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    Phil Hyde's Past Events

  • '99, April 6 = 66th Anniversary of the passage of the Black Thirty Hour Work Week Bill through the U.S. Senate
    There it is, folks, 666 - the number of the Beast (see explanation on 9/9/99), and as usual the trickster has cheated us, in this case out of 66 years of heaven by freezing the workweek at the 40-hour level and letting us split into over-worked and under-employed as wave after wave of toil-saving technology pours in.
    Now ol' Hugo Black was a Klansman in his youth, but he was sitting on the Supreme Court voting for civil rights in his old age, and we should have listened to him in his midlife as well as his later life.

    The special Primary Election for interim Mayor of Somerville
    Phil came last in votes but first in what really counts, votes per campaign dollar (10.7 votes per dollar).
    Let's turn the Boston suburb of Somerville into a model Job Reinvestment Community for the whole nation! For information or to volunteer, phone Citizens for Hyde (617)623-8080.

    Phil Hyde did an on-line chat tonight on www.townonline.com
    in the race for the interim Mayorship of Somerville
    7-8 pm, Mon, March 22.

    Phil did a reading and signing of his book
    Timesizing, Not Downsizing on the 3rd floor of the Harvard Sq. Coop

    7-8:30 pm, Tue, March 9.
    Coffee from the Coop Cafe was provided. Thanks to Coop liaisons, Karen Porter 499-2012 and Richard.

    Phil had a book display and reading announcement
    in the window of the Cambridge Trust Company
    Feb. 27 - Mar.5, Harvard Sq, Cambridge

    Phil had a book display at the
    Winter Book Party of the Writers Union
    Sun, Jan. 24, 4-6 pm, at the Bunting Institute, 34 Concord Ave, Cambridge

    Phil and Kate had 8th-District runner-up
    Susan Tracy over for brunch
    - sausages&pancakes and mutual 8th-race debriefing.
    Sat, Jan. 23

    Phil had a book display for "Timesizing, Not Downsizing"
    at the Legal Issues for Book People panel of the National Writers Union

    6:15 pm, Thu, Jan. 21 at the Boston Public Library.

    Phil put off deciding whether to run for Somerville mayor at the
    Progressive Potluck

    until when he originally thought he'd decide = when the signature papers come out (Fri?)
    6 pm, Sun, Jan. 10

    Phil appeared on Vince Dixon's new Currents Show
    on Cambridge Community TV's Be Live Series

    5-5:30 pm, Sun, Jan. 10

    Phil and Kate had 8th-District runner-up
    Tony Schinella, and his girlfriend Christine, over for brunch
    - sausages&pancakes, mimosas & Hillbilly at Harvard as background music
    Sat, Jan. 9, 1999

    Phil's book Timesizing, Not Downsizing became available on

    Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1998

    Phil guested on Chuck Morse's Show on the
    coast-to-coast American Freedom Network,
    hosted, in Chuck's absence, by 8th-District tagteam mate, Tony Schinella

    9-10 pm, Tue, Dec. 22

    Phil dropped in on the
    Libertarian Social Night

    9-10 pm, Sat, Dec. 19 at the Woburn home of Jim and Sue Poulin, info 781-935-1509

    Phil dropped in on
    Mayor Mike Capuano's Annual Holiday Party

    6:45 pm, Fri, Dec. 18 in the Aldermen's Chamber, Somerville City Hall

    Phil & Kate attended
    Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker by the Boston Ballet

    7:30 pm, Thu, Dec. 17 at the Wang Ctr
    Phil won 2 great tickets - 12th row - in a drawing at the Four Seasons of Lexington.
    Kate was thinking of getting tickets anyway - she was a ballet-lesson junkie for decades -
    up on toe at the advanced age of 33 back in the 80s!

    Phil summoned to
    Trial Court of Snowmen Complaint Hearing & Xmas Party

    6 pm, Thu, Dec. 17 at Good Times, 30 Assembly Sq Dr, Info - Maria C. Curtatone, Somerville

    Phil and Kate attended the
    Annual 94 College Ave. Christmas Party

    with Paul & Mike Simmons, Kaarun, Nevenka, Tuffy and all the old IRI (now Oracle) gang...
    8 pm, Dec. 12 in Somerville

    Phil and Kate attended the
    Austrian American Club's Holiday Party

    4 pm, Dec. 12 at Traude and David Acker's home in West Newton.
    As usual, the goulasch and desserts were exquisite. Phil presented Karl Knoblauch with a copy of his book for past reviews and conversations, and sold a copy to an international financial consultant he got talking to.

    Pat Long, Republican candidate in the 7th congressional district against Markey, phoned Phil in the morning to say that she wanted to have Phil on her TV show to talk about his book Timesizing, Not Downsizing. Phil, Kate and Kate's mother Alice drove over to Lexington Gardens for some plants in the afternoon and stopped by Patricia and James's house for
    Ahfternoon Tea
    and some of Jimmy's homemade sweet potato pie. Kate's allergic to wheat, so she ate the filling and Phil ate the crust. Phil gave Pat a review copy (#8) of his book.
    4 pm, Sat, Dec. 5, Lexington

    Coming back along Elm to Porter St,
    Phil ran into Davis Sq lawyer and Somerville Republican chairman Bill White,
    who also planned to run for mayor. But Bill told Phil he was going to withdraw from the race owing to his mother's illness. Phil told Bill about a sign he'd seen taped on a lamppost in Porter Sq saying that a James Medeiros was going to run for Somerville mayor in the special election. Neither had heard of him and he's not in the phonebook so we're thinking, "Just a gag?"
    2:30 pm, Fri, Dec. 4, behind Porter Sq

