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Current Cases of Makework
"Makework, thy name is inefficiency." The prevalence of makework, in both public and private sectors, makes clowns of our claimants to low environmental impact and our critics of luddism. We estimate some 60-70% of government is makework, all unnecessary when we substitute sharework alias 'timesizing.' Makework is often a cover for subsidies on the huge and uncapped pay of top executives, alias 'corporate welfare' or 'welfare for the rich' - another big factor in the overwhelming concentrating, consolidating, spending-suspending centripetal forces on our national income. Makework is a crucial necessity in our uncapped- or even just fixed-workweek economy as it frontloads work-saving technology, because we have to strain to invent busywork to fill all the manhours turned over to computers, or pay to support expanding parasitic legions of the disemployed on street and prisonyard, or invent wars and plagues to eliminate the downsized.  Sharing the vanishing work is so much easier.

5/16/2014  another outrageous case of makework, reported in the New York Times -