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Features of the Timesizing Economic Design

  1. Automatically adjusts consumption up to production capacity and maximizes consumption in any given population, i.e., consumption per capita, by ensuring that all potential consumers have good jobs and basic spending power.
    Automatically optimizes production and consumption in terms of balancing the two and maximizing the balanced pair.
  2. After new system established, has the capability of adjusting production down to ecological capacity without economic disaster or damage to lowest-income cohorts.
  3. (Optional, by referendum:) Ties-in population control with quality of life.
  4. Controls inflation without checking growth.
  5. Balances the two economically relevant incentive categories: quantitative (monetary, inflationary) and qualitative (job satisfaction, deflationary).
  6. Defines fair share
    • in the most relevant dimension (jobs, i.e., worktime per person) to succeed universal suffrage (votes, i.e., one adult, one vote)
    • and in the most functional way - to prevent the pecking-order hoarding and shortsightedness of the powerful management class from actually damaging its own interests by lowering morale, raising turnover and training costs, and cutting its own markets and sustainable investments by downsizing instead of timesizing -
    • and in a dynamic way - adjusting automatically, no political intervention required or desired -
    • and in the most flexible way - equalizing on a range, not a point.
  7. Liberates market forces to speed technological progress without fear of damaging the economy by worsening the imbalance between huge production capacity and shrinking consumption capacity due to downsizing.
  8. Clarifies the boundary between the province of the Market (per-job variables) and the province of Government (per-person variables) and thereby liberates and volatilizes market forces as it rationalizes and stabilizes equilibrating forces, and thereby enhances the feedback function and the flexible response or adaptation of the whole system - and thereby its variability and survivability.
  9. Stabilizes the general investment scene for investors and sets it on a solidly growing course, diminishing the role of short sellers and volatility profiteers.
  10. Lays out a general value-centrifuging strategy that can be applied in turn to working hours per person, income per person, wealth per person, credit per person, creditability per person, etc.
For more details, our laypersons' handbook Timesizing, Not Downsizing is available at bookstores in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. or from *Amazon.com online.

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