the extent we need to in order to free it up for the really vital adaptations required for survival in the age of natural constraints.
    " B: "But we can't have full employment because that spurs the wage-price spiral and makes for runaway inflation." A. Is there no way to control inflation without clobbering growth by withholding full employment?
    B. Not that I know of. A. But don't you have a whole "Tool Chest" for fighting runaway inflation.
    B. Yes, but it essentially only contains one tool, raising interest rates to foster the NAIRU = non-accelerating-inflation rate of unemployment to reduce business expansion and job options and the discipline of management involved in enabling employees to do easy job hopping.
    This IS the currently prevailing rationalization for not having what we claim to want, economic growth and full employment and smaller government, etc.etc.etc.
    IF, God forbid, anyone should have the unmitigated gall to come up with another way to control runaway inflation, this rationalization for a self-defeating status quo, that serves simply to maintain the current morons in the top-executive suites and topmost tinily-populated income and wealth brackets.

    And note that inflation is nature's way of reducing inequality, or more deliberately enhanceably, of deconcentrating the huge over-concentration of money in the tiny population in the topmost brackets.

    note also the peculiar structure of the financial sector and the uppermost brackets when you map amounts of money against population figures in terms of "ownership" of those amounts: there is an extremely long upward "trail-off" of diminishing population that coincides with extremely enlarging figures not only of absolute numbers of currency units but of not insignificant percentages of the money supply.

    so it is not misleading to simplify and say that, as you redistribute money up-bracket you involve dramatically smaller populations within your economy and significantly smaller percentages of your population, while involving dramatically larger quantities of your currency unit and significantly larger percentages of your money supply.

    sp ot would not be misleading to say that we are creating a black hole in the money supply (or a number of fairly tightly linked black holes)

    note that the existence of black holes contradicts Einstein's assertion that anything travelling at the speed of light, such as photons obviously, has no mass, which would mean has nothing for the extreme gravity of black holes to grab onto and pull back in - but obviously black holes do have something, even in terms of photons, to grab onto and pull back in - else these "holes" would not be "black" but way brighter than the brightest suns...

    omg, I just thot of the most blindingly obvious reason that money circulates slower in the financial sector and topmost brackets, which is something a large % of this gemini and i trow multi multi genti will need a lotta convincingof...
    rosy (paul rosenstein rodan @ bu in 80s in hist of econ idears course) tot us that money had 3 functions: something like unit of value, unit of exchange, and storage of value
    the fundamental purpose of the financial sector is... daa dada daaa, storage of value - investment is secondary and kindof a rationalization/justification/guiltassuager/envyputteroffer...
    STORAGE is pretty much the opposite of CIRCULATION, duh!
    it's proper to speak of 'the velocity of circulation' or 'exchange'
    it's ridiculous to speak of 'the velocity of storage'
    AND, you'll LOVE this, sportsfans! - the fact that we are now seeing NEGATIVE interest rates means... daa dada daaa, that's a fee for STORAGE! - all pretense of rationalizingly useful 'investment' is strippedoff!
    3/15/2015/ph3 3:54pm, on stereo: CD of ludvig's Chorale Fantasie just ended & 2d CD of Leopold Simeneau in glook's Orph'ee began..., in kitchen at 12 carver, som, o2143 - brilliant, if i sayso moim^eme, oops accents h started nt wrkg agn

    A great advantage of living in this age of higher tech (tho' there are plenty of disadvantages as kids hardwire to their iPhones & cluelessly queue) is that all these little Gilbert&Sullivan performances all around the world that were heretofor lost are now videotaped and on Youtube - what a feast!

    More homepage opener options (v.q. below on 2/25/2015):

    The simple description opener:
    This website offers a strategy for real economic recovery with daily updates on its small beginnings and progress ('hope du jour' below) and on daily signs that despite ever more skillful and subtle spindoctoring, there is absolutely no structural basis for real recovery ('doom du jour' below 'hope').

    The child's eye view opener:
    Take a look at this webpage every day and you'll see what one 8-year-old is learning about the economy and the media - 8-years-old on the inside, that is - but looking somewhat older on the outside.

