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The Audience and The Market
Our basic audience is *youth, the unemployed, plutocrats who can think 2 moves ahead in chess, idealists, reformers, progressives, utopians, "Quixote's", whether Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, rightwing or leftwing, or anywhere in between - especially the "dispossessed sons [and daughters!] of the rich," as G.B.Shaw called us, because the rich don't have the incentive for reform and the poor don't have the means. We suspect that a lot of "ee's" (electrical engineers), programmers, software developers, nerds and geeks fit into a milder form of this category today, for three reasons:
  1. They got degrees in computer science thinking it was a secure career, and now, after working for some dot.com startup or high-tech behemoth (like IBM, DEC, Compaq, HP, Gateway...), they've been downsized and after sending out 100s of resumes they still can't find a job, at least not one that pays anything like the one they had before.
  2. They've been working 24/7 in high tech on work saving programs, sleeping under their desks, coming in weekends, - and now that they've been laid off, they're asking basic questions like, Why have I been working in burnout mode on worksaving technology??? Aren't the fruits of my labors supposed to make things easier for people, including me, to earn a good living and support themselves, not harder? What went wrong?! When's the payoff? When do I get the promise of technology. (Quick answer: what went wrong is that CEOs have responded to technology by downsizing instead of timesizing and we don't get the promise of technology until we stop straining to create enough artificial government-subsidized jobs to maintain a frozen 40-hour workweek and start implementing timesizing, meaning sharing the vanishing natural market-demanded work. We also need to plug a few leaks like offshore outsourcing and - when and only when it suits the well-connected - so-called inevitable, inexorable, irresistable, irreversible, and funniest of all, "free"-trade globalization, regardless of steel tariffs and sneaky subsidies for mining, agrobiz, big sugar, big tobacco, etc. etc. = tariff substitutes that only the EU has the money and clout to identify and protest.)
  3. While the general public has lots of patience with problems and none with the solution process, programmers are impatient with the immediate problem - they're used to jumping in and solving the it on the spot, and then having lots of patience with the solution process as they discover unintended consequences ricocheting through the rest of the code.
Focusing on the idea that we're supposedly an intelligent species, the smartest on the planet, there are also some other audiences who overlap the groups mentioned above -
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High Techies | Greens | Linguists | Socialists & Marxists | Georgists
Scientists | Bill Gates | Anti-War Activists | Astronomers
Young People | Technocracy Curious | God Gamers

Generally, we want to speed up real human progress* and find like-minded people to "canoe down the river with," because right now we humans are moving sooo slooowly (except in superficial areas like weapons and technoglitz) at the beginning of this new millennium that we are an embarrassment and an insult to intelligent life throughout the universe, and also to the visionaries of our own past, such as Beethoven, Bucky Fuller, Jesus, Lincoln, Prince Albert....

*We define real human progress...

  • positively as maximizing the critical variable of all time, variability itself, and
  • negatively as solving the old chestnuts that have been with is for centuries: unemployment, poverty, hunger..., in view of the fact that the power dialect of our lifetimes is economese, but our current mainstream economics could not have been constructed better for fundamental irrelevance if it had been done on purpose, which to some extent it has.

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