    Phil walked Kate to Davis Sq along the bike path and
    ran into Bob Publicover, publisher of the Somerville News,
    who plans to run for mayor in the interim election. Bob told Phil that the date of the special primary election had been set that morning for April 25 (it actually turned out to be on Mar. 30, with the final on May 11). Phil stopped by the offices of Editorial Humor and told editor Dean Livingston and reporter Joe Grillo the news.
    2 pm, Fri, Dec. 4, Davis Sq

    Phil & Kate participated in
    A Midsummer Night's Dream play reading at the home of Cambridge activist, Terry Crystal

    with Arthur Friedman and Watty
    7:30 pm, Thur, Dec. 3 at 1200 Mass. Ave, Harvard Sq, Cambridge

    Phil attended the first part of
    WomenIn - a Tribute to Women Political Candidates
    6-7 pm, Thu, Dec. 3 at the Old South Meeting House, Boston - Info, Karen Sharma 422-0118
    The gals at Old South Meeting House presented Phil with a great photo taken at one of the debates, showing Phil, Brian LeBlanc his PR guy, Tony Schinella and James Williamson. Sue Tracy gave Phil a big hug and Marjorie Clapprood said she was still living both in the district and in Sharon. Phil gave out a few copies of his book reading announcement just to provide his website address. Phil was lucky he stayed till 7:10 because Pat Long, Republican candidate in the 7th congressional district against Markey, came in the door just as he was leaving.
    Phil stopped by the
    Joe's Bakery Afternoon Coffee Club

    Present were Bob Publicover, one of his campaign workers and Joe himself eavesdropping from the other side. Phil asked Bob's advice about running for Somerville mayor in the special election. "Why not," says Bob, "I am, and I'll either come first or fourth."
    4:30 pm, Wed, Dec. 2 at Joe's Bakery in Davis Sq, Somerville

    Phil stopped by the
    Great Davis Sq Afternoon Coffee Club

    Present were Jim (Campano), Frank (Privatera), Joseph and Dorothy, and Bill White dropped by just as half the others were leaving (which was lucky because there's only 4&1/2 seats). Jim asked Phil if he was going to run for Somerville mayor in the special election. "50-50 chance," says Phil.
    3:30 pm, Wed, Dec. 2 at Mike's Caf in Davis Sq, Somerville

    Phil consulted with
    Kwa Ku "Aku" Zulu of the Greater Roxbury Workers Assn.

    1:30-3:30 pm, Tue, Nov. 24 at 149 Roxbury St, 2d Fl.

    Phil caucused with Somerville progressive
    Paul Simmons and ran into Somerville Mayor Emeritus Gene Brune

    9:30 am, Sat, Nov. 21 at the Supreme Deli in Davis Sq, Somerville
    and sold Paul a duly signed copy of his new book Timesizing, Not Downsizing

    Phil spoke on
    "Modernizing our Employment Sharing Technology -
    A smooth blend of capitalism without the callousness and socialism minus the micromgmt"
    at the bimonthly Boston Mensa Dinner Meeting

    Mon, Nov. 16 in Harvard Square. Info, Howard Weiss 492-2820

    Phil attended the
    Canadian-American Club Annual Harvest Dinner and Dance

    6:30 pm, Sat, Nov. 14, Watertown. Info, Millie Fox 254-3638

    Phil attended a video by the Boston Globe's Sarah Fishman of rival Capuano's run
    (as Capuano himself said, "So much for media neutrality")
    called See Mike Run

    Afterward, reporter Ben Geman asked Phil if he was going to run for Somerville mayor in the special election. "50-50 chance," says Phil.
    7-8:30 pm, Fri, Nov. 13 at Tufts University's Fletcher School.

    Phil attended a kickoff party for the new Cambridge newspaper
    The Cambridge Candle at the Zeitgeist Gallery, 362 Broadway, Cambridge

    7:30 pm, Thu, Nov. 12.
    The Candle is an inclusive paper whose purpose is to publish the people and ideas that get excluded from our increasingly homogenized and trivial major "news" papers.

    Phil did a reading and signing of his new book
    Timesizing, Not Downsizing at the Harvard Coop, Harvard Square
    7-8 pm, Tue, Nov. 10.

    At 11:10 pm on Tue, Nov. 3, Phil, with only 60% of precincts reporting but only 12-14% of the vote, made his concession call from his campaign HQ in Somerville to Mike Capuano at his campaign party at the Knights of Columbus in Charlestown and congratulated Mike on his win.
    Harshbarger had already conceded to Celucci with a much smaller gap between the two.
    Phil said, "Congratulations, Mike. I hope you like it better than you expect. You're moving beyond your present spot anyway, and Andy (Capuano, Mike's late father and Phil's neighbor and friend), Lenny (Scott, Mike's late licensing board chairman and a mutual friend), and Buzzy (Gigli, Mike's late uncle and Phil's neighbor) would be proud of you."
    Mike said, "Thank you, Phil. I wish they were alive."
    Phil said, "Me too. But Mike, if the economy really hits the chutes during your watch, give me a call. I really think I'm on the right track with this Timesizing approach - 12 to 14% of the voters supported my message and we've got to quit repeating the nightmare of economic depression every 70 years and get it right this time!"
    Mike said, "You're a good guy, Phil, and anything I can do to help you, just give me a call."

