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America's taste for denial slips briefly

The New York Times and all the other major American media routinely poohpooh any suggestion that major elections in America are being stolen, let alone have now been stolen three times (2000, 2002 midterms, 2004). But every now and then the facade of denial slips. Such an exception happened one Saturday last summer - we wouldn't want it to happen on a weekday when lots of people read the paper now, would we.

The main slip is tucked away on page A10 of the Saturday Times of August 28, 2004. We repeat the whole article here. But note the context. There are a couple of coincidentally ominous other items in this issue. Note for example the article on the facing page (A11) by Timothy Egan, "Economic squeeze plaguing middle-class families," with its little graph titled, "A shrinking middle class" - wasn't America supposed to be a classless society? = another area of denial. And then there's an article on the front page by Abby Goodnough, "In Palm Beach, results of 2000 still stir a fight" - see our major page tracking the fiasco that American democracy has become. And note that the function of democracy is feedback, and any system with impaired feedback self-destructs. Clearly America, and Americans, are either in major denial, that is, not people who want to know if they 'have cancer,' - or, they are being subjected to an unprecedentedly sophisticated and widespread power grab aka rightwing coup. Karl Rove will surely go down in history as the architect of The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, because as we've just said, any system with impaired feedback self-destructs.

The Conservatives - Club of the Most Powerful Gathers in Strictest Privacy - Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney are said to have met the group, by David D. Kirkpatrick, 8/28/2004 NY Times, A10.
["Strictest privacy"? - couldn't we also say "secrecy" or "cover-up"? These boys are strangely not proud of what they are doing. "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." John 3:20.]
Three times a year for 23 years [ie: started in 1981], a little-known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country have met behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for a confidential conference, the Council for National Policy, to strategize about how to turn the country to the right.
Details are closely guarded.
"The media [ie: the public] should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting," a list of rules obtained by The New York Times advises the attendees.
The membership list is "strictly confidential." Guests may attend "only with the unanimous approval of the executive committee." In e-mail messages to one another, members are instructed not to refer to the organization by name, to protect it against leaks.
This week, before the Republican convention, the members quietly convened in New York, holding their latest meeting almost in plain sight, at the Plaza Hotel, for what a participant called "a pep rally" to re-elect President Bush.
[or as we'd more accurately write, "to re-'elect' pResident Bush." Note that these groups are getting more brazen, and sloppier. This is hopeful - for their self-destruction.]
Mr. Bush addressed the group in fall 1999 to solicit support for his campaign, stirring a dispute when news of his speech leaked and Democrats demanded he release a tape recording. He did not.
Not long after the Iraq invasion, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld attended a council meeting.
This week, as the Bush campaign seeks to rally Christian conservative leaders to send Republican voters to the polls, several Bush administration and campaign officials were on hand, according to an agenda obtained by The New York Times.
"The destiny of our nation is on the shoulders of the conservative movement," the Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, Republian of Tennessee, told the gathering as he accepted its Thomas Jefferson [ironic, except for Jefferson's stifling anti-sedition Act] award on Thursday [8/26/2004], according to an attendee's notes.
[Aha, a leak. Note that if the current disaster-in-the-making "destiny of our nation" is on the shoulders of the conservative movement, so is the self-destruction of our nation, which it is unfolding, and so also is on their heads all the innocent blood these monsters are shedding to make their totally gratuitous power-and-oil grab (see John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"). These ignorant and suicidal idiots must indeed be very bored, because they already have sooo much and yet they can't think of anything better to do but to try to grab more, in ANY way necessary. But as Buckminster Fuller laid down in his World Game rules, anyone who resorts to war loses. Killing and war are not really challenging or innovative - there has been killing and war throughout the unintelligent, inefficient, wasteful and regrettable part of human history. The great advances in human evolution have been advances in ways of working together harmoniously, like language, agriculture, writing, diplomacy, quantification. A much better and more interesting purpose for would-be intelligent beings - as again Bucky Fuller says - is to identify and solve the biggest problem of their lifetime - that no one else is working on. That's what Phil Hyde has done in designing-by-piecing-together the Timesizing full-employment program. Timesizing offers the great positive vision that Democrats, Greens and progressives have so notably lacked the last few decades.]
The secrecy that surrounds the meeting and attendees like the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Phyllis Schlafly and the head of the National Rifle Association [NRA], among others,
[oh yes, all the 'usual suspects' - especially the religious ones = angels of darkness masquerading as angels of light]
makes it a subject of suspicion, at least in the minds of the few liberals aware of it.
"The real crux of this is that these are the genuine leaders of the Republican Party, but they certainly aren't going to be visible on television next week," Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said.
Mr. Lynn was referring [in the phrase about Republican leaders not visible at the Republican Convention next week] to the list of moderate speakers like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York who are scheduled to speak at the convention.
"The C.N.P. members are not going to be visible next week," he said. "But they are very much on the minds of George W. Bush and Karl Rove every week of the year, because these are the real powers in the party."
