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But don't we have a labor shortage, not surplus?

No, there's a skill shortage, & people are sloppy about what they call it (see also America's supposed labor shortage).

How do we know?  Because during a real labor shortage, nothing on earth can keep wages down (wages have been flat now since 1970), and on-the-job training pops up everywhere like mushrooms. Compared to World War II levels, American companies simply do not train any more. Why should they? They're getting too many resumes to bother. They've become so spoiled by the mounting labor surplus since WW2 that they'd rather lobby Congress for more visas to bring pretrained workers from overseas rather than bother doing any training themselves. And it doesn't hurt that they can pay them lower wages either.

For more details, see our campaign piece Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from * and at the Harvard Square Coop, Cambridge, Mass. (3d flr mgmt or economics).

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