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Who are we?

The Timesizing WireTM and its website, Timesizing.com, are a business & economic research, design and consulting webzine & online bookshop focused on two high-tech people, Phil Hyde and colleague Kate Jurow of Porter Sq, Cambridge-Somerville, Mass.; two volunteer news gatherers, *Ken Ellis of Fall River MA and Alan Applebaum of Brookline MA; and coach/muse/editor Barbara Brandt of Davis Sq, Somerville (Terri Crystal of Cambridge and Deborah Kreuze of Somerville have also contributed in these areas); plus a loose network of progressives and futurists mostly around Boston in New England, USA, including a Concord NH radio guy (Tony Schinella); a Silicon-Valley entrepreneur/sculptor (Rob Firmin); a Somerville *lawyer (Denise Provost) ....

The main publication channels for our research, commentary and design are this website and a trilogy of books, I.  Defining Time, II. The Football of Time, and III. Timesizing, Not Downsizing - together, the "Millennium Orienteering Trilogy" or just "Time Trilogy."

Our mission is to research, design and publish the easiest and best social evolution for the next 500-1000 years for as many diverse audiences and markets as we can. Our 'hook' is to offer commentary on the most important developments in the daily news from the viewpoint of your average informed person of roughly 100 years in the future.

The focus of our 'hook' research is to warn of the ongoing and rising danger of global depression and to be ready with a developed solution design for many and varied audiences, including CEOs and the 'top 5%'. The website warns by -

The first and pattern-setting program in our long-term approach, 'Timesizing', is based on Future goals are to increasingly quantify and econometricize the solution as the linguistics settles down (for example, to develop a what-if scenario of the state of the world if the Black Thirty Hour Work Week Bill had passed both Houses of Congress in the USA in 1933) and to facilitate existing working models and develop new ones.

For more details, see our "social software" manual Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from *Amazon.com and at bookstores in Harvard and Porter Squares, Cambridge, Mass.

Comments, questions, suggestions?  E-mail us or phone 617-623-8080 (Boston).

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