    At 10:50 pm, Tue, Nov. 3, Phil's rival and tagteam partner Tony Schinella, the independent in the race, phoned Phil
    to say that he found his results shockingly disappointing. Phil agreed and pointed out that the many people who had come up to him on the campaign trail and asked him why in the world he hadn't run as an independent had been answered, not only by the extra 25% more invitations to events Phil received than Tony (but always passing them along to Tony anyway) but now also on votes. Tony said he expected a lot more because there was an independent woman who ran against Joe Kennedy in 1992 or 94 and got 22% of the vote. "Maybe there was a gender boost that Andrea Morell (Socialist Workers candidate) picked up," said Phil. Phil congratulated Tony on all his efforts - thousands of leaflets distributed, nearly $5000 spent. What a research project!
    Phil only spent $500, maybe less, and though strongly proactive in platform, was more reactive in campaigning. Phil realized from the start that he could not "do it alone", and when he experienced early and numerous setbacks, he sensed that he would be crazy to go into debt or turn himself into a brain-dead fundraiser (like so many other politicians) over this race.

    Somerville shorter-hours activist Barbara Brandt phoned to wish Phil good luck
    10 pm, Tue, Nov. 3

    Phil and his treasurer Kate Jurow hosted an
    Election Night Munchies Potluck at campaign HQ

    8-11pm, Tue, Nov. 3 at 12 Carver St (off Porter St), Somerville
    RSVP 623-8080

    Phil and his treasurer Kate Jurow voted
    at the firehall on Highland Ave near Porter St, Somerville
    and were interviewed by Channel 7's Shawn Hennessey and Fox 25 News' David Wade

    2:30 pm, Tue, Nov. 3

    Phil spoke at the
    Allston-Brighton Healthy Boston Coalition Forum

    5:30-7:30 pm, Mon, Nov. 2 at 320 Washington St, 2nd Floor, Brighton Ctr
    organized by Liz Sellick 787-3910

    Phil tagteamed with Rose Brayboy (state Senate candidate vs. tax-
    ducker Diane Wilkerson) to meet voters at Ruggles Station in Roxbury

    8-9:30 am, Mon, Nov. 2

    Phil guested on tagteam mate Vince Dixon's appearance on
    Lloyd Smith's Be Live Show on Cambridge Community Cable

    7:30-8 pm, Sun, Nov. 1 in Central Sq, Cambridge

    Phil tagteamed with Rose Brayboy (state Senate candidate vs. taxducker Diane Wilkerson) and her campaign treasurer, Eddy DiGirolamo, to leaflet car windshields
    while people were parked for services at 5-6 churches in Roxbury and 3-4 in the South End. Then they had a delicious & inexpensive lunch in a church basement at 590 Shawmut St in Southie (11:30am-6pm, 7 days/wk, United House of Prayer)
    9:30am-2pm, Sun, Nov. 1

    Phil oriented and worked with volunteer Paul Ognibene of the Harvard Business School - from Chicago, Illinois - leafletting West Cambridge highrises
    (Paul, like Roger below, is taking the Kennedy School's "To Be a Politician" course taught by Phil Sharp, former Congressman from Indiana)
    1:15-5:30 pm, Sat, Oct. 31 at Campaign HQ, 12 Carver St, Somerville

    Phil huddled with volunteer Roger Stanton of the Kennedy School of Government - former mayor of Long Beach, Calif.
    (Roger, a seasoned campaigner, took a bunch of flyers to spread around his area of Cambridge and post on a few Harvard bulletin boards)

    11:30a-12:30n, Sat, Oct. 31 at Campaign HQ, 12 Carver St, Somerville

    Phil spoke briefly at the
    Oktoberfest of the Watertown Republican Town Committee
    9 pm, Fri, Oct. 30 at the Watertown Elks Lodge, 268 Arlington St, Watertown

    Phil spoke at the
    Candidates Forum on Affordable Housing of the Watertown Housing Assn.

    7:30-9 pm, Thu, Oct. 29 at the Watertown Savings Bank, 60 Main St, Watertown

    Phil tagteamed with state Senate candidate Vince Dixon to
    meet voters in Day Square and Central Square in East Boston

    3-5 pm, Thu, Oct.29

    Phil was interviewed on the
    Dave Goodland Show on MIT Radio

    8:40-9 pm, Wed, Oct. 28

    Phil debated the other 8th District candidates at the
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Forum (Psi Omega and Iota Gamma Chapters) chaired by Sharon Jones

    7-8:30 pm, Wed, Oct.28 in the Ballroom of the Ell Student Ctr at Northeastern University

    Phil was interviewed on the
    Greater Boston Show with Emily Rooney

    Wed, Oct. 28 - taping at 4:30 pm, screening on Channel 2 at 7 pm and Channel 44 at 11 pm

    Phil debated the other three finalists at the
    Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay Candidates Night

    7-8 pm, Tue, Oct. 27 in the Rabb Auditorium, Boston Public Library, Copley Sq

    Phil spoke to the
    MIT College Republicans (Jonathan Lie, President, 225-8825)

    8 pm, Mon, Oct. 26 at Bldg. 1, Rm. 134

    Phil was interviewed on the
    Be Live! Show hosted by Gary Dotterman on Cambridge Community Cable

