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Investment Recommendations

        As "top buy's" for the long haul, we recommend timesizing companies like Nucor Steel, and Lincoln Electric.  They have the most flexible corporate design and they'll be the last to go under.
        For additional super-ethical investing, check out the companies on our glimmers of timesizing pages, including the five-year archive at the bottom.  These are companies that are short-term strategic as well as long-term ecological.  They value their employees and skillset so much here and now that they don't mess with mass layoffs or spread the job fears that drive anxious employees to clearcut our forests, dragnet our fisheries, pump dry our aquifers and Franken-ize our foods.

WE'RE WAY BEHIND IN MOVING COMPANIES FROM OUR WORKSHARING PAGES TO HERE - check those pages for scores, nay hundreds of timesizing companies.

WORKSHARING COMPANIES (list just started 10/20 - don't worry, there are 1000s of you)
= emergency fixed hourscuts (worksharing)

*Comfortex, Watervliet, NY - article on 10/21/2009 #3

*DCI Inc., St. Cloud MN, manufacturer - article
on 11/12/2009 #1

*Flexsteel Industries Inc. (Nasdaq:FLXS), Dubuque, IA, - article on 3/16/2001 #3
President and CEO, K. Bruce Lauritsen
The Company has implemented reduced work hours in an effort to retain the team that performed well to produce the record sales and profits of the prior year...
CONTACT: Flexsteel Industries, Inc., Dubuque; Tim Hall, 319/556-7730 x392.

The *Gear Works, Seattle, WA, which makes gears for wind turbines, cut workers' hours 20% (four 8-hour days per week), avoiding layoffs for 15 of 93 employees - mentioned on 2/25/2010 #2

*Matt Umanov Guitars in the West Village is one of the oldest music stores in the country - see paragraphs
in 3/14-15-16/2010 #1

*MCM Composites, Manitowoc, Wisc. - article
on 10/24/2009 #2
President Michael Fredrich
His company has stayed at about 45 employees during 2009 but most work no more than 3&1/2 days per week. He said his employees recognize the need to cut hours to maintain a strong financial position for the company...

*Portakabin, Huntington village, York metropolitan area, England - articles on 10/28/2009 #1 and 10/27/2009 #1
75% of the workers balloted voted in favour of short-time working, which will begin on November 16.

*Red Wing Shoe, Red Wing, Minn. - articles
on 1/1/2010 #1 and 11/13/2009 #3

*Roseburg Forest Products, Dillard OR, USA - article
on 11/07/2009 #2

*Scania Group AB, Stockholm, Sweden - article
on 10/25-26/2009 #4
Chief Executive Leif Ostling
"Maybe in 2011 [demand for heavy commercial vehicles] will come back a little bit," he added, warning that a short-time work scheme would be extended into 2010.... Like a string of other Swedish engineering firms, Scania in June introduced a four-day working week and related pay cuts for 12,000 employees in its Swedish operations. The deal for shorter working hours, agreed with labor unions, is to last for six months and came with a pledge by the company not to carry out any further job cuts during the period. "Definitely we need to continue some form of short working week for also part of next year. That is what we see in the cards today," Ostling said, adding he hoped to reach an agreement with unions at the end of November or early December.

*Technitrol Inc., Philadelphia, PA - article on 3/16/2001 #2
Electronics parts maker CEO James Papada said the company has terminated all temporary employees, instituted a hiring freeze, shorter workweeks and rolling plant shutdowns [probably rotating weeklong plant idlings], as well as cut back on travel and outside consulting. [No permanent employees were laid off.]

For more details, our laypersons' handbook Timesizing, Not Downsizing is available at bookstores in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. or from *Amazon.com online.
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