Where have our all markets gone?

Timesizing® is trimming hours for everyone instead of jobs for a few, and a few more, and a few more... until, gee, where have all our markets gone?

There is No Alternative at this stage in the evolution of our time-saving technology.

Timesizing is necessary at current technological levels - so the top 1% can stop compacting the wealth from our spiralling efficiency and strangling the markets from their own ballooning investment needs.

Whadda we gonna do? - keep fewer and fewer "fulltime" people working longer and longer hours, and more and more people working less (for less) or not at all (for nothing at all)?

Are we gonna keep getting better and better technology and a worse and worse society?

Let us "draw you a diagram."

Astrophysical Economics - you saw it here first!

There are two forces acting upon the wealth of the nation. The centripetal forces draws that wealth to the center. The centrifugal force spreads it out toward the edges.