    The black hole economy opener:
    Today the money supply is so concentrated, there's too little outside the financial sector in superfast circulation to stabilize the value of the massive monetary 'black hole' inside the financial sector in relatively slow circulation.

    The more you indulge your unskilled and insecure CEOs and tolerate M&As and downsizings, the more you need timesizing at the economywide level to render them harmless as these CEOs seem to think they are anyway. The more you merge and downsize at the micro level, the more you need timesizing at the macro level. But the further 'down' you do it, the less inefficiency and system disruption.

    The whole idea of leansizing or rightsizing is a cruel joke, Schumpeter's gale of creative destruction is the ranting of an ivory-towered sociopath, who would make human-sourced disturbance more disturbing than the increasing disturbances originating from humans' increasing pressure against their natural habitat, the thin and finite biosphere.

    Was Malcolm Muggeridge the dean of curmudgeons?

    If anyone ever asks you where the most beautiful and the ugliest of Germanness come together, tell them, Beethoven's Chorale Fantasy. The sound of the words is disgusting, even though their meaning is beautiful:
    Schmeichelnd hold und lieblich klingen...lohnt den Menschen Göttergunst.
    And Ludwig carried it further at the rehearsal for the first performance in 1808 according to Cathy Fuller on GBH-FM ca.12:25n today. He was so bitchy conducting it that two orchestra members came up to him afterward and said they would never work with him again.

    Jerry A'trick Reveillee [cue the orchestra]:
    *Start your day
    A little bit better
    With a prune
    And a ba-by ass-burn.


    Changing our entropy dump. Right now we're dumping unlimited amounts of economic blood on a tiny slice of our population that already has way way way way way waaaaaaaaay more than they need or can possibly use. We need to change the units / medium / variable / dimension of our ent dump to free time (financially secure) and dump it on EVERYbody. When we do that they can do whatever they want with it including waste it and it's no problem. When we make unlimited big money onto unlimited small population our entropy dump, if they waste it - and after a time they have sooo much they can do nothing else with it but waste it - then the whole system goes into decline: potholes proliferate,* bridges collapse, telemarketing makes telephones unanswerable, spam and denialofuse attacks grind the internet to a halt, crime spreads, police and prison budgets burgeon, the Pentagon gets far more money than it wants because 'conservative' politicians are getting votes for makework, even the kind that risks your life... It's like when all the precipitation lands on Boston in the form of snow, which Boston only knows how to push back & forth, not remove, while the entire southwest is in drought. = NEXT OPENER AFTER 'I DON'T KNOW' AND 'FREEDOM' AND 'SUPER-RICH' AND 'SUICIDE' AND 'UNEMPLOYED'...
    [*'Potholes, congestion take toll - U.S. firms feel burden as infrastructure erodes; Amazon, others pony up', 2/24/2015 WSJ, B6.]


    I give up. I don't know what's the main audience for this quirky maverick eccentric curmudgeonly site. (Ideas? Lemme know: ecdesignr@yahoo.ca ext.Phil.) Meantime I'm doin' it for me, but you're welcome to look over my shoulder. I'm doin' it for my own sanity, such as it is.There were a couple of suicides in my family...pointing to me as Next Up, and so just to hang on, I put together a solution to the biggest, yet most neglected, problem I could identify, the poisoning of worksaving technology with downsizing. So I start each day (at least a day late) with some sortof good news to celebrate the small beginnings of my big solution, and I followup with some bad news, easier to find in the Wall St Journal than the NY Times as Chomsky points out, not only for skeptics who don't think we need a big solution but for me - to realize how much bad stuff would vanish if we applied which parts of...Timesizing ...

    Organic vs. metallic: We self-repair, individual unit, and then we die. Robots can't SELF-repair, individual unit, but it takes them longer to deactivate.

    A centaur is a horse without a head and a man without legs.

