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Brief Bio

            Philip Hyde III is an economic linguist and designer, hometown Toronto, where he earned his MA and BA in linguistics and ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew, cuneiform).  He has spent most of his life in high tech and economic R&D in the Boston area (Mass., USA).
            Unusual family tragedy at the beginning of his teens turned him into an 'idea commando,' focused, despite his gemini personality, on identifying and solving the biggest world problem of his lifetime: our failure to automatically exploit technology for easier lives, instead of stressed overwork side-by-side with anxious un(der)employment.
            Phil's solution is the Timesizing® program outlined in his book/political campaign piece, Timesizing, Not Downsizing (available on the web from *  Timesizing is cutting hours, not jobs.  It replaces government job creation with private-sector worksharing to spread spending power and multiply active spending.  In downturns, it avoids worsening the crisis by keeping everyone employed.
            Phil's design science stems from Buckminster Fuller and MIT's Limits to Growth team (sponsored by the *Club of Rome).  His ecological economics stems from *Herman Daly.  His worktime economics flows from -
  • *Ben Hunnicutt and Jean-Charles-Léonard Sismondi for history,
  • *Juliet Schor and Jeremy Rifkin for diagnosis,
  • and Stephen Leacock, Art Dahlberg and Walter Reuther for cure.
    See bibliography.
                Viewing the Timesizing concept as the kind of thinking we need to reverse our stagnant social progress, Phil has been launching the idea into the national debate by campaigning politically against the Kennedy's, America's premier political dynasty, in Congressional races in the Boston area and in a Senate race statewide. This worked well in '96, but in March/98, Joe Kennedy resigned and his one-man opposition multiplied overnight by 10.  So Phil took on 10 Democrats in the strongest Democratic bastion in the land.  Not that Phil was your typical latterday 'Republican,' but he did discover, in Republican history, a rich vein of shorter-hours legislation from 1863 to 1932 (plus brief advocacy of a 32-hour workweek by Nixon in 1956).
                In Y2000, Phil ran against Ted Kennedy.  Again, it was a battle against crushing celebrity and 'more money than God.'  Again, the only chance of opening up the race was the resignation of the Kennedy in question or at least his willingness to debate.  Alas, lightening did not strike thrice.  However, once again, the Kennedy name provided 'rocket fuel' to launch a great idea, namely Timesizing, Not Downsizing.
                Since 2000, Phil has continued to develop the largest worktime-economics website on the Internet, which offers -
  • daily worldwide worktime news from GoogleNewsSearch - thanks to volunteer Alan Applebaum of Brookline, Mass. - 5 days a week
  • daily excerpts on a number of areas from the nation's top two newspapers (Wall Street Journal and New York Times) where, due to use of downsizing instead of timesizing, our national and global economies are cannibalizing their consumers and growing quantitatively but not qualitatively, as we forget "the greatest good for the greatest number" and careen instead toward the greatest good for the fewest number - and externalize the rest
  • news commentary
  • a sample econonomic design in five phases that would minimally modify our core economic institutions and deliver the necessary homeostatic full employment and activated consumer spending

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