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Timesizing ®  not downsizing
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TIMESIZING means more jobs due to shorter hours, and higher pay due to more options for jobseekers. It means spreading work (& markets) instead of cutting jobs (& markets). Its emergency form WORK SHARING is already saving jobs. It's the missing plan of *youth,*women,*blacks, *UN*ILO*WB*IMF*OECD*G8*3dWay *ClubofRome,*Bucky*Chomsky,*Greens
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    1. April 12, 2016, Tuesday's news on Mon's events: more valium, based on trend-drowned up-arcs, from media moguls who can't cloak unsettling signs of a diagonally downward spiral, despite boosts from overly forgiving economic indices, all tracked in our doom du jour section right below hope du jour = small beginnings of real recovery =

        hope du jourtm   TIMESIZING instead of downsizing in the news (archives) -
            (Free consulting to writers interested in setting novels or plays with higher technology & lower workweeks, 617-620-6851 x.Phil Hyde)
        Google Search newsclips of what the world is doing right - and our latest ranking of leading countries: The core solution is so obvious that it's below the radar. Usually it's just one item on a list with few realizing it's the ink & paper. It's our closest candidate to the "Holy Grail" of economic design, the Single All-Sufficient Regulation, & despite *dismissal by 'experts,' it's the world's most common (but least publicized & yet-to-be fully exploited) response to downturn & it's reinvented thousands of times a day in every recession by businesses & governments. In each case, more jobs would have been lost without the hourscuts or furloughs -
      1. Campaigners fear banks' opening hours cut could signal closure of branches, TheSun.co.uk
        LONDON, U.K. - RBS and NatWest...are considering reducing hours of business by up to 30%. That could chop two hours and 15 minutes from a working day of seven hours and 30 minutes... - see whole article under today's date.
        [So, from 37.5 hrs/wk to (5x5hrs15mins=) 26.25 hrs/wk, but better hourscuts than jobcuts, timesizing than downsizing.]
      2. People criticising 'don't even use the library' - Councillor defends hours cuts for Burnham and Highbridge libraries, thisisthewestcountry.co.uk
        BURNHAM-ON-SEA, U.K. - ...Somerset County Council have approved £7.8million worth of cuts, with £200,000 being drawn from library services.\. The reductions come as part of a money-saving scheme that sees Burnham's library lose 4 hours per week and Highbridge library's hours cut by 3½... The council also confirmed that no job posts have been lost at either library because of the reduction in opening hours... - see whole article under today's date.
        [Better hourscuts than jobcuts, timesizing than downsizing.]
      3. BONUS update - *System requirement? Yes, hourscuts not jobcuts or else... sinking markets for rising robot output
        • In 1st-by-GDP 3d-by-population USA, 56% of states have worksharing & many *success stories in moving toward new "normal" (shorter definition of "full time" as higher tech & under employment rise) - USPS recently cut hours, not locations, & 1000s of US firms over 50 staff have cut below 30 hrs/wk to duck Obamacare premiums = right deed for wrong reason
        • In 1st-by-population 2d-by-GDP China, Hong Kong SAR is discussing &discussing &discussing having a standard workweek
        • In 2d-by-population, 9th-by-GDP, India, big CITU union is pushing for 35-hour workweek
        • 4th-by-GDP 16th-by-pop Germany surfed the downturn by cutting hours (Kurz-arbeit), not jobs &wages &investment
        • 5th-by-GDP 21st-by-pop France saved by electing 35-Hours-tolerant Hollande & dumping 35-Hours-hostile Sarkozy
        • SWT (shorter work time) has 3 advocates inside the DC beltway: Kevin Hassett at conservative American Enterprise Institute who advocates Kurzarbeit for the USA, Dean Baker at liberal CEPR who teams with Dean, & Bob LaJeunesse at EEOC who wrote "Worktime Regulation as Full Employment Strategy"
        • SWT's advocate at MIT, Engineering Prof. Nicholas Ashford presented "Crises in Employment, Consumption, Economic Growth & Environment: Can a *Shorter Workweek and Greener Economy Provide Relief?" in March 2013

