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Legislation in the History of Timesizing®

Here we plan, as a resource for economic designers and legislation drafters, to collect the original documents of worktime economics. Note that Emergency (but temporary and unsustainable) worksharing is the big halfway step to permanent and sustainable timesizing. Worksharing imposes on unemployment insurance/jobseeker support funds, while timesizing taxes chronic overtime unless it is quickly transformed into (training&)jobs. (As expectations rise, "chronic" and "quickly" are more tightly defined.) Maine, Michigan and Ohio bring the number of states with worksharing programs to 25 = half the states. Canada has a federal program and most other advanced economies have programs, especially Germany whose Kurz-arbeit (short work) program enabled it to survive the global downspiral-acceleration in 2008-9 virtually intact.

Here's our collection of source legislation so far -

We have copies of the bills listed with hotlinks above.  Anyone who can help us with the others will get a credit on this page (and a hotlink if they've got a website) - e-mail us.

British legislation: See article on 9/23-24/2012 #6.

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