    4:30-5 pm, Mon, Oct. 26 in Central Sq, Cambridge

    Phil debated the other 8th District candidates on the
    AM 1090 Radio Forum hosted by Paula Robinson & produced by Harry Barringer

    11am-12n, Sun, Oct.25 on WILD AM 1090 at their 90 Warren St studios in Roxbury

    Phil tagteamed with state Senate candidate Vince Dixon to
    xerox both's flyers and fold Vince's at the GOP State Committee offices on Boston's Milk St
    and to leaflet apartment buildings in Central Square, Cambridge

    3-7 pm, Sat, Oct. 24

    Phil dropped in at the
    Fair Foods Festival Lunch

    1:45-2:!5 pm, Sat, Oct. 24, Cardinal Medeiros Manor, 11 Woodcliff St, Dorchester

    Phil debated the independent and Socialist Worker candidates on the
    John Fahey Show, a Boston Neighborhood News Program,

    7-8 pm, Fri, Oct. 23 on Boston Cable (Channel 8?).
    (The Democratic candidate had been on the show before the primary.)

    Phil made a brief appearance at the
    Youville House Candidates Night

    6-6:15 pm, Fri, Oct. 23 at 1573 Cambridge St, Cambridge
    This event is a definite "do-again" and here's hoping we don't have a clash with a forum, as tonight. The setting was beautiful. It was well-catered. There was a pleasant little soft-jazz band in a sort of indoor arboretum at one end of the ground floor. The hors d'oeuvres were eye candy. Everyone was well dressed and "charmant." Congratulations to Denise François and the other organizers.

    Phil fielded some ideas and some questions from listeners on the
    David Brudnoy Show with fill-in host, Paul Sullivan of the Lowell Sun

    9-10 pm, Oct.22 on WBZ AM 1030.
    Phil spoke to the
    Tufts University Republican Club, Irene Zaki, Pres.

    8 pm, Thu, Oct.22 at Tisch Library, Rm. 304.
    Phil had an endorsement interview with the
    Community Newspapers

    3:45 pm, Wed, Oct.22 at their Needham offices.
    Phil fielded some ideas and some questions from listeners on
    That Guy Tai's Show on WRKO AM 680

    10-11 pm, Oct.20.
    Phil taped a 2min 20sec TV commercial on
    Channel 68 WABU 's Forum 98

    1 pm, Fri, Oct. 16 at Channel 68 studios, 1660 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston
    Phil had an endorsement interview with the
    Beacon Hill Times

    12n, Mon, Oct.19, 83 Philip St, Beacon Hill.
    Phil spoke at the
    Belmont Republican Town Committee meeting

    7:30-8:30 pm, Oct. 15 at the Belmont Electric Light Bldg, across from Town Hall, Belmont Center.
    Phil drove his wife to the airport for her plane to the
    Grand Canyon with Denise Traver and the Canyon Sisters
    6:30 am, Sat, Oct. 3
    Phil chatted with voters online on the
    TownOnLine Chat Line < www.townonline.com > of the Community News Co. with Tim Gassert
    7-8 pm, Tue, Sept. 29.
    Phil interviewed by Chris Lovett on Neighborhood Network TV News
    4 pm, Fri, Sept. 25 at 630 Comm Ave, Boston University
    Phil attended the Community Garden Potluck
    6 pm, Sat, Sept. 19 at the Somerville Community Growing Ctr, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville
    Phil attended the President Nelson Mandela speech
    4:30 pm, Fri, Sept. 18 in Harvard Yard
    Phil could not get close enough to Mandela to present him with a copy of his new book, Timesizing, Not Downsizing, but he did present a copy to the editor of the Dorchester Community News (who has always been very inclusive toward Phil and Tony) and sell a copy to leading minority activist Mel King.
    Phil was a late arrival (4:30 pm) at the Marshall Home Annual Street Festival
    Thu afternoon, Sept. 17 at 120 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown.
    At least Phil arrived in time to see the clown and give Marshall Home a copy of his book for their library. This is the third and last copy that John O'Connor graciously paid Phil for "to give to poor kids" or senior citizens. The first went to an old African American man, Arthur Sullivan (for his teenage son) who saw the special preview editions of Phil's book at the Hispanic street festival on Aug. 28, just after John bought them. The second went to an old soldier, Bill Hooton, at the Chelsea Soldiers Home who said he would place it in their library when he had looked at it. Phil also gave Marvin Kalb a copy at the forum he moderated on Sept. 2.
    5:25 - 7 pm, Wed, Sept. 16 at the Sheraton Needham Hotel
    Phil attended the 1998 Republican Unity Rally
    1 pm, Sun, Sept. 13 starting at the intersection of Brighton Ave and Comm Ave and ending at Oak Sq
    Phil marched with the other candidates in the Allston Brighton Parade.
    11:30 am, Sun, Sept. 13 on Boston Channel 7
    Channel 7 interviewed Phil and the other candidates on the
    Boston Common Show Candidates Forum

    Phil spoke and answered questions, with the other candidates, at the
    Business and Professional Women Candidates Forum

    6:30-7:30 pm, Fri, Sept. 11 at the Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington St, Boston

    Phil stood at Porter Sq station while an express rolled past so he was sure he'd be late. In his rush, he found himself in the first position for the evening, so he didn't have a chance to gather his thoughts sufficiently. He meant to say more about the benefits of timesizing for women, in terms of reducing hours and making childcare easier or unnecessary. The plastics industry in Indiana has accessed a whole new population of quality employees by offering 30 hours work for 40 hours pay.