    Considering it important to model what I'm advocating, let's try a free-feeling and fun title like

    Confessions of an Armchair Messiah: A Curmudgeon-in-Training Solves the World's Deepest Probs in One Sitting (if you're Evelyn Wood)

    Let's hop to it. What is the purpose of the Universe, reality, the world, life, etc?
    In a word (admittedly too long of a word for something this superbasic! - but none of the shorter ones are unambiguous enough, like "last" or "live"):
    The deepest purpose is simply to
    And whatever continues better, continues better.
    This is the law and the prophets of natural selection, back through social evolution, through biological evolution, through physical evolution, from microcosm to macrocosm.

    The Self-Interest of the Rich opener, tried roughly January 2015 and switched to Most Basic Freedom opener on 2/03/15:

    This website is a day late & a dollar maverick, but it explains economic sustainability to the super-rich. They think they're in touch, but inevitably they self-insulate&isolate. To them, the system seems to be working. Look at the windfall that's funneling to them & inflating stocks instead of spreading into middle-class wages&spending. Today the money supply is so concentrated, there's too little outside the financial sector in superfast & diverse circulation to stabilize the value of the massive monetary 'black hole' inside the financial sector in relatively slow & clunky circulation. This website outlines a market-oriented way to resorb that hematoma. It's the biggest & oldest website on achieving full employment without runaway inflation but with maximum consumer confidence, marketable productivity and solid investments. It's retro but it loads fast & has no ads. See also our backgrounders.

    "The triplets" -
    To escape desperate telemarketers, we moved to email - to escape desperate spammers, we moved to social media - to escape desperately trivial posts from our "friends," we move to ??"   (Timesizing?)
    Another, -
    When agriculture got mechanized, desperate jobhunters moved to manufacturing - when manufacturing got automated, desperate jobhunters moved to services - now that services are getting robotized, desperate jobhunters move to ??"   (Timesizing?)

    The miracle of the loaves and fishes, an early example of the multiplier effect?   2/01

    (comic relief) - As you age, always wear a shirt that's the same color as your dinner.
    1/21/2015/colleague Kate

    The Workhour Solution to Inequality

    Book approach idea: Detached/Disconnected Capitalism: No Guaranteed Connection Between Three Critical Pairs of Variables
    [Note that evolution works by guaranteed connections, one thing leading almost unfailingly to another, as in the construction of a human body from a blastocyst..., but evolution has worked by trial and error, with massive inefficiencies, and time is no object.]
    So, in our current primitive jerry-built "revision" of the social-software design of capitalism's core,
    there is absolutely No Guaranteed Connection between:
    1- training & job openings/skill bottlenecks, cf. passenger or freight rail system with no guaranteed connections = any thought of efficiency is a joke
    2- concept of "full time" and current underemployment (and underlying that, population and livelihood-access sharing)
    3- percentage centrifugation>coagulation of money supply and percentage centripetation>circulation necessary to stabilize its value, leading to no guaranteed attachment of decision-makers to system health or illness due to mistaking hypercentrifugation for system health, and no guarantee against black hole economics = wasteful system-starving densification of value/entropy dump= unlimited large $$ on unlimited tiny population, vs. entropy dump= maximized leisure = financially secure free time per person

    Book approach idea: Toward Immortality: A New Bible for the Post-Religious Age
    scales of smallerness, scales of largerness: idea that we're in middle is new kind of arrogant anthropocentrism - obviously things can happen without us and, AND, without things like us, our self-projections...god(s)...

    Alternative intro paragraphs for homepage:

    We're retro, OK nerdy, but we have no ads & we load fast. We're the biggest & oldest (nee1998) website on how to fix this pathetic US & global economy: the minimum-necessary modifications to the min-nec econ core. We offer a great catbird seat from which to see-through all the craziness that passes for economic policy today. We replace the big void that humanity is heading into with a horizon, that gets real progress going again instead of just more investment bubbles, medical procedures affordable only by the super-rich, and 'worksaving' technology that just gives the boss a blank check on our lives, makes us dangerous on the roads, antisocial at home, & responsible for doing it all ourselves at the bank, gaspump, checkout, travel planning...

