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Clue 3

Let's look for one control that replaces all (or most of) the rest - more like a new groundrule that gets rid of the whole concept of controls, or comes real close.

We've had people pushing for more controls and less controls, but how about more efficient controls?  If there are three ways to go, no controls, many controls and few controls, how close can we come to one control that does the essential work of all the rest?  What would the Single All-Sufficient Control look like?  It would have to be extremely well-designed and well-positioned in the body economic.  It would have to be very general and automatic, yet so central that its balancing influence affected everything.  It would represent a virtual Holy Grail of Economic Design.

In terms of generality and centrality, it would have to balance within a very general variable like the three familiar dimensions of length, width, height, or the so-called fourth dimension of time, or the extra dimension, since "time is money", of money.  But the first three dimensions sound far too limited.  The money "dimension" also has a problem - balancing would mean taking a little bit from here to give a little bit to there and taking away money is always tough.  Taking away time, however, if we talk about work time, is made easier by the fact that we're inherently replacing it with leisure....

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