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Steam locomotives aren't the only things that puff in New England - check out *Audubon's Project Puffin

Steam trains around Boston & NewEngland & NewFrance (Québec)
& Canada & U.S. & U.K. &...

C'mon people, let's bring back steam railroading!
It's renewable energy if we burn wood or methanol, newer steam locos can eat their own smoke & there's no better way to let off steam! - Up GM's nose, them saboteurs of steam & electric vehicles!  Let's clear our streets and highways of smelly dangerous traffic-blocking ever-huger RR-sized semis - Timesizing can easily offset the lost jobs. Meanwhile, let's journey back to yesteryear, and check out all the steam trains that have been preserved from that time, but first, to help "take you back," here are a few theme songs from the early days of TV:  the *Robin Hood song, the *Davy Crockett song, the *Wyatt Earp song, the *Zorro song, the *Paladin song (Have Gun, Will Travel), and just to send you off sprightly, the *Mr. Peepers song.

Phil's alltime favorite steam loco? (besides British ‘singles’ like the *Stirling or the *Iron Duke) - the *Pennsy T1: slow-starting but fast and beautiful - a land-going submarine - all scrapped (but getting *reconstructed? + rumors of one surviving one somewhere, stripped of its streamline coping?). So let's get a new steady work-sharing economy going and build us a lifesize T1 = Phil's hidden agenda (+immortality +rebuilding the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World...). The South Australian Railway has come up with a *T1 disguise for a wide-gauge 4-8-4 Northern, once again demonstrating more respect for America's treasures in Oz than the once-great USA

The Boston area has its own RR societies, such as the *Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts & the *Mystic Valley Railway Society & the *470 RR Club, its own railroad archive at the University of Connecticut, and its own *railnerd site. Plus when it comes to model railroads, Boston has "America's largest train store," *Charlie Ro's place up in Malden, Mass. Across the "pond," reputedly Lincolnshire has the *biggest in Britain. And then there's a *wholesale website?

And Phil (aka 'Big Rich') Hyde had a buddy in the Harvard Glee Club who became MR. TRAINS out west - Jules "Big Julie" Loventhal, impresario of *Jules' Toy Trains in Sacramento, whose webpage has turned into a great resource for model train links

Bonus - Here are the top two train websites from "Desktop Traveller," article by Suzanne McGee, 10/15/2002 Wall Street Journal, p.D5.

And a few more train websites from "Riding the rails," article by Stacy Forster, 8/11/2003 Wall Street Journal, p.R5.

And a website of *train games for kids....
And railroad *history...
And clip art of *old steamers and *new steamers.
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