    Forget everything you've heard about time. Our business leaders don't "manage" it except to the empty benefit of the topmost brackets (long hours = labor shortage = low general wages = high top-executive pay]. It is not the 4th dimension (as a special case of momentum, it's 5th). There is no space-time continuum (it's space-matter-time, alias volume-mass-momentum). Time is not money (money is work or energy = momentumXvelocity) and e=mc(2) is only a special case of the paradigm: mv=Momentum and MV=energy, or e=mvV, where m=mass, M=momentum, v=uniform velocity such as rotational & V=nonuniform velocity such as straightline. 1/04/14 And the basic motion is the balanced double pseudosphere.


    To progress from this point, humanity needs to level with itself and part with its various dreamworlds. We've been in the "milk of the word" or the dreamworld, but now "face to face" in the sense of facing, of confronting these amazing yet not-so-comforting truths of reality, the reality of our actual situation in this amazing, HUGE macrocosm, the universe, and these innumerable, tinier and tinier scales of microcosms.
    Last night's film "Imitation Game" about Alan Turing kept making the point that violence is deeply satisfying to human beings - this offers a pretty good reason why it keeps happening, as in this latest massacre at the French magazine that satirized Islam somehow.
    We've been living in a dream world that "all men are created equal" = the original version, which already belies itself in 20/20 hindsight by grouping women under the then-generic "men". Some people are more primitive than others - maybe we need to 'give ourselves permission' to use these politically incorrect terms, to accept reality and then decide if we should change it, or not because it serves some larger purpose. Dr. John Short of St. George's United Ch. in Toronto used to resolve the contradiction between 'the end justifies the means' and the possible horribleness of some of the means being justified, with the idea that the means tends to determine the end. But the Turing movie portrayed the achievement of the uncrackable code-cracking and then its limited use in saving lives so the achievement wouldn't be known and offset by the Nazis and thereby restore the presumed longer length of the war.
    If we admit our different standingpoints in different social-evolutionary stages, we can move on to design and experiment with 'Berlitz' courses in advancing people who are 'behind' or 'primitive,' and move on to realizing that each of us has remnants of earlier stages coexising in our minds, some occasionally causing trouble, instead of leaving these two areas on completely unspoken and unadmitted or even denied levels.
    There are over 7,000,000,000 people in the world today. There must be thousands, maybe millions, who are already right on our wavelength without primping and pulling, or nagging, or wishful thinking, or romantically distorted thinking, about them. We need to escape from our "given" families and MOVE ON to this other world of finding some of those thousands of people who are already right there on our wavelength and not just using up part of our waveband or bandwidth or wavewidth.
    This is the basis of my thought that forgiveness is an obsolete - eg: medieval - virtue from ages when we were stuck with people, we had to get along, we could not move on. Same village or guild, no geographic or social mobility, whatever.
    Let it go and move on. If it comes back, go thru it again lightly and then again: let it go and move on. Don't contact the person if someone else is involved, just let them go and move on. It's not romantic or hollywood-glow gleaning, there is sadness, but neither is the universe romantic or free of sadness - it just winds, tight-spirals on through its nested elliptical - imperfect-circle - orbits. It is generally calm, even empty = low-density = 'high sparsity' - and the gorgeous sunset of this evening passes or is preserved just in photos, and is gone. Is it never been seen before and will never be seen again? Yes and no. If there is really 'nothing new under the sun' very similar has been seen before and there's nothing to prevent better from being seen in future. But how would we tell from our mortal, overlapping viewpoints, especially when we can't remember exactly how it was before in our own experience. Photos? Movies? Do we really need these superlatives? Why? To make us feel significant or important or lasting? Why not try for more actual lastingness on an individual basis?

    Click here for our timesizing blog from 2012 to 2014, during the death spiral spun as 'Don't worry, be happy' of Obama's middle years.
    Click here for our timesizing blog during 2010 and 2011, during the re-accelerating national death spiral of Obama's growing signs of impotent naivete.
    Click here for our timesizing blog from the election to the end of 2009, during the decelerating national death spiral of Obama's first year.
    Click here for our timesizing blog prior to Nov. 4, 2008 during the repeatedly accelerated U.S. death spiral of the Bush regime.

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