Pressed by the extremes of the leading strategist of the Dark Side (Karl Rove), Phil Hyde has added ruthlessly reductionist strategy to Bucky Fuller's design science and the specific task of designing the easiest-possible, best-possible way ahead for humanity.  Phil has designed his economic-ecological critical path to align with the latest on long-term evolution from the natural and social sciences. His solutions maximize what the natural sciences indicate is the most fundamental variable of all time.  He extends the evolutionary critical path from biology backward through the physical sciences, and more to the point, forward through the social sciences.  The social sciences themselves suggest the stages in his analysis of history, and he replaces Marx's class struggle and Fuller's technology as the basic subplot with rising expectations borne on sporadically improving technologies of sharing.

So what's this about "Hyde for Congress"? Hyde actually ran against the Kennedy's three times in Massachusetts (1996,1998,2000) to soundbyte and publicize Timesizing ...

Philip Hyde III (bio) in the "lions’ den" (Dan.6:16) –

Strangest moment:  Two hours after the high point of Phil's '96 campaign (his TV debate with Joe Kennedy on Boston PBS Ch.2), came the low –
by utter coincidence, Phil himself was downsized from his high-tech job at Individual Inc. in Burlington, Mass., as an electronic news reviewer.
("It's a great life if you don't weaken." – George Dyer, Toronto.)

Phil is not a perennial candidate.  He's a perennial issue.  Each of his campaigns he has won on his own terms by winning more awareness for the option of a much better America via Timesizing.  Timesizing is the only reason he meddles in the mire of today's plutocratic politics and money-drowned 'democracy'.

Phil thinks it's high time we built on the separation of Church and State, religion and politics, and separated State and Market, politics and economics, completely. Phil thinks it's time we designed ourselves a next-generation economy and got technology's promise – easier self-supporting lives for all.
What else is technology for? – surely not MORE hours of work for those who already have full-time jobs the way we do it now.   How long are we going to stay this dumb?

Timesizing cuts hours & spreads work and skills, vs. cutting jobs & concentrating work and skills.
It cuts the workweek & spreads the natural work, instead of straining to create enough busywork to maintain a frozen World War II-era workweek of 40 hours.

How do we motivate this shift?  How about a real unemployment rate that counts EVERYONE who is dependent on the taxpayer?! - and automatically triggers a chain of corrections that restores their earnings, their spending power, and their status as confident consumers.

The payoff for CEOs? - a sustainable economic boom without war that makes our present economic bubble look anorexic.

For more details, our laypersons' handbook Timesizing, Not Downsizing is available at bookstores in Porter Square, Cambridge, Mass. or from *Amazon.com online.

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