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For the High Tech Audience

Our primary audience here at The Timesizing Wire is high techies, because they're the opposite of the general public - they're impatient with the problem and patient with the solution process (instead of patient with the problem and impatient with the solution process).

At the same time, it's unusual for techies to concern themselves with societal or economy-wide problems until they themselves get laid off. This means that they never get around to noticing similarities between the institutional structure of our economy and a chunk of software code. However...

Many people have noticed a growing gap between our social technology and our computer technology, sometimes characterized as between morality and science. Much of this gap is due to the inherent difficulty in redesigning our own socio-economy while we are in it, which has been compared with 'operating on your own retinas'. Aside from running into the linguistic constraints captured by the Whorf-Sapir Hypothesis (that your language determines and constrains the class of ideas that you can get), we also run into the purse-strings constraint (that your income source constrains the class of ideas you can get). Variations are the proximity constraint (Newton got lunar gravity before Earth gravity, Einstein got the special theory before the general theory, your closet is easier for me to clean up than my closet, and of course, farther fields are greener), the subjectivity constraint, and the oil-and-water constraint (concept credit to Martin Joos).

In short, it's tough to get our social technology to catch up with our comtuter technology. Doing the 'machine language programing' for an entire version-level upgrade of our prevailing universe of economic theorizing "is nasty work, but somebody has to do it."

What we hope to come up with is social software of a far superior order, not only more intuitive and agreeable (less controversial, arbitrary and unmotivated) and automatic, but also more modularized and maintainable/enhancible - capable of accepting effective enhancements of increasing frequency, however irregular, without trauma.

What we hope to say - soon - is

At last, ideas worthy of the Web!

For more details, our laypersons' handbook Timesizing, Not Downsizing is available at bookstores in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. or from *Amazon.com online.

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