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But aren't we in an economic boom, not a gathering bust?

If today's economy is so healthy, why all the stark "realities"?
Are current "complexity studies" mere coverups for corrupt and obsolete economics?

We at the Timesizing.com Party believe

The focus of our research is - How do we quit downsizing and getting
better and better technology & worse and worse lives?!?

Our solution is Timesizing

a program designed to end 66 years of burgeoning economic bandaids, stop downsizing &

  • crashproof America vs. the collapse of Russian, Asian & Latin American markets
  • stop upsizing government programs, regulations, taxes and debt
  • centrifuge inflation out of Wall Street and into Wages
  • achieve 30 hrs work or less for 40 hrs pay or more

    Pie in the sky? -
    check out a few working models, like Lincoln Electric & Nucor (USA), and VW (Germany). And we have a manual out showing timesizing is not only feasible but imperative at current technology levels - so the top 1% can stop compacting the wealth from our spiralling efficiency and strangling the markets away from their own ballooning investment needs.

    For more details, see our social software manual Timesizing, Not Downsizing, which is available online from *Amazon.com and at bookstores in Harvard and Porter Squares, Cambridge, Mass.

    Comments, questions, suggestions? Phone 617-623-8080 (Boston) or email us.

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