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To "save the world or leave clear instructions." To be an economic solutions architect, a *Louie Armstrong, a *Whitney Young, a *Mozart of economic design (or even just a *Hummel or *Clementi!). Phil is admittedly an aspiring "armchair messiah," a quixotic "idea commando." An individualist? For sure. An eccentric? Mayhap - but at least with a sense of humour/humeur/humor (triple citizen: Can/Qué/US!).

Don't strain - you've got nothing to prove except to yourself... - don't force it, don't fight it... just ASK THE OBVIOUS QUESTION
and ACCEPT THE OBVIOUS ANSWER and go on, build on it, and ask the NEXT obvious question, etc.
(Thankyou, *Obvious Adams!)

Phil is an independent scholar who has read economic history with *John Kenneth Galbraith at Harvard and *Paul Rosenstein-Rodan at Boston University (both of whom knew Keynes personally), economic system design with *Philippe Crabbé at the University of Ottawa, macroéconomie avec *Jean-Sylvain Gauthier à l'U.duQuébec à l'Outaouais, corporate strategy with *George Norman at Tufts U. and has a BA-MA in ancient languages and linguistics from UofToronto. Phil tolerates faith-based mainstream economics with a long-term view gleaned from courses with *Stephen Bailey (human evolution) and *Simon Steel (astronomy) at Tufts.

"To understand today, search yesterday." - Pearl Buck
"For every year you want to predict, go back ten." - Phil Hyde
"Those who don't learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them." - Santayana

2009-present. Hope du Jour, and Doom du Jour on Website with Google News Search, and Wall Street Journal and NY Times.
Spring 2007, 2008, 2009. Economic System Design. University of Ottawa.
Summer II, 2008,09... History of Conspicuous Consumption. Tufts University.
Summer II, 2006,07. Corporate Strategy. Tufts University.
Fall 2007. Human Evolution. Tufts University.
Summer I, 2006,07... Physical Anthropology (alias Human Evolution). With Steve Bailey (Tufts University).
Spring 2006. Macroéconomie. L'Université du Québec en Outaouais.
Spring 2005, Fall 2006. History of the Industrial Revolution (ignoring worktime). Tufts University.
2003. "Astrophysical Economics" and Excesses of Wealth. Independent studies with Carolyn Shaw Bell (Wellesley College) and E.O. Wilson (Harvard) resp.
2002. Evolution of Life and Evolution of Economic Ideas. Independent studies with Ernst Mayr (Harvard emeritus) and David Warsh (Boston Globe) respectively.
2000-2004. Doom du Jour, and Hope du Jour on Website with New York Times and Wall St Journal, and Google News Search.
1999-2000. Daily Website Updating with Boston Globe.
1998. Website Design with John MacMillan, Billerica MA GOP.
1994-1996. Daily News Search and Editing. Individual Inc., Burlington, Mass.
1992-present. Worktime Economics. Independent studies focused on Juliet Schor and Ben Hunnicutt.
1983-1992. Ecological Economics. Independent studies focused on Steady-State Economics.
1979-1982. Biographies of the Great Economists. Independent study, readings from Robert Lekachman, Robert Heilbroner, Eric Roll, Mark Blaug...
1976-1979. History of Economic Thought. With Paul Rosenstein-Rodan (Boston U.), John Kenneth Galbraith (Harvard), and David Warsh (Boston Globe).
1974-1976. Corporate Strategy. North American Society of Corporate Planners (NASCAP).
1973-1974. Limits to Growth, Steady-State Economics & Economic Design. Independent study focused on Club of Rome & Herman Daly.
1972-1973. System Dynamics, World Modeling and Limits to Growth. Club of Rome via Sloane School, MIT.

1970-1972. Human Potentiality, Global Planning and Design Science focused on Buckminster Fuller. Union Graduate School, Yellow Springs OH.
1968-1970. Graduate Linguistics courses. Harvard University.
1967-1968. M.A. Linguistics. University of Toronto.
1966-1967. President, SCM of Canada (nationwide student forum)
1964-1966. Religion and Psychology, Victoria University, Toronto.
1960-1964. B.A. Ancient History and Languages. University of Toronto.

"Canoe down the river of like-minded people." - John Kowal.

"Live your life so that whenever you lose, you are ahead." - Will Rogers 7/05/31

"Get so technical they think you're indispensable." - Paul Simmons

MEMBERSHIPS, Official & Unofficial
"...Live so that you will not care when death may come." - Odin to Sigurd (Old Norse Stories, S. Bradish).

*Harvard Faculty Club
John DeGraaf's *Take Back Your Time Day
Canadian Association for the *Club of Rome (CACOR)
Club of Rome & MIT *Limits to Growth 1972-2012... project
Herman Daly's *International Society for Ecological Economics
Chuck Collins' *United for a Fair Economy née Share The Wealth
Barbara Brandt's and Robert Bernstein's *Shorter Work-Time Group
Paul Ehrlich's *Population Connection née Zero Population Growth (ZPG)
*SCM of Canada (Student "Christian" Movement) - Canada's oldest student forum (née 1921)
*The Other Economic Summit ("TOES") - inclusive shadow of exclusive G8 summit every summer
Martha Marks' *ConservAmerica née Green Elephants (Republicans for Environmental Protection)
*Banyacya's network (Hopi prophet who warned that endless material growth is unbalancing the world)

(Legend: * means outside this site.)

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