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History of the Timesizing.com website

Daily timesizing/SWT* news since Dec/2000.
Timesizing.com Party inaugurated (=world's first dot-com political party, motto: 'Timesizing, Not Downsizing!') in Nov/99.
Daily hope du jour/glimmers/good news since Feb/99.
Daily doom du jour since Jan/99.
First-draft Timesizing, Not Downsizing handbook available since Sept/98.
Sporadic doom du jour/headlines from hell/economic-collapse news since Apr/98.
Static timesizing-exposition/political (progressive Republican) web presence since Sept/96.
(*SWT = shorter work time)

History of Major News Sources:
Daily Wall Street Journal excerpts (replacing Boston Globe) & commentary since July/2002.
Near-daily AOL News excerpts (for timesizing news) & commentary since Dec/2000.
Daily New York Times excerpts & commentary since June/99.
Daily Boston Globe excerpts & commentary from Jan/99 to June/2002.
Sporadic Boston Globe excerpts & commentary since Apr/98.

For more details, see our "social software" manual Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from *Amazon.com and at the Harvard Square Coop (3rd floor: biz/mgmt), Cambridge, Mass.

Comments, questions, suggestions?  E-mail us or phone 617-623-8080 (Boston).

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