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Oregon's Leadership in Voter Initiatives
“The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy.” Al Smith

An update on the state of direct democracy in Oregon and the USA in general appeared in -

A ballot full of voter initiatives becomes an issue itself in Oregon
by Sam Howe Verhovek, 10/25/2000 New York Times, front page.

...Some 102 years after South Dakota became the first state to allow citizens to vote directly on their laws, Oregon is sticking to its tradition of using the process more than any other state. Not since North Dakota did so in 1932 has a state put so many citizen-sponsored initiatives..\..26 ballot measures...before its people in a single election, says the Initiative and Referendum Institute, a group based in Washington that tracks such statistics..\..
It may be democracy in its purest form, as proponents of Oregon's initiative process like to say, or democracy run amok, as critics contend. But no one disputes that voters here face a staggering number of policy decisions, or that the official voters' guide hardly helps cut through the fog for voters who mark their ballots at home in a state where almost all votes are mailed in..\..
Volume I of the Oregon voters' guide [has] 376 pages...encompassing 607 arguments for or against [the 26 ballot measures. For example -]

"It's like a full-time job trying to figure all these out," said Ms. Knowles, who already has a full-time job as a cashier in a nearby casino. "It's totally confusing. Sometimes I'm not even sure if a yes vote really means yes or no...."

[Oregon is still at a primitive stage of direct democracy. The next steps are -

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