        Shorter hours are happening anyway, but not the best way which maintains personal income and *vital consumer spending via emergency worksharing and sustainable timesizing. We can't simply project a pre-computer 40-hour workweek indefinitely into the age of robotics. It may be fun to sneer at believers in the fixed "lump of labor fallacy" because "there's an infinite amount of work to be done," but where's the corresponding willingness to pay for it? - and without pay, it isn't, and doesn't, work. So we need to take charge of this workweek-trimming process, systematize it and make sure it happens in a way that absorbs the surplus of jobseekers, gets employers bidding against one another for good help, thereby harnesses market forces to flexibly maintain and raise wages and spending, leeches money out of the huge black hole of income and wealth in the top 0.01%, and gets those trillions back into circulation. Shorter hours is a strategy that is reinvented hundreds of times a day across the U.S. in this recession and thousands of times a day across the world in both public & private sectors, in every industry, and in a variety of ways. Many countries and U.S. states already have worksharing programs to cushion the transition to permanently shorter workweeks that automatically adjust to our rising levels of productive technology in the Age of Robotics. These programs currently are designed to be temporary. Here's what their permanent program will look like when they finally succumb to the inevitable.

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    Timesizing means full employment without makework, falling wages, or rising price levels.
    How? By adjusting the workweek down & up - instead of firing & hiring - based on a comprehensive blueprint for a green economy & a new worktime economics where, 100 years from now, people will be...
  • repeating our basic economic slogan - "No Overtime Alone!" - in other words, if a manager 'needs' overtime (OT), s/he either hires temps or makes sure the skill bottleneck behind OT gets opened up by setting up OT-targeted training - "Quit complaining and start TRAINING!"
  • asking one another, "What's the workweek this month?" - in other words, work pressures are dynamically shared as incoming technology cuts their duration but boosts their stress
  • accommodating workoholics while blocking inflation, by unleashing "love to work" incentive (deflationary) while capping the money motive (inflationary), & balancing the two...
  • For over ten years (1999-2004 and 2009-), we at the Timesizing Wire have been tracking what's rancid beneath the "recovery" via the top 2 U.S. newspapers, the Wall St. Journal on the right & the New York Times on the left with occasional input from the London Economist on the right, the Boston Globe on the left, Canada's national paper, the Toronto Globe & Mail, and regional papers around Ottawa & Québec. We pick up timesizing stories mainly from Google News Search. From 2005 to 2008, we paused to establish a Canadian branch when the USA failed to dump the kamekazi Bush regime, and now that the US is back to the slower Democratic rate of self-deterioration, we've resumed our daily updates.
            Timesizing’s 3rd way is centrist and deep green, not just light or pinkish green like the Green Party's grocery list of ad hoc, unintegrated & unprioritized issues. Timesizing satisfies the right with smaller government and bigger firmer markets & the left with a simpler stronger social safety net that makes the right clean up their own recessions instead of continuously inducing them by privatizing and concentrating profits & nationalizing and centrifuging losses. Our Timesizing solution is based on working models, American history (especially 1933), on economic design, on ecology, and on worktime economics, linguistics, Limits to Growth, and Buckminster Fuller.  The deep green center is the future, and we strategize for the next 100-500 years, not just the next quarterly report or four-year presidential term. Our site is always under construction. *Asterisked links take you *outside our site.

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    the timesizing solution
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  • long workweek; short vacation
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  • electronic democracy vs PACs & lobbyists
  • downsizing; makework
  • market reinvestment vs corporate welfare
  • takeoversbankruptcy;  prison
  • clue 2
  • job&wage insurance vs gov't jobs programs
  • unemploymenthomelessness
  • geared to problem vs emotional guesswork
  • vanishing retirement disability
  • clue 3
  • plugging leaks vs Stinnes and Malthus
  • suicides;  headlines from hell
  • transitions vs abrupt cures worse than disease

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