    (9:30-11) Phil debated the other candidates at the
    Rainbow Coalition Candidates Forum

    8:30-10 pm, Thu, Sept. 10 at Roxbury Community College
    This was the first of the so-far three forums at Roxbury CC that Phil was actually invited to, thanks to Mel King's generosity (or nostalgia for the 2-party system - Mel also wants to host a forum AFTER the primary). The forum advance material (which Phil only received by fax that afternoon) asked some very good questions about the economy, on the assumption that we were being lied to. Unfortunately when Phil got to the forum, they wanted to go on and talk about racism, and Phil feels that our poor economic design is the reason for racism, sexism and agism. There's not much candidates can do about these "isms" except listen to people vent anger (and keep affirmative action in place until we have something better like timesizing), but Phil did get to talk a bit about the economy when an old man (Fred King) brought up the subject of shortening the workweek (what an opening for timesizing!).

    (8:30-9:15) Phil debated the other candidates at the
    Health Care Candidates Forum

    8:30-10 pm, Thu, Sept. 10 at Sanders Theater, Harvard University
    Phil mentioned he'd made a fact-finding mission on Canadian universal single-payer health insurance several weekends ago and asked all his cousins at the Second Annual Cousins Reunion, Lake Skugog, Ontario (1) if they could choose their own doctor and (2) if they had to wait to see the doctor. They each looked at Phil like he was crazy and said (1) "of course!" and (2) "no-o!" So much for the U.S. insurance industry's propaganda.

    <Phil and the other candidates taped the
    Urban Update and Boston Common Show Candidates Forum

    9-10 am, Thu, Sept. 10 at 7 Bulfinch Pl, across from the JFK Bldg for screening on Channel 7 on Sunday at 11:30 am<
    Phil introed Pinky but only his trunk got picked up by the camera, and none of Phil's book, "Timesizing, Not Downsizing" - hey, Phil had no idea how close a head shot they were taking!

    Phil debated the other candidates at the
    Human Rights and Foreign Policy Candidates Forum

    8:30 pm, Wed, Sept. 9 at the Cambridge Senior Center, across from the City Hall, Central Sq
    One gal came up afterwards and said she LOVED Pinky!

    Phil debated the other candidates at the
    Boston Architecture Association Candidates Forum on Design

    The Connection's Christopher Lydon moderated.
    6 pm, Tue, Sept. 8 at the Old South Meeting House in Boston.
    Just Phil's "meat" as an economic designer! Nobody picked up on these themes - they were too busy talking about the Boston Harbor Project - mainly in Moakley's district. Phil said his favorite place in the Boston area was funky Davis Sq, Somerville with the Some Day Cafe, Red Bones, the Somerville Theater, Joe's Bakery and Cessa's Grocery (and between Joe's and Cessa's, a place you can buy kachinas!).
    Phil also mentioned his home town of Toronto as a city of trees, a city that still works, "New York run by the Swiss" (Peter Ustinov). Hence, Phil was remembered by one architect a few days later in Burlington as "that Canadian" (Pat Long). Hey, at least Phil stuck in his memory! Phil had left Pinky at home and a woman asked where Pinky was, so... gotta bring Pinky!
    Phil wanted to say more about his 100-year master design for the economy, but his seat right on Chris' right was bad because with Chris standing up throughout, he looked right over Phil's hand when it was up to respond to a question. All the candidates were wondering why the architects were hosting a forum anyway - they're already rich, for heaven's sake!
    Boston Public Library Candidates Forum
    7:30 pm, Wed, Sept. 2 - at Trinity Church, Copley Square
    Marvin Kalb moderated. Phil debated bringing out Pinky in a church, but figured "Hey, this is the Episcopalians - they all drink wine from the same cup!" so he introduced Pinky the Elephant (got a mention in the Back Bay Times) as a symbol of the bipartisan nature of Timesizing, introduced his book "Timesizing, Not Downsizing" (available soon), and made the front page of the Beacon Hill Paper giving the double thumbs-up sign in his perspiration-drenched shirt-sleeves.
    Temple Beth Shalom Candidates Forum
    7 pm, Tue, Sept. 1, Tremont St, Cambridge.
    A nice well-organized forum focussed on the 8th District's issues. Phil left the pink elephant in his pocket, felt a little awed by the synagogue.
    Jewish Senior Home Candidates Forum
    Afternoon, Tue, Sept. 1 in Brighton.
    Phil brought out the little pink stuffed elephant that he'd bought ($3) at the Hispanic street festival to help hold his flyers down on the table from the wind. Phil was just experimentin'. Said something about the pink representing socialism and democrats and big government caring for people but the elephant part represented small government and taxes and public debt and frugality and responsibility. Together in one pink elephant they represented the possibility of having our cake and eating it too with Phil's bipartisan TImesizing program.
    Aug. 31 - Phil, the independent, and the socialist worker were excluded from a forum at the Kennedy School of Government sponsored by the Boston Globe and Channel 7.
    Aug. 28 - Phil and the other candidates are given tables at the Nuestra Comunidad street festival in Dudley Sp in Roxbury. Phil has obtained five advance copies of his book "Timesizing, Not Downsizing" from the printer, quickly spiral bound for the occasion ("special preview edition"). He decides to number them 496-500 (numbered edition of 500). He leaves #500 in the car and uses the other four for paper weights to hold down his flyers in the wind. The lady at the booth behind Phil is selling a little stuffed black and white cow for $3 so Phil buys that to help hold down his flyers. Then he notices she's selling a little pink elephant too (elephants symbolize Republicans) so Phil trades in his cow for the elephant. Then the elephant disappears when Phil isn't looking. The lady's little girl says she saw a little boy take it and the lady says she only sold that one pink elephant (there were only two). Phil sees a boy with it across the crowd and goes and takes it back. Careful watching the rest of the afternoon prevents a repeat though there are several close calls (same kids). John O'Connor comes by 3/4 thru the event and starts apologizing again for not letting Phil and Tony use some of his 2 minutes at the Hispanic forum on the 18th. Phil says "no problem" and John says, "Hey, is this your book? [Phil had started announcing the imminent arrival of his book at the forums] How do I get a copy?" "Just give me 12 bucks," says Phil. John gave Phil a bill and Phil started rummaging for change. "Don't worry about it," says John, "just give a few copies to poor kids." Then Phil noticed that it wasn't a 20, it was a $50 bill. Thus Phil learned that John too was a master of the unexpected. John took a copy but Phil said, "Let me make sure you have the best number." Phil located #499 and gave it to John instead of the one he'd taken. Five minutes later an old Black man with a cane came along and started looking at Phil's book. The man's name was Arthur Sullivan from Dorchester and he had a son in his teens. Phil gave him the first of John O'Connor's extra books for his son.
    La Allianza Hispana "All" Candidates Forum