A spokesman for the White House, Trent Duffy, said: "The American people are quite clear and know what the president's agenda is. He talks about it every day in public forums, not to any secret group of conservatives or liberals.
[except the CNP]
And he will be talking about his agenda on national television in less than a week."
The administration and re-election effort were major focuses of the group's meeting on Thursday and yesterday.
[Could this be where the multiple sabotages of American democracy and election riggings were coordinated?]
Under-Secretary of State John Bolton spoke about plans for Iran, a spokesman for the State Department said.
[what business is that of anyone's but Iran?]
Likewise, a spokesman for Assistant Attorney General R. Alexander Acosta confirmed that Mr. Acosta had addressed efforts to stop "human trafficking," a major issue among Christian conservatives.
[And yet they condone Wal-Mart, which makes employees clock out and then do more hours collecting carriages in the parking lot (see 6/25/2002 #1)?!]
Dr. Frist spoke about supporting Mr. Bush and limiting embryonic stem cell research, two attendees said.
[Hmm, several leaks.]
Dan Senor, who recently returned from Iraq after working as a spokesman for L. Paul Bremer III, the top American civlian administrator, was scheduled to provide an update on the situation [don't they mean "chaos"?] there.
Among presentations on the elections, an adviser to Mr. Bush's campaign, Ralph Reed, spoke on "The 2004 Elections: Who Will Win in November?," attendees said.
[But then, that's not really a question if you own the electronic voting machines and there's no paper trail.]
The council was founded in 1981, just as the modern conservative movement began its ascendance.
[And just as it became clear that the Democrats, led by Jimmy Carter, were "running on empty" and had no vision for the future except more and more strained doses of the makework of the New Deal.]
The Rev. Tim LaHaye, an early Christian conservative organizer, and the best-selling author of the "Left Behind" novels about an apocalyptic Second Coming, was a founder.
[Hmm, simple-minded myth spinning by someone with his mind firmly stuck in the past = another reason to polish Timesizing, Not Downsizing and secure wide distribution for its two introductory booklets, Defining Time and The Football of Time.]
His partners included Paul Weyrich, another Christian conservative political organizer who also helped found the Heritage Foundation.
They said at the time that [by creating the Council for National Policy] they were seeking to create a Christian conservative alternative to what they believed ws the liberalism of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR].
A statement of [the CNP's] mission distributed this week said [its] purposes included "to acquaint our membership with those in positions of leadership in our nation in order that mutual respect be fostered" and "to encourage the exchange of information concerning the methodology of working within the system to promote the values and ends sought by individual members."
[Disenfranchizing black voters and stealing elections is "working within the system"??]
Membership costs several thousand dollars a year, a participant said. Its executive director, Steve Baldwin, did not return a phone call.
Over the years, the council has become a staging ground for conservative efforts to make the Republican Party more socially conservative. Ms. Schlafly, who helped build a grassroots network to fight for socially conservative positions in the party, is a longstanding member.
At times, the council has also seen the [Republican] party as part of the problem. In 1998, Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family spoke at the council to argue that Republicans were taking conservatives for granted. He said he voted for a third-party candidate in 1996.
Opposition to same-sex marriage was a major conference theme. Although conservatives and Bush campaign officials have denied seeking to use state ballot initiatives that oppose same-sex marriage as a tool to bring out conservative voters, the agenda includes a speech on "Using Conservative Issues in Swing States," said Phil Burress, leader of an initiative drive in Ohio, a battleground state.
The membership list this year was a who's who of evangelical Protestant conservatives and their allies, including Dr. Dobson, Mr. Weyrich, Holland H. Coors of the beer dynasty, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, Richard A. Viguerie of American Target Advertising, Mark Mix of the National Right to Work Committee [sounds hopeful - what's the catch?] and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.
Not everyone present was a Bush supporter, however. This year, the council included speeches by Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party and Michael A. Peroutka of the ultraconservative Constitution Party. About a quarter of the members attended their speeches, an attendee said.
Nor was the gathering all business. On Wednesday, members had a dinner in the Rainbow Room, where William F. Buckley Jr. of the National Review was a special guest. At 10 pm on Thursday and Friday, members had "prayer sessions" in the Rose Room at the hotel.

Why is Phil Hyde ('Mr. Timesizing') concerned about this? Because his whole life after age 13 was determined by the suicides of his grandfather and father in 1955, and he's particularly sensitive to self-destruction in all its myriad guises. He is now in the process of repositioning the Timesizing Full Employment Program as the big/comprehensive coherent/strategic positive vision for the future that has been so noticeably lacking among the Democrats (and Greens and progressives in general) since the makework-heavy New Deal of the 1930s (which has been repeatedly warmed over and trotted out under various new names, like New Society and New Frontier, and CETA, and AmeriCorps, and industrial policy and block grants and enterprise zones and pork and patronage of all types....). Timesizing® (brand name) and worksharing (generic) is a vision that alone can serve as the best long-term weapon against the three great suicide pills currently afflicting the once-great American republic: the Council for National Policy and other ambitious but fatally simple-minded and history-ignorant groups (see article above), the repeated stealing of American elections (see *Black Box Voting), and the typhoid Mary role of the IMF and the World Bank (see John Perkins' excellent book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man).

For details of our counteracting, positive vision, see other pages on this website, and our campaign piece Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from *Amazon.com and at the Harvard Square Coop, Cambridge, Mass. )3d floor mgmt or economics).

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