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The Streets -
when there's no more home or family...

"Things fall apart. The center cannot hold."  Yeats, "Second Coming" (1921)
In 2010 in USA on any given night, we have an estimate of only 640,000 men, women and children who are forced to seek a shelter, live in their cars, or sleep on the streets (6/25-26/2010 HOMELESSNESS section, and check out *Homeless.US), which is strange because 10 years earlier (2000), counting only youths, USA already had est. 930,000 homeless (11/27/2003 way below) and with foreclosures, the count has certainly not decreased. Canada has est. 300,000 homeless (11/27/2010 below).
...Homelessness, like crime, suicide and war, is tied to joblessness.
Here's evidence from the Wall St Journal (WSJ) & NY Times (NYT) -

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1/24/2006   homelessness in the news - 1/01/2004  & more recent dates -   homelessness in the news - we continue our coverage of homelessness on our omnibus badnews page to speed up diagnosis and leave more time for the cure - we'll park material here only if it gets lengthy in coverage or commentary. In fact, we've moved to even briefer synopses on our homepage and its archives.

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  1. A woman and four children making do in a shelter, NYT, A20.
    Loretta Skaggs and her four children, Dana.., Donovan...and twins, Tami...and Aliyah, make their home in one room at the Coachman Family Center, a shelter in White Plains, NY. [photo caption]

  2. Death at Rao's but life goes on at the dumpster - All around an East Harlem restaurant, one killing fails to disrupt the holiday season, by Dan Barry, NYT, A19.
    Albert Circelli...was shot to death on Monday night [12/22] at Rao's, a widely known Italian restaurant in East Harlem..., killed by another patron because he had criticized a singer performing a solo in the restaurant. [photo caption]
    ...Late [Tuesday] morning, TV reporters took positions in from of Rao's...preparing to provide on-the-scene updates for the noon newscasts....
    A man emerged from the urban nowhere and stopped in front of the restaurant - just out of camera angle.... By his side was a red metal cart equipped with a cardboard box and a black garbage bag. He seemed oblivious to the TV reporters.... Focusing instead on the restaurant's small blue Dumpster, he began picking through the remains of an evening at Rao's...retrieving bottle after redeemable bottle...from a malodorous stew of wine-bottle shards...twisted lemons, crumpled napkins and dented juice cans....
    He remained at the Dumpster's lip for a full 10 minutes.... When he was done, he grabbed a used napkin and wiped his hands with grand thoroughness, as though signaling the conclusion of a fine holiday meal.... As he rolled a postprandial cigarette, the man explained that he was from Moscow, that he had been in New York for four years...and that he lived across the East River in a building on Wards Island. "K-e-e-n-e-r," he said, spelling the name of a shelter where several hundred homeless men sleep each night.... He did not know that a man had been murdered at Rao's. All he knew was that 5 days a week, this place throws out bottles worthy of redemption.

  3. Mean streets of New York? Increasingly these days, they are in Rochester - A rise in violence and homicides has a city trying to redefine, protect and save its image, by Michelle York, NYT, A19.
    ROCHESTER, NY - Sister Grace Miller works in...a section of [town] called the crescent...home to 27% of the city's residents and 80% of the city's homicides. An unidentified man found shot in the street there early Monday morning became Rochester's 55th homicide victim of the year, pushing the city's rate - which already is the worst in the state - higher. "The people we know are the people who are killed," said Sister Miller, who runs a shelter and emergency food distribution center, the House of Mercy, less than 3 miles from the shooting....
    People from Rochester would much rather believe that the city is associated with the Eastman Kodak Co. or a fast ferry to Toronto that will begin travel across Lake Ontario next May. [But it was] Rochester's homicide rate and "execution-style hits" [that were] cited in a recent column in the [Toronto] Globe & Mail...which said Canadians might not want to travel here when the fast ferry sets up service.
    [We can see the dime-novel title now, "Fast Ferry to Death." Guess we can scrub Toronto's sister city, directly across the Lake. They don't call it "Rot-stah" for nothing.]
    ...The shelter's staff members note that many honest, hard-working families [it doesn't have to be "hard" working as long as they're supporting themselves] live in the crescent...but the ones who turn to violence find it had to turn back. "People don't know how to settle arguments," Sister Miller said..\..
    [Yeah, like with poor Al Circelli in the story above.]
    • In 2002, the homicide rate here was 18.9 per 100,000 people [with] 42 homicides.
    • After Monday's killing, with a week still to go in 2003, the city has a rate of 25.33.
    [By comparison -]
    • ...New York City's rate was 7.3 per 100,000 [in 2002].
    • The nation's rate was [only] 5.6.
    The reasons behind the burst of violence...include
    • the lagging upstate economy,
    • a steady migration of residents to the suburbs [so?]
    • and a growing number of abandoned houses prone to become centers of drug sales and use.
    • Rochester also has a school system that performs poorly. Only 25% of highschool freshmen...graduate. Some 93% of school-age children live in poverty..\..said John Klofas, a criminal justice professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology....
      [Compare -]
      New York [City] schools cut number forced to leave early - Critics are pleased to see fewer students leave but wonder if the problem is solved, NYT, A17.

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