    7-9 pm, Aug. 18 at Roxbury Community College/Media Center.
    La Allianza Hispana billed their event last night (8/18) as "Candidates Night of all the 8th District Candidates," mailed me what appreared to be an invitation in response to my phone call several weeks ago, and the evening was full of talk about diversity and inclusiveness from the "Democratic" candidates. But in the event, there was no name tag or document set or chair on stage for me (or for the two independent candidates who were also in the audience at the beginning of the event). They excluded the second-party candidate and the two-party system.
    Then, another "non-event."
    Tue, Aug.11 from 7-8 pm, Channel 5 and the Boston Herald had an 8th Congressional District Democratic Debate which they just started billing as such less than 24 hours before the debate. For the previous two weeks, they were billing it as an 8th Congressional District Debate without inviting the Republican candidate (or the independents) - as if he (Phil Hyde) didn't matter or didn't exist. And as if the two-party system either doesn't matter or doesn't exist (note that Channel 5 had no plans for a post-primary debate).
    Chelsea Human Services Collaborative Candidates Forum
    6:30 pm, Thu, Aug. 6, Chelsea High School
    Conference - Calvin Coolidge: Examining the Evidence
    8:30 am, Thu-Fri, July 30-31, Kennedy Library, Dorchester
    Phil attended the first day and received an ovation after introducing himself briefly in the course of asking the panelists a couple of questions.
    As the candidate that took his signature papers in by bicycle, Phil was delighted to journey partway home on the subway with the governor who took the T to work. Yes, folks, it was none other than Mike Dukakis himself. No, I did not have the presence of mind to ask him why the hey he didn't put the moves on and get the federal matching funds for the Boston Harbor Cleanup. The poor guy was in a car accident a few years ago and has a permanently stiff neck. On the bus to the T, he was occupied telling me about the housing projects we were driving past. He's quite proud of having converted them from low to mixed income and so they've improved from disastrous to liveable. When I got home, I fonemailed him the name of the masseur who fixed my wife's knee from permanent stiffness.
    Boston Ward 4 and South End Neighborhood Associations Forum
    7-9 pm, Mon, July 27, Union United Methodist Church Chapel, 485 Columbus Ave, Boston.
    Phil Hyde spoke (5 min) and took questions (5 min) at 7:15 after the intro, prior to the Dems.

    Phil Hyde grilled by the Mass. Progressive New Party with a view to receiving their endorsement
    8 pm, Tue, July 14 at New Party HQ, Fields Corner
    This is the party which Juliet Schor hoped would champion shorter hours, but which has instead focused on the "living wage" campaign. Phil's view is that shorter hours automatically give you higher wages and benefits and incomes because you're limiting labor availability, but wage controls do not automatically give you shorter hours or better benefits or higher incomes. They may just get you cut to part time, and
    "on part time, a living wage doth not a living income make."
    Definitions: "wage or salary" = money per job, "income" = money per person
    Phil Hyde Officially Announces his Candidacy
    11 am, Fri, July 3 in front of the Abraham Lincoln statue in the middle of Cambridge Common within sight of Harvard Yard.
    Phil pulled this event together on less than 48 hours' notice because of the last-minute likelihood of TV coverage, and indeed, Phil made the evening news on Channels 5 and 7 the same day and got good three-column coverage in the Globe (Page 2, Section 2) the following day - the Fourth of July!
    Somerville Progressive Potluck Candidates Forum
    6 pm, Sun, June 28 at the College Avenue Methodist Church, 14 Chapel St, off College Ave, Davis Sq, Somerville
    Phil Hyde debated the 12 other candidates running for Joe Kennedy's seat.
    Citizens for Participation in Political Action Candidates Forum
    7 pm, Thurs, June 25 at the Cambridge YWCA, 7 Temple St, Central Sq, Cambridge
    Phil Hyde debated the other candidates running for Joe Kennedy's seat in an un-air-conditioned room. Whew! There were 13 of us ranged across the stage tonight - we were joined by Socialist Worker Andrea Morrell running as an independent. Now we really look like the Last Supper - Jesus and the 12 Apostles! Now we draw to see who gets to be Jesus - and Judas?
    Boston Ward 15 Candidates Forum
    7:30-10 pm, Tue, June 16 at First Parish Church, 10 Parish St, Dorchester
    Phil got his 30-second replies "bulletted" this time for greater clarity and impact. In 30 seconds, what choice do you have? After this event, Democratic rivals began to ask Phil about his timesizing platform (e.g., Charles Yancey) because it was mentioned in the Bay State Banner as the only innovative idea of the evening.
    18h30 à 19h30, wed, 3 june at the French Library, 53 Marlborough St, Boston,
    Phil Hyde announced himself at this French-language discussion on current events in France, led by the French Consulate's attaché du presse, Jean-Louis Duclion and his attractive deputée, Anouchka Crucovskoy. He got in his usual compliment to the French for their leadership in timesizing during 1995-96 via the Robien Law, which offered 7-yr taxbreaks to companies willing to spread their work around to more people (e.g., increase their workforce 10% and provide jobs for the new hires by decreasing their workweek 10%). This center-right approach was more voluntary and flexible than the current socialist approach in France that plans to jump from their current national 39-hr workweek to a 35-hr one in the year 2000. In any case, France, like most of the rest of the world but unlike America, is not in denial about its massive background labor surplus.
    "Meet the Candidates" Night
    7:30 pm, Mon, June 1 at Newton Senior Ctr, Newton
    Thanks to host-candidate (for State Rep) Richard Freedman, Phil was able to branch out in new directions in his talk without the usual nervous host moving in to close Phil down after just 2-3 minutes. And this was a very conservative group with other speakers repeatedly practicing their soundbytes re lower taxes and less government and lower taxes (and did I mention lower taxes?).
    Channel 2 "Lights, Camera, Auction!"
    9:15-20 pm, Sat, May 30
    Phil Hyde guest-autioneered a table for the Channel 2 Auction.
    One interesting item was a set of 16 Roman coins, each with a different emperor between 161 and 423 AD, from Marcus Aurelius to Honorius (retail $250, bid at the time $83).
    Bar-B-Que with the Socialists!
    9-4, Sat, May 30, 7 Broadway Terr, Cambridge
    Phil dropped by at this neighborhood event between 4:30 and 5:30 - it was still going! - had a burger&beer, bought a book (Bruno Bettelheim's "Uses of Enchantment") & a newpaper about downsizing. Phil totally astonished a few people that a "Republican" would come to a socialist event. But Phil loves astonishing people - one of his role models, initials JC who lived 161 years before Marcus Aurelius, was in the tavern with the taxcollectors and prostitutes one minute and in the temple with the priests and pharisees the next. How else can you represent everyone?
    Allston-Brighton Community Development Corp. Candidate Forum (ACDC Event)
    7:30-9:30 pm, Wed, May 27
    at Veronica Smith Senior Ctr, 20 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton
    This event received notice in the May 28 Boston Globe in a David Nyhan article with Phil's self-styling as "the Lone Republican" getting picked up - "Hiyo, Silver!"
    Thanks to organizers for also including independents! All 12 candidates were present!
    Greater Boston Labor Council Candidates Night
    6-9 pm, Wed, May 27 (Phil's "on" at 8:30)
    at Teamsters Union Local 25, 544 Main St, Sullivan Sq, Charlestown
    Oops! Organizers not only excluded independents but also Republicans, but did not quite manage to exclude persons of color!

    The Women's Republican Club of Brookline
    7:30, Tue, May 19 at home of Barbara & Paul Senecal on Clinton Rd, Bro (you sure picked a bipartisan address there, folks!).
    Phil "said a few words" after the main event - speeches by candidates for Attorney General, Brad Bailey and Karen McNutt.
    Living Wage Forum
    Sun, May 17 at 2 pm, Somerville City Hall.
    Phil arrived second after George Bachrach, and 8th District candidates were given the right to speak for 2-3 minutes in the order in which they arrived. Phil got a mention in the May 24 Sunday Globe (p. City 6) for being the only one of the eight candidates present who opposed the living wage agenda. This bald statement is quite misleading however. Phil disagrees with wage controls because they are invariably too little, too late, and their arbitrary rigidity necessitates jumping in with repeated interventions every one or two years. By now, advocates should at least be proposing that wage controls be indexed to the poverty rate. But a much less stifling point-of-control is worktime.

    However, Phil's mention in the May 24 Globe was the first time this major "news" paper mentioned him, despite the fact that he was the only major-party candidate in the race when Joe Kennedy bowed out on Mar.13 (and already had most of his signatures). Let's see, that's 2-1/2 months it took them - and Phil used to think that politicians who complained about the media were just whiners. (And the Herald didn't mention Phil till a week later! And their second mention wasn't until Sept. 3!) In fact, our "news" papers guess what the voters are going to do, then assume only their own top two contenders are newsworthy because the rest are not "viable" candidacies, then give their chosen candidates a media blitz, and then act surprised when their own polls show Flynn first and Clapprood second. This is "equal coverage"?? Folks, your "news coverage" is turning into election rigging.

    Libertarian Party Social Night
    Sat, May 16 at 7:30, Malden.
    Phil attended his third (or 4th) Liberarian Social Night at the home of Vera Meyer and Paul Nason on Felsway East. The Libertarians have great desserts, and Vera is a skilled artiste on Finkenbein's glass harmonica. She demonstrated the instrument several times throughout the evening and spread its ethereal and calming music throughout the party.
    British North American Brunch
    Sat, May 16 at 9 am, Rosebud Diner, Davis Sq, Somerville.
    Phil hosted a small brunch for his "Mohawk mother," Verna Hill, and her youngest daughter Ruth and for her friend, Helene Stevenson and her daughter Twalicia. Verna was visiting Boston from the Tyandenega Mohawk Reserve near Deseronto, Ontario - she's the widow of Mel Hill, several times the elected chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and former antiquarian of that tribal nation. Ruth now resides in Ottawa. Verna had come down to attend Helene's graduation from Wheelock College with a master's degree in early childhood education. Helene can now return permanently to her home in Bermuda. Twalicia, however, is still a student in Haverill, Mass. 'Ere departing the Rosebud, Phil announced his candidacy to the assembled brunchers.
    Labor Party Membership Meeting
    7-9 pm, Thu, May 14, SEIU Local 285 Office, 21 Fellows St, Roxbury.
    Phil attended his first Labor Party meeting, although through his semi-annual membership in the National Writers' Union, he has been eligible for years. He introduced his candidacy briefly and made his usual plea to the left to get back on the one issue that for 150 years prevented them (and the middle class) from becoming a cheap, surplus commodity; namely, controlling their availability to the job market by controlling worktime.
    The Connection - with Tobia Smith subbing for Christopher Lydon
    Mon, May 11 at 10:15 am and 8:15 pm on WBUR.
    Phil phoned in to draw attention to his colleague Patricia Long, the GOP candidate in the 7th Congressional District, in the context of a program theme of women in politics and with particular reference to the gap between the Republican Party and female voters.
    Hillbilly at Harvard Show
    Sat, May 9 at 12:15 pm on WHBR (95.3 FM).
    Phil, the "Hillbilly Candidate" (and an old Harvard grad school student like Ol' Sinc), was introduced by Ol' Sinc and Cousin Lynn on this Saturday morning country music show. Phil announced he'd made his signatures (2000 required for major-party candidacy, plus roughly 10% cushion).
    Informal Visit, en Passant, to Welcome Peter Galbraith to the "Race for the 8th"
    May 9 around 1:30 pm at Peter's house on Francis St, Cambridge on the way home from Hillbilly at Harvard Show and the Cambridge Library
    Anecdote Warning!
    Native American Pow-wow
    Sun, May 3, 12-4 pm, at Dilboy Field on Somerville-Arlington line
    Phil announced his candidacy in the 8th District and that of his colleague Patricia Long, in the 7th District, "next door" in Arlington, prior to the grand entry. He received nomination signatures from Little Bear and from Fire Woman, the organizer of the pow-wow (both of Somerville).
    Forum for Downsized Tufts Custodians
    Apr. 13 at 10 am in Goddard Chapel, Tufts University.
    Joe Kennedy reluctantly recognized Phil's hand up to speak saying, "I guess we'll have to recognize Phil Hyde. He's the guy that made me run against him last time." Then after Phil made his three short suggestions, Joe said, "That's my kind of Republican!"
    Greater Boston Show
    Apr. 7 at 7 pm on Channel 2, 11 pm on Channel 44.
    Phil was interviewed by Emily Rooney in the middle segment of the show.
    Jerry Williams Show
    Sun, Apr. 5 at 11 am.
    Phil phoned in to announce his candidacy on this show on the Race for the 8th, and to mention his friend Anthony Schinella who is running as an independent.
    Hillbilly at Harvard Show
    Sat, March 28 at 11am-1pm on WHBR (95.3 FM).
    Phil, the "Hillbilly Candidate" (and an old Harvard linguistics grad student like Ol' Sinc), was introduced by Ol' Sinc and Cousin Lynn on this Saturday morning country music show. Phil got signatures from local country music star John Lincoln Wright and program assistant(?) Lawrence W. Flint, both of Cambridge.
    Phil was the only major-party candidate in the race when Kennedy bowed out on Friday the 13th (of March). By that time, Phil already had 70% of his signatures. Despite Phil's press releases, no media whatsoever mentioned Phil's presence in the race that weekend, although several mentioned Republican Peter Baptiste of West Cambridge who just took out papers after Kennedy's Friday morning resignation and dropped out almost immediately. The Boston Globe did not mention Phil's candidacy for another 10 weeks and the Herald, supposedly more conservative, not for another 11 weeks. Meanwhile they both trumpeted Peter Galbraith's candidacy, and he dropped out on May 13. (And they call themselves "newspapers.")
    Phil signed out nomination papers at the Secretary of State's office on Feb. 7, the first major-party candidate after Kennedy himself to do so and the only one to do so before Kennedy announced his retirement.
    In late November '97 at a GOP statewide candidate search in Framingham, Phil was the only person to volunteer to run for Joe Kennedy's seat in '98.
    In '96 as "the UnKennedy," Phil ran one-on-one against Joe Kennedy and won 16% of the vote with $600 of his own while Joe spent $1,900,000